Friday, February 19, 2010


Lobby Day has been scheduled for March 3rd. As always, this is an important day for as many of our leaders and members to attend and meet with their legislators about key pieces of legislation that affect each and every one of us. There is legislation pending that would impact the vast majority of our members regardless of the department or agency they work in.

One of the big pieces of legislation is SB 477, which significantly limits the state’s ability to contract out our jobs and legitimizes the cost benefit analysis mechanism making sure that contracting out would not spend more money than state employees would cost. Other bills deal with presumption of illnesses for disability, collectively bargaining protective status for retirement and new revenue mechanisms to enhance the state treasury, including bills like AB 504 that would allow the City of Milwaukee to create a sales tax to preserve public parks.

We strongly encourage you and your members to come to Lobby Day. Busses will be provided, along with other modes of transportation. For specifics about bus schedules go to The day is more than state employees, it is all of AFSCME coming together to show a united front on issues that are important to us.

Source: AFSCME Council 24 UIN
Author: Martin Beil, Executive Director

AFSCME "National Call-In Day" Rescheduled

The AFSCME National Call-In Day originally scheduled for February 10th has now been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 23rd. As our great state struggles with having enough revenue to function, we, as union members need to do what we can to have our U.S. Senator's fight for every dollar that we can get.

You can play a very important part of this process by participating in the AFSCME "National Call-In Day". Please call your U.S. Senators on Tuesday, February 23rd. Not sure what to say when you call? Read the SEPAC Action e-Alert for a suggestion...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brief Summary of How AFSCME Lobby Day Works

All participants meet at the Masonic Temple between 9:00am and 10:00am, about a block off the Capitol Square at 301 Wisconsin Ave, Madison.

At the Masonic Temple participants are briefed by AFSCME Leadership and AFSCME's lobbyists on the issues that AFSCME members want to "educate" Legislators on. The briefing normally last's for one hour or less.

Participants then leave the Masonic Temple in a group for the State Capitol. Once at the State Capitol a group photo is taken by the staff of the Public Affairs Department of AFSCME Council 11 on the capitol steps leading from State St. Then all participants proceed into the State Capitol to meet with Legislators and their staff in meetings pre-scheduled by AFSCME.

Participants will attend these meetings with other AFSCME brothers and sisters that reside in the same Legislative District. When your scheduled meetings have concluded you will return to the Masonic Temple and enjoy a box lunch, discuss your visits with others in your group, share some laughs and good conversation and then complete, in a group setting, Legislative contact report forms for the AFSCME leadership and Lobbyists to utilize in the near future.

Remember, this is your day in the Capitol, make the best of it and have fun while doing it. Legislator's anticipate your arrival and in most cases are looking for you to educate them on your issues.

AFSCME Lobby Day Bus Schedules Now Available

The first bus schedule has now been released. Please click on the title of this alert to view the bus schedule and find a bus that you can ride for FREE to the AFSCME Lobby Day on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010. ALL buses are motorcoach buses designed for comfort and safety.

If you are going to ride on one of the many motorcoach buses to the AFSCME Lobby Day then please let your TBA Staff person or Council staff representative know. Notification will allow us to monitor the number of passengers so that we can obtain additional buses, if needed.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. "Tough on Crime" Walker - AFSCME Member Speaks Out

Scott Walker, County Executive for Milwaukee County is percieved as the GOP front-runner for the 2010 Gubernatorial race here in Wisconsin.

Mr. Walker has not hesitated to publicly announce his planned "attacks" on state employee wages and benefits. SEPAC in cooperation with the Wisconsin PEOPLE Conference invited Mr. Walker to a candidate interview in January of this year, but he failed to even acknowledge the invitation to come before the public-sector worker representatives in Milwaukee.

Mr. Walker poses a serious threat to the existence of thousands of public sector workers and if there is ever a time that all AFSCME members should fight back against a negative gubernatorial candidate like Scott Walker, IT IS NOW.

PLEASE READ the below suggestion from a well-informed AFSCME member whom through his own research has quickly identified the danger that Mr. Walker poses to public-sector workers, namely state employees. Click on the title of this post to read Brother Piech's communication to Mr. Walker;

Quote from a Member of the WSEU:
From: Piech, Brian P - DOC [mailto:xxxxxxxxxx]

Sent: Saturday, February 06, 2010 7:07 AM
Subject: FW: Email to Scott Walker

We must rise against this guy or we will be working for 7.00 an hour and paying 500.00 a month for our health coverage!! NO SCOTT WALKER!

-- END --

Read Brian Piech's entire email sent to Scott Walker...

Goals of AFSCME Lobby Day

Strengthening Power at the Bargaining Table, Fighting Privatization and Protecting Public Services

AFSCME Lobby Day 2010 will be held in Madison on Wednesday, March 3. This year’s Lobby Day will focus on three themes: increasing our power at the bargaining table, fighting the rush to privatization and adequately funding public services. This is a critical time for AFSCME Wisconsin’s legislative agenda. We ask you to join hundreds of AFSCME members from all three Wisconsin Councils and descend on the Capitol on one day to speak with one voice about the importance of public services.

To sign up for Lobby Day please contact either your Council, the Council 11 office at the number listed below, or your Take Back America Staff.

For more information, contact the AFSCME lobbyists at 608-836-6666.

Plenty in the Hopper for Public Employees

With a limited spring legislative session, the time is now to advance AFSCME-supported legislation and stop bills we oppose. Among the issues in play are:

• Reform of state contracting procedures (Senate Bill 447)
• Limitations on judge’s abilities to overturn an arbitrator’s decision under the state’s collective bargaining laws (Assembly Bill 609)
• Federalization of state tax laws for retirement accounts (AB 648)
• Presumption for some public employees that infectious diseases were contracted on the job (SB 429 and AB 644)
• Protective occupational status bargaining rights for all public employees working on a secured institution (AB 634 and SB 439)
• Retiree Organizing Rights Act (SB 390)
• Transportation safety legislation, such as a ban on texting and driving and minimum snowplow following distances (AB 552) (The texting ban bills include AB 496, AB 429 and SB 355)
• Funding sources for Milwaukee County Parks (AB 504)
• Quality Ratings System for Child Care Providers (Department of Children and Families proposal)

AFSCME is working diligently to voice the concerns of public employees across the state on these and other issues every day in the Capitol. But the time for AFSCME members to act on their right to have their voice heard by legislators directly is now. One of the best ways for AFSCME members to exercise that right is attend AFSCME Lobby Day.

AFSCME Wisconsin Lobbyists

Our jobs matter!

Dear Friend,

I just signed AFSCME's Jobs Now petition and I hope you'll join me.

Please visit this link;

The vital public services -- and AFSCME jobs -- that make America happen are on the chopping block as state and local governments face unprecedented budget shortfalls -- right when these very services and jobs are needed most.

Our communities simply can't afford to lose these jobs and crucial services that we provide Please join me and thousands of other AFSCME members: tell Congress to pass a jobs bill now and protect America's workers.

Again, please visit this link and sign the petition;

In Solidarity,

Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator