Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rep. Nick Milroy Shares an Email He Received

From the 73rd Assembly District Inbox:
by Nick Milroy on Friday, February 25, 2011 at 10:59pm.

"Good Afternoon All,

I just wanted to voice my extreme displeasure to all who voted for Walker's Budget Repair bill!!!!! Do any of you know who is affected and what they really do for a living and what they make? I know that you all can't possibly believe in your hearts that this is the best thing for the state of Wisconsin!! Why then are you all following like little lambs??? I just don't get it!! By the way, I am a 46 year old lifelong conservative Republican and I'm a Corrections Officer.

I worked hard to get this position via testing (aptitude and psych), lie detector tests or LVA, several interviews, etc. The process took almost a year to get into Corrections. After that, it was 4 weeks at the academy and 8 weeks training on the floor, then a year of Probation. You use the word entitled very loosely and I'm not one who feels entitled, but I definitely feel that I earn the great benefits that have been associated with the Public Sector! I brush shoulders daily with some of the most dangerous criminals including local and Federal prisoners. Many of these have been incarcerated for some time and many have some type of disease such as HEP A, B, or C or worse yet, HIV. All it would take is for them to spit on me and get it in my eye or mouth and it will change my life forever!!!

Did you know that inmates like to save their urine and feces so that they can throw it at Officers. Sounds like fun doesn't it and I do it proudly to protect the Public outside the facility and the very same individuals I just spoke of.

I work a 4 on 2 off schedule which means that I only get a 'weekend' once every six weeks and I work most Holidays. Yes, I get paid for working the Holiday, but the fact is we are there 24/7/365. By the way, I work a 2pm - 10pm shift and when a third shifter calls in, sometimes when I'm ready to go home after a stressful shift, I'm told that I need to stay another 8 hours until 6am to fill out third shift and I do it. Again, yes, I get paid overtime, but you try working 16 hours straight and then hang with criminals.

Walker excluded Police and Firefighters because they are Public Safety workers. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL MY JOB???? I don't think I get paid a grotesque wage at $40k/yr. It's not the private sector that has complained about my pay or benefits. It's Walker and you Republicans that have tried to create this division within our state's people. Why????

To all you Democratic lawmakers, I apologize for voting nothing but Republican all these years. They are not who I thought they were!! Don't you Republicans see the protests throughout the state? Hey, I'm a taxpayer too!! Don't tell me that you're protecting the taxpayers. This is simply a way to attack some of the finest middle class workers and I for one am considering moving out of Wisconsin as I am so distraught at the lack of honest wholesome government.

Again, why are you Republicans following Walker so blindly? An independent nationwide poll said that 61% of people do not support taking away collective bargaining. Even just Republicans only support this attack on CB with a number somewhere around 54%. These are facts! Why then do near 100% of our Republican lawmakers vote for this horrible bill. By the way, thank you to the 4 that voted against it. You are the only ones with balls!!!! Why don't you stand up and tell him it's just not right.

Go ahead and take my money that was promised in the way of pension and health care. I'll give you that, but knock off the attack on my collective bargaining rights. Do you have any idea how we as employees will be steamrolled without representation? You don't do you. You buy this crap by Walker about being protected by the Civil Rights laws in this state. That's crap.

Have you noticed that the other Governors in Indiana and Florida have pulled back on the push to attack collective bargaining?? Why do you think this is? Because it was wrong from the start. Do you know how many states have budget problems worse than Wisconsin, but have no Public Service collective bargaining? Do you know how many states have less budget problems and still have public sector collective bargaining. Do you really know about Walker's record in Milwaukee? Yes, I still thought he was the best choice too and voted for him, but I don't believe any longer.

Do you know about the Milwaukee workers that were fired illegally and Mr. Walker brought in out of state workers to fill the positions. Now Milwaukee is still having to pay these Milwaukee workers because it was illegal.

I know you already blindly voted this in, but you need to take a breath of fresh air and exhale the Walker air for a moment and work to undo the damage you've helped to cause. I never believed in unions all these years because I thought they asked too much in bad times, but now I see that we are all adults and my union AFSCME has been very reasonable in it's negotiations on new contracts. I just don't understand how all of a sudden people like me are the problem.

Have you done fiscal impact studies to determine the trickle down effect on charities, retail sales, etc.? Please stop with the union busting and remember, people like me are simply your friends and neighbors.

In my opinion, I truly believe the Senators who left for Illinois were forced to do what they did and I personally hope they can hold out for months to prove a point. I would gladly take money out of my pocket to help buy them food and clothing.

By the way Republicans, I truly believe you've sealed your political fate. Most of my friends are conservatives and none of them work in the public sector, but all are appalled by this move by Walker. Keep pushing and you'll push your way right out of office if you haven't already. You have lit a fire under people like me that normally just voted the way they feel the best. I will now be very involved in my community and others if possible to drive you out because you simply don't belong. I truly believe the Republican party in Wisconsin has become corrupt. There has got to be another way!

I've given up on Walker because he is simply loving the limelight he's in. He wants to be a rock star. I strongly urge you Republicans that really know best to be heard and forget about the blind following the blind.

Thanks to the Democrats for fighting for people like us and truly understanding the far reaching implications of this union busting bill on good workers."

Streaming Live from the State Capitol Protest

Follow this link to watch a live stream from 9:00am - 10:00pm of the protest, inside the state capitol >>>

The Republicans Need to Stop The Lies

Robin Vos (R-63) just said live on Fox News that the Wisconsin Democratic Senators need to return to Wisconsin in order to avoid the layoff of 10,000 Wisconsin workers.

Governor Walker started out at 1,500 layoffs, then he ratcheted that up to 5,000 - 6,000 layoffs, he then privately declared to an imposter of David Koch, I may even ratchet that up and now, Rep. Vos says it is 10,000.

There is NO NEED for any layoffs! Public employees have already agreed to the financial demands of the budget repair bill and lets not forget, before Gov.-elect Walker interferred with the negotiating process, state employees were also giving back an additional $103 million.

We need a math teacher to instruct Gov. Walker and the other republicans on how to add and subtract.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

United We Stand

This is a must see "You Tube" video compilation of the first two weeks of Wisconsin workers protesting the blatant attack on Wisconsin Families by Governor Scott Walker.

It is so hard to attempt to understand how an individual can have such utter disregard for the lives of so many citizens of the state that he serves as Governor. Proof even exists where he states he will lay off 5,000 - 6,000 Wisconsin workers and that he may even "ratchet" that up. No justification, he will just deliberately place thousands of workers on the unemployment rolls, force many to lose their homes to foreclosure, leave children and their parents without affordable health care and remove any possibility of these middle class families to help stimulate the economy through buying power all for the simple claim on his part, "because I can!"

Scott Walker IS NOT a respectable and reasonable leader of our great state! Scott Walker needs to be RECALLED when it is legally allowed and replaced with a person who respects the dignity and rights of Wisconsin Workers'.

Need to make a shout out to Governor Walker, to quote from his phone conversation with what he thought was billionaire financier, David Koch, "He's (you're) not one of us".

Now, sit back, turn up your speaker volume and review history in the making after the first two weeks of the "Attack on Wisconsin Families".

Created by; United We Stand

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

VIDEO MESSAGE: Marty Beil, executive director AFSCME Council 24 AFL-CIO

Watch the SEPAC website ( and the SEPAC Blog for video messages that will be uploaded as needed.

Because the activity at the State Capitol and all across the state of Wisconsin is continuously changing your Union finds it necessary to communicate with its members and supporters about these changes and updates. Video messaging is a very effective tool.

Below is the very firt video message from AFSCME Council 24. We urge you to take the time to watch these video messages and then share the video message far and wide.

Our battle with Governor Scott Walker and his republican legislator's who support elimination of Workers' Rights is far from over. As Governor Walker continues to hold daily press conferences and communicate inaccurate information and hype up gloom about Wisconsin's financial status and instill fear in the people of Wisconsin, we need to keep ourselves informed about the truth and the reality of what is occuring. These video messages from Union leadership, members and supporters will hopefully keep you informed as to the truth and also hopefully relieve some of the anxiety that ALL Wisconsin workers' are feeling as a result of the Attack on Wisconsin Families.

Authority: Marty Beil, executive director

Busting public worker unions - Opinions - Wire -

This is an opinion worth reading. The article is actually more fact than opinion.

Busting public worker unions - Opinions - Wire -

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Friday, February 25, 2011

Use the SEPAC Action Center to Prepare and Deliver Your Email to Your Wisconsin Legislator

Click on this link and simply enter your zip code or street address. There is no need to know who your legislator is, the SEPAC Action Center will identify them for you based on your zip code or street address.

Correctional Officers to Lead a March st the State Capitol on Saturday

WSEU President Bob McLinn has announced that Correctional Officers will again march together, in uniform, around the Capitol Square on Saturday, 2/26 – following the rally at 3:00pm. Uniformed CO’s, along with any other AFSCME marchers, are asked to meet at Mifflin St. and Wisconsin Ave. at 4:00pm.

Correctional Officers and other AFSCME members will also march together at 10:30am on Saturday, 02/26 and will also assemble at Mifflin St. and Wisconsin Ave.

Police Will Close State Capitol for Maintenance on Sunday

Capitol Police today announced that the Capitol building will close Sunday at 4 p.m. for cleaning, followed by opening for normal business hours Monday at 8 a.m.

Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said in a statement that the building will be cleared for "public health reasons, as well as for general building maintenance."

The building will be locked tonight at 9 p.m. and again tomorrow at 6 p.m. In addition, beginning tomorrow, protesters will also no longer be able to carry blankets or sleeping bags into the Capitol.


Budget Battle Video Archive

Wisconsin Eye has compiled its own video archive of its recordings of the ongoing budget repair bill battle.

You can view this archive at;

Assembly Republican Floor Vote is Beyond Belief

WARNING: What you are about to witness may be very disturbing to your inner decency and should only be viewed by those who have themselves secured to their computer chair with proper restraints...

I have watched the last two-minutes of the Assembly floor session on Wisconsin Eye, several times and what I witnessed is absolutely a shame to our democracy in Wisconsin.

What I have been witnessing, by the Republicans in Wisconsin since Governor Walker introduced the budget repair bill are repeated actions, by republicans, to silence the voice of Wisconsin citizens, namely, union workers. Republicans are clearly taking the path of silencing and supressing the voice of its citizens.

Here is the link to WisEye where you can choose to watch the entire 61 hour Assembly floor debate, which I doubt anyone will really want to live through, so just scroll down to 02.25.11 Assembly Floor Session and Vote (Part 7/7), click on watch, load the video into your Windows Media Player and then advance the play button to the 09:58:04 mark. You will witness absolute calm as Rep. Gary Hebl (D-46) ends his remarks, thanks the Speaker and then within 15 seconds, over obvious objections of Democrats attempting to get recognized on the floor and were not recognized, the Speaker calls for and closes a vote on AB 11.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Calling All Military Veterans

The past two weeks, citizens of Wisconsin have been exercising their constitutional right to assemble. Governor Scott Walker, in his cowardly fashion, is rumored to want to eliminate the our rights by shutting down the state capital to its citizens. These protests and rallies at the state capitol have been orderly and peaceful. Participants have even cleaned up after themselves and have provided food to the law enforcement officers that are observing.

You, our courageous veterans, have fought for our rights. Please Don’t stop now. Join us in Madison on Saturday, February 26th to tell the Governor that he does not own the Capitol, the people do! Wear something that indicates that you are a veteran so we can thank you for your courageous service to our country and our state.

Contact fellow veteran Mike Balistriere at for any questions or to let us know that you will be present with us on Saturday. Veterans will gather before the rally at 2:30 pm at the Walgreens on the corner of East Main and Pickney streets (east side of the state capitol).

Many of the protesters, currently public employees or private sector employees, are fellow veterans of various wars or period's of conflict.


Estimated 300 Conduct a Protest March in Prairie du Chien

Prairie du Chien, WI - Feb. 24, 2011 - Midwest News estimated that approximately 300 people gathered at the waterfront park and began marching up Blackhawk Ave. to Marquette, Ave.

The group was composed mostly of teachers including the Prairie du Chien Education Association and the local chapter of AFSCME which represents state and municipal workers. Chants of ‘Kill the bill’ and ‘union busting’ were heard loud and clear. The groups foremost concern was protecting their collective bargaining rights.

Click Here to see the video of the event >>>

Senate Republicans Engrossed AB 11

Today the Senate Republicans engrossed AB 11 that was passed at 1:05 this morning by the Assembly.

The Senate and Assembly versions of the Budget Adjustment Bill are on Third Reading in the Senate. This means that none of the bills are amendable at this point.

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic State Senators remain working for their constituents outside of Madison and are not available for attendance at the senate session.

What You Can Do Today, in Eau Claire

From: Eau Claire Democrats
Subject: What we can do in Eau Claire today
Date: February 25, 2011 10:39:35 AM CST
To: Eau Claire Democrats

Folks are getting together today to display signs on a local bridge with the theme of a "Bridge to Resolution". Please join us.

Bridge Visibility
Today, Friday, February 25th, 2011
4 pm
(Meet-Up, Staying Out Until About 6 pm)
Labor Temple
2233 Birch Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Also, if you can't make it to this event, please consider writing a letter to the editorial page editors - Tom Giffey and Don Huebscher - giving positive reinforcement to them when they write in support of our Democratic principles behind our fight against the assault on our worker's rights. They need to hear from us when we support their vi ews, not just when we disagree. They, too, need back-up.

LATE NOTICE: Rally in Spooner TODAY

Sidewalk RAlly For Rights
Spooner (along RiverST/US Hwy 53/63)

Susan Hansen, Chair
Washburn County Democratic Party
715 468 7014

Major Law Enforcement Group Wants to Hold a Sleepover in the State Capitol

February 25, 2011
Contact: James L. Palmer, II, 608-273-3840


MADISON—Following action by lawmakers to approve a rule change that clears the way for closing down the State Capitol and ejecting the people protesting Governor Walker’s bill to curtail union activity, the head of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association called on the governor today to keep the capitol building open and allow the peaceful protesters to remain.

“The law enforcement officers from across the state that have been working at the Capitol and have been very impressed with how peaceful everyone has been,” said WPPA Executive Director Jim Palmer. “As has been reported in the media, the protesters are cleaning up after themselves and have not caused any problems. The fact of that matter is that Wisconsin’s law enforcement community opposes Governor Walker’s effort to eliminate most union activity in this state, and we implore him to not do anything to increase the risk to officers and the public. The costs of providing security can never outweigh those associated with a conflict.”

Palmer also announced that, beginning tonight, the WPPA is formally requesting its members from across the state to come to the Capitol to sleep amongst the throngs of other union supporters.

“Law enforcement officers know the difference between right and wrong, and Governor Walker’s attempt to eliminate the collective voice of Wisconsin’s devoted public employees is wrong,” continued Palmer. “That is why we have stood with our fellow employees each day and why we will be sleeping among them tonight.”

* * *

We Need You in Madison this Saturday to Help Defend the American Dream

"Eye" Report from Rally at Gays Mill This Morning

From: Bob Wright []
Sent: Friday, February 25, 2011 10:50 AM
To: Sutter, Adam J - DOC
Subject: RE: Assembly Roll Call Vote on AB 11 - Please Forward and Share This SEPAC e-Alert

Kapanke was not there (waiting for vote in Madison) but poor Rose was. The people of Gays Mills destroyed her and Kapanke before we even spoke. We had Aspenson, MD Ames, Krogman, Chesebro, Renee, Kress, McCumber, Dilley and myself. We got our point across and I praised Nerison and Tranel for being for the people. Mom and the teachers destroyed all she had to say about schools. Went as well as hoped and to get 8 blue shirts to Gays was a great show.

SEPAC Note: This is outstanding that even in a town called Gays Mills (blink and you drove through the town) held a public event to express their outcry for Gov. Walker's budget repair bill. Thank you to the AFSCME members who attended this event that unfortunately did not make the statewide listing of events.

AFSCME Local 3021 Offers Bus Service

From: Brennan, Bryan C - DOC
Sent: Thursday, February 24, 2011 2:12 PM
To: AFSCME Local 3021
Cc: Sean Heiser
Subject: Bus Service

Brothers and Sisters of Local 3021-

There will be bus services provide this Saturday the 26th for the "MARCH" rally. The bus will be at the Sheraton Hotel on John Nolen Drive and will start transportation at 9:30 a.m. The bus will run from the Sheraton Hotel to the rally point, Mifflin and Wisconsin, every hour until 5:30. Have a safe shift and hope to see many of you there.

In Solidarity

Message from Representative Andy Jorgensen (D-37)

I write this note at the end of the darkest, longest day our State Legislature has seen in modern history.

Tonight, the pleas of Assembly Democrats, like those of Wisconsinites now under attack by the Walker administration, fell on deaf ears. Tonight, hundreds of thousands of citizens were silenced.

The events of this session seemed in many ways like a recurring nightmare.

You might recall, earlier this week, I made a motion for the removal of the Speaker Pro Tempore, the presiding officer of the Assembly, for taking an illegal vote last Friday on the Governor’s plan. Republican leadership, at the urging of their staffers, took this vote three minutes prior to the scheduled start of session, a violation of open meetings law. I rescinded my motion then, after Republicans committed to a civil and legal debate on the Governor’s proposal.

For the past couple of days, Republicans kept to that pledge. But, not tonight.

Tonight, as we moved past amendments – 122 in total, with none having been adopted - the “games” began.

With my fellow Democrats yelling to be recognized, Speaker Pro Tempore Bill Kramer procedurally moved for final consideration of the bill. I then renewed my call for his removal, but his fellow Republicans supported him in his disgraceful and disrespectful action.

Approximately an hour later, Republicans who had been sleeping in their offices or off eating dinner suddenly returned to the Chamber, and then, with many Democrats still scheduled to deliver closing remarks, Kramer forced the vote.

The Chamber erupted in shouts to stop their orchestrated action. We began to chant, “SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!” But, my colleagues ignored us, as they had for days, and left the Capitol Building.

Read more on these events here:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Budget-repair bill approved in early-morning vote

To watch what transpired with your own two eyes, click on this link: Look for the video labeled “02.25.11 Assembly Floor Session (Part 1)” and scroll ahead to final few minutes.

This is not what democracy looks like. It is what corruption looks like – and corruption is so ugly.

I give much credit to the grace of the protestors who remained peaceful in the face of this unjust action. I think they know, we will all continue to fight on, as days and weeks go by. We must, with all we have at stake.

Governor Walker’s bad budget bill strips certain unions of their collective bargaining rights, rights hard-won over decades to protect workers from unsafe environments, oppressive hours and unfair wages. Governor Walker’s bad budget bill requires all state employees – teachers, custodians, librarians, police officers, firefighters, prison guards, highway maintenance crew members and administrative workers – to pay double for their health care coverage and 5.8% of their yearly salaries for retirement. At the same time these are made – and with more on the way, Governor Walker’s bad budget bill allows him to hire 37 more cronies, hand-picked advisors who’ll make big bucks in some agency desk jobs. Governor Walker’s bad budget bill allows for the no-bid sale of state power plants. Governor Walker’s bad budget bill threatens the future of BadgerCare and SeniorCare by giving him the authority to eliminate or drastically change the programs without legislative approval. Governor Walker’s bad budget bill borrows another $40 million, kicking our fiscal problems down the road to future generations.

How can Republicans rubber-stamp this agenda? How can they do it, knowing the public outcry for common-sense compromise?

Even if they’ve shut their offices down, avoided checking their email inboxes, and refused to listen to voicemails – as we hear many have done – they cannot ignore the crowds of protestors in the Capitol building or in their own communities.

For more on protests across the state today, read this:

Every day, our movement is growing. Today, municipal leaders and school board members joined the fight. Take a look at this story from the Wausau Daily Herald:

We will not be silenced!

As I write this message, Senate Democrats remain out of state. As many of you have asked for clarification, I can tell you: without those members present in the Capitol, it seems that the Senate cannot take a final vote on the Governor’s plan.

For more on this, take a look at the following articles:

WISN-TV – Recall effort underway for AWOL senators

Wisconsin State Journal - Absent state senators paying for their own food and lodging, not accepting donations

Here are other important news updates:

Wisconsin State Journal - Madison School District preparing hundreds of teacher layoff notices

Wisconsin State Journal - Lawmakers approve rule that could halt sleepovers in Capitol

Wisconsin State Journal - Transcript of prank Koch-Walker conversation

It seems there is little good news to report. In fact, most of it is infuriating. But that upset fuels my fire to continue this fight – and I hope you’ll continue to fight alongside me. Keep contacting your state senators and Governor Walker; ask them to be reasonable, play by the rules and listen to the people. Ask them for a show of democracy – and not corruption.

In solidarity,


State Representative
37th Assembly District
(608) 266-3790

Protest March in One Hour at the State Capitol

We apologize for the short notice, but we just received the below information related to a "march" at the State Capitol in one hour.

March to Koch
TODAY - February 25, 2011 @ Noon
Meet at Martin Luther King entrance and then March to Doty.

Contact: Maggie Merdler
(608) 712-2101

Rally at Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay in 1 Hour

The below information was just received, we apologize for the short notice.

Rally: Austin Straubel Airport, 2077 Airport Dr, Green Bay, WI 54313
TODAY: Friday, 25th at NOON!

Governor Walker is flying into GB to gather up support for his bill. We need to tell him NO support here!

Yes to Worker Rights’!

No to Budget Repair Bill!

Message from the Assembly Democratic Caucus

The Republicans showed once again tonight that they will stop at nothing to do the bidding of Governor Walker. With additional speakers waiting to be heard, the Assembly Republicans hide behind parliamentary procedure to end debate immediately and ram through a final vote. It was done in such haste that 28 members were not even allowed to vote.

This tactic not only cheated members of the Assembly out of their vote, it silenced the voices of the thousands rallying in the rotunda and across the state.

The world was watching and we won’t forget.

In Solidarity,

The Assembly Democratic Caucus

Assembly Roll Call Vote on AB 11

CORRECTION: With regards to previous posting as to the Assembly action on the budget repair bill, examination of the official roll call vote revealed that four Republican Assembly Representatives voted against the budget repair bill (AB 11).

The four republican representatives are;

Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-55)
Rep. Lee Nerison (R-96)
Rep. Richard Spanbauer (R-53)
Rep. Travis Tranel (R-49)

The vote tally was 51 AYES / 17 NAYS / 28 NOT VOTING

The fact remains that AB 11 has passed and has been sent to the senate. However, the four republicans who voted NAY are to be commended for not cowering to the threats of Governor Walker that have been rumored since the bills introduction. We do not know their reason or reason's for voting NAY, but their decision was a display of rejecting a very damaging budget repair bill for the people of Wisconsin.

The second fact is that not one democrat voted AYE. ALL of the Assembly Democrats voted NAY or NOT VOTING. The Assembly Democrats also managed to assemble the will power and fortitude to debate passage of the bill for 60 hours. Debate only ended after the Assembly Republicans cut off the debate. According to legislative historians, this is the longest debate in Wisconsin history that can be recalled.

Click here to download the roll call vote >>>

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Assembly Republicans Cower to Governor, Pass the Budget Repair Bill

They ignore the majority of their constituents and deliberately hurt ALL Wisconsin Workers;

The shameful and coward republicans of the Assembly passed the budget repair bill. It will now go onto the Senate for action. However, no action can occur in the Senate until they reach a quorum.

Make sure you thank every Democrat in the Assembly for their hard work in using the full legislative procedure to debate this bill for 60 hours. According to legislative historian's that is a record in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Also, reach out to the Democratic Senators to maintain their resolve for the Wisconsin Workers and keep doing the people's business by holding up a vote on this bill in the senate.

Peter Leidy and His Music Video on Scott Walker

Clay Matthew, Laying a Hit for Labor

Feel the pain Governor Walker?, "Labor Pain"...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Join Me – Stand Up for Public Service

I just added my name to the petition to Stand Up for Public Service, and I hope you'll join me.

As you already know, Governor Scott Walker introduced a budget proposal that strikes at workers rights to collectively bargain and negotiate working conditions. He's pushing it through the state legislature right now, and public service workers here in Wisconsin need our help. Walker's radical bill would not just gut public services and jobs, it would take away the rights of Wisconsin workers and effectively eliminate public employee unions. He's even called on the Wisconsin National Guard to mobilize to stop any protest, intimidate workers, and break the unions. We can't let him get away with it.

Governor John Kasich of Ohio is also moving quickly to cut public services and eliminate the ability of state and local public employees to collectively bargain. This bill (SB 5) is on the fast track too.

What's happening in state capitals across the country is outrageous, and dangerous. We must stop these governors right now. Please join me and add your name to the petition today:


Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Even Hayward, WI Will Remember Public Employees This Weekend

In Hayward this weekend for the American Birkebeiner public employee volunteers will be wearing – ‘badges’ which state, “public employee VOLUNTEER supporting my community”, Persons who are not public servants but support will have tags that state “I SUPPORT public employee rights”.

Posted by Carolyn Kaiser
Staff Representative
AFSCME Council 24, NW Service District

Several Bridge Rally's in Green Bay Area

Here is information being shared by the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO of several simultaneous rally's being conducted on "bridges" in the Green Bay Area;

Bridges Rally - 4pm - 6pm:

1. Ray Nitschke bridge on Dousman/Main - parking on the ramp across the street from the Sierra Hotel or public parking on Pearl Street BEHIND Titletown (please do not use Titletown parking lot!).

2. Walnut Street Bridge on Shawano/Walnut - parking on the ramp on the corner of Walnut and Washington or public parking lots behind the Broadway shopping district.

3. De Pere Bridge on Main/George - parking at Voyageur Park or public parking on the west side.

4. Peshtigo 41 overpass - parking on the “old” Bare Garage at the foot of the overpass.

5. Oconto Falls overpass - parking at the Park ‘n Ride lot.

Contact Person: Kristen Crowell (414) 202-0791

Listen to Gov. Walker's Phone Call and Distribute Wide and Far

I have received several inquiries regarding impeachment of and/or filing of ethical violations regarding Governor Walker's phone conversation with what he thought was David Koch, a multi-billionaire who has financed republican candidates across the United States.

Here is my very brief response:

There is currently a legal review of the transcript of the phone call. I do expect a formal complaint of ethics violations will be filed at some point with the Government Accountability Board, a non-partisan oversight authority. Is this grounds for impeachment, you ask? I do not think this "one" issue is, but with time, the totality of actions on his part may bring rise to a possible impeachment. What is more likely is a recall from office, but this cannot be invoked until he has served at least one-year in office.

Thank you for your involvement in this effort by Gov. Walker to silence the collective voice of Wisconsin workers.

You can listen to the 20 minute phone call here >>>

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Rally at the State Capitol on Saturday, February 26th

ALL AFSCME Members and Supporters should assemble at the intersection of Mifflin St. & Wisconsin Ave. for a march to the Rally area. Please wear your AFSCME shirts, jackets and hats. Watch your email and check the websites for further information as they develop. Check here for the weather forecast.

AFSCME Correctional Officers March on the State Capitol on February 22nd, 2011

Finally, the truth of what the budget repair bill is really about; AS TOLD BY GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Gov. Walker Responded to a Phony Campaign Contributor Call

Gov. Walker, thinking he was speaking with an actual campaign contributor says what he really thinks. Whether or not the caller to Gov. Walker acted properly, the Governor, in his intelligent decision making, opens up on the phone. Governor Walker's comments made on the phone ARE REAL! MSNBC is reporting that the Governor's office has confirmed that the voice on the phone conversation recording is that of Governor Walker.

Here is the print story as reported by MSNBC:

Walker in prank call: 'This is our moment' From NBC's Michael Isikoff: Thinking he was talking to one of his major campaign backers, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker yesterday compared his stand against Wisconsin public employee unions to Ronald Reagan’s 1981 firing of the air traffic controllers, saying that it was a moment that changed the course of history and led to the fall of communism.

“This is our moment, this is our time to change the course of history,” Walker says, talking about his fight with the unions in a phone call that was secretly taped by a Buffalo man posing as billionaire oilman David Koch.

Walker’s office today confirmed that it was indeed the governor’s voice on the taped phone call.

In the conversation, the man posing as Koch — Buffalo Gonzo journalist Ian Murphy — says he’s got a “vested interest" in the success of the governor’s efforts and, when its all over, offers to fly Walker out to California and “show you a good time.”

“All right, that would be outstanding,” Walker says in response. “Thanks for all your support.”

Here are some excerpts from the closing portions of their 20 minute conversation, as transcribed by NBC News:

Walker recounts to Koch/Murphy a dramatic talk he gave to his Cabinet over dinner on the evening of Feb. 6, the Monday night after the Green Pay Packers victory over the Super Bowl. It was, Walker, says, the “last hurrah before we were going to drop the bomb.”

Walker notes that 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan — “whose hundredth birthday we just celebrated the day before — had one of the most defining moments of his political career when he fired the air traffic controllers. …That was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism because from that moment forward the Soviets and the Communists knew that Ronald Reagain wasn’t a pushover.”

“And I said, ‘this may not have as broad world implications, but in Wisconsin’s history, little did I know how big it would be nationally. This is our moment , this is our time to change the course of history.’”

Walker continues: “I had a cabinet meeting this morning. I reminded them of that – for those who thought I was being melodramatic."

At that point, Murphy posing as Koch says: “I tell you what Scott. Once you crush these bastards, I’ll fly you out to Cali and really show you a good time.”

“Allright, that would be outstanding," Walker replies. "Thanks for all the support and help ... moving the ball forward and we appreciate it. … We’re doing the just and right thing for the right reasons. Its all about getting our freedom back."

Murphy/Koch: “Absolutely, and you know, we have a little bit of vested interest as well” (he then laughs).

Walker: “That’s just it. The bottom line is were going to get the world moving here because it’s the right thing to do…Thanks a million.”

Source Link:

Governor Calls for Special Elections

February 23, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: Cullen Werwie, 608‐267‐7303

Governor Walker Calls Special Elections

Madison – Yesterday Governor Scott Walker signed an executive order to call a special election for the 60th, 83rd, and 94th State Assembly seats. The Special election will be held on May 3, 2011.

Click here for executive order #15.

The special election schedule is:

+ Nomination papers may be circulated from now until 5:00pm, March 8th, 2011.
+ If a primary is necessary, it will be held on April 5th, 2011.
+ The General Election for those three districts will be May 3rd, 2011.

Revealing Collaboration Between David Koch and Gov. Walker

At approximately 12:15pm MSNBC just ran a piece where they played a phone conversation between Dave Koch and Gov. Scott Walker.

[Start paraphrasing] Gov. Walker can be heard telling Dave Koch what he and other Governor's can accomplish and Dave Koch tells him you are the "first domino" and Walker responds with "this is our moment". [End paraphrasing]

Gov. Walker and other republican governor's around this country are in a conspiracy to manufacture budget deficit's or make it appear that their state's are in dire financial trouble so that they can win the electorate over to support their cause to eliminate "Unions". They are not doing this to avoid negotiating with their employees, they are doing this to weaken the collective voice of workers who support political candidates that support working-families.

This may even be a larger objective to destroy all political parties other than the Republican party and it is being done at the expense of working families. Their effort has nothing to do with getting wage and benefit concessions, that they are clearly getting, example Wisconsin, but rather destroy the "collective voice" of the citizens.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

March and Protest at WMC Event

Just learned information:


Noon: Meet at Library Mall, March to Monona Terrace to make our voices heard outside the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce event. The Governor will be speaking there at 3 pm.

Here Are Some Talking Points Regarding The Continued Fight Against the Budget Repair Bill

From: Blaine Rummel
To: Supporters for Collective Bargaining
Sent: Wed Feb 23 11:04:27 2011
Subject: 2.23 -- Let's move Wisconsin forward

It's time to move Wisconsin forward and end the attacks on the middle class and their rights to have a voice at the table.

Public employees pay taxes too and have agreed to Gov. Walker's pension and health care requests - concessions that the governor himself says will solve the budget challenge. Now he has changed his mind.

Denying the rights of nurses, educators and EMTs to have a voice will do nothing to fix the budget. Their right to a voice protects the safety of schools, class sizes for our children and ensures quality patient care – and it prevents the middle class from shrinking even more.

That's why 74 percent of Wisconsinites oppose Scott Walker's and the Republicans' bill to take away these rights from struggling middle class Wisconsinites.

It's time for lawmakers to show leadership, come to the table open up a dialogue and get Wisconsin moving forward again.

Former Green Bay Packer Gilbert Brown to Speak at Rally

Former Green Bay Packer Gilbert Brown is scheduled today to speak at a rally of opponents to Walker's budget repair bill.

Brown and SMWIA National President Mike Sullivan will march to the Capitol Rotunda at 11:30 a.m. accompanied by IAFF bagpipers and SMWIA and UFCW members. Brown and Sullivan are scheduled to speak to the crowd at 11:50.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James P. Hoffa will also address the crowd tomorrow at a time to be determined.

Meanwhile, union protests spread to other states, most notably Ohio.

The Public Has Spoken on the Budget Repair Bill

Since the closure of the public testimony, Democrats in the State Legislature have been running a public hearing around the clock making sure that every voice is being heard. Here is how those numbers look:

Total hours testimony: over 124 hours (Over 5 Days)
Total number testifying: 4431, over 98% against the bill
Testifying against: 4359
Testifying in favor: 72
Registering against: 4674, over 99% against the bill
Registering in favor: 28

The numbers speak for themselves, and your voices are clear. This bill will only hurt Wisconsin families.

Source: Assembly Democratic Caucus

Assembly Rejects Sending Budget Repair Bill to Committee

After approximately eight hours of assembly debate the Assembly voted 56-39 to reject sending the budget repair bill back to committee.

One Republican, Tom Larson (R-67) joined with the Dems in voting to return the budget repair bill back to committee.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fond du Lac Rally to Support Workers Rights (Wednesday)

Wednesday, February 23 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Fond du Lac Association of Commerce
207 North Main Street
Fond du Lac, WI

More Info: Join us as we rally to support Worker's Rights in Fond du Lac. Many members of the Fond du Lac Association of Commerce have been supporters of Scott Walker and Randy Hopper. Let's put the pressure on them to do the right thing. This is one block north of Hwy 23 on Main St.

AFSCME Sleepover at the State Capitol

On Wednesday, February 23rd AFSCME members are encouraged to join an AFSCME sleepover in the Rotunda of the State Capitol.

The Teaching Assistant's from the UW will provide supper beginning at 7:00pm. So grab your pillow and sleeping bag and join in a night of fun and protest under the dome. Please plan on arriving before 7:00pm. The State Capitol doors will be locked at 10:00pm.

Source: Maggie Merdler
Staff Representative
(608) 836-0024 /

How Did President Dwight D. Eisenhower Know that Scott Walker Would Try?

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor lawas and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

--- President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1952

Brother Marty Kehrein Retirement Request

--- On Tue, 2/22/11, Barb Kehrein wrote:

From: Barb Kehrein
Subject: Please Pass This Letter To Others
Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 12:47 PM

Date: Monday, February 21, 2011, 10:00 PM

Hello Everyone!

Most of you know that my father has spent the last 34 years (and 9 months, to be exact) serving The Great State of Wisconsin as a health inspector. During those years, he worked tirelessly for his labor union, the Wisconsin State Employees Union, Local 333. He has served as a union steward, secretary, treasurer, and president. He has fought the good fight; bargaining for fair wages and fair labor practices, standing in solidarity with his fellow workers continually fighting for justice for the rank and file.

As his daughter, I could not be more proud.

Friday February 25, 2011 marks my father's last day as an employee of the state of Wisconsin. Retirement has been just within reach for the last few years, but with the tyrannical leadership in our state government, the decision needed to come sooner rather than later. When we shared breakfast on Sunday morning, I asked him what was next; and he said without hesitation, "Work on Walker's recall, of course!" Retirement, for my dad, just means more time to work in the trenches of the class war.

In honor of my father, I would like to invite you all to attend a very special event this Saturday February 26th...

March With Marty Retirement Party!!
Saturday February 26, 2011 at 3pm

Join us at the heart of the working class movement, to march along side this public servant and local labor union hero! Bring your whole family, bring your friends, lots of warm clothing, and bring a sign to honor Marty---or dishonor Governor Walker!

We will meet at the corner of East Doty and King Street at 3pm (near The Great Dane, for you locals) and march with Marty to our state capital to stand in solidarity with the teachers, students, nurses, public and private sector employees, children and families, and of course, Marty, as the state government tries to bust our unions!

We'll gather for drinks at a local restaurant/pub following our March With Marty, location to be announced...

Any questions, suggestions and ideas can be directed to me via email, facebook or phone. RSVP would be appreciated, but not required. Please forward this message to anyone who you think might be interested in joining us!

:) Hope to see many of you there!

In Solidarity,

Andrea Kehrein Riley
home: 608.241.4359
cell: 608.698.7748

Tune Into the Ed Schultz Show on MSNBC Tonight

Please Watch the "Ed Schultz" Show, Tonight on MSNBC at 9:00pm CST.

Steven Janus, correctional officer at RYOCF (Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility) will be interviewed by Ed Schultz on tonights Ed Schultz show on MSNBC. Check your local TV listings for the channel.

Update on Open Meeting with Sen. Luther Olsen (R-14)

Phone Update from Bill Schmit, staff representative, AFSCME Council 24;

Sen. Luther Olsen unfortunately did not appear at the Waupaca Library at 5:00pm this evening. However, waiting for him was an estimated 500 constituents who wanted to speak with him on the budget repair bill.


Call Sen. Olsen at (608) 266-0751 or email him at


BREAKING: IN Dems left state to prevent voting on anti-union bill in House. Help IN working families stop dangerous bill! Tell friends to text ONE to 235246.
Sent from Steven Williams BlackBerry smartphone

Availability of Sen . Luther Olsen (R-14)

Information has been passed onto us that Republican Senator Luther Olsen will be a the Waupaca Library today (Tue02/22) at 5pm. 

He is willing to meet with constituents to gauge the level of support or opposition to the Budget Repair Bill.

This information has not been confirmed, but if you can attend that would be great or if you are from Waupaca and have different information.

Sent from Steven Williams BlackBerry smartphone

Teleconference with Sen. Vinehout in Eau Claire

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO is putting together a show of solidarity with State Senator Kathleen Vinehout; who, with her Democratic colleagues, has fled the state to fight Governor Walker's union-busting, anti-working families budget repair bill.  We hope you and your members will be able to join us! 

Teleconference with State Senator Vinehout:

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 7 pm
Labor Temple, 2233 Birch Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Andy Thompson
Service Area Organizer - Western WI
Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
2233 Birch Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Office: (715) 831-3353
Cell: (715) 456-4113
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Keep The Attendance Up at the State Capitol

Today is the last day that AFSCME is planning to run buses into Madison, for the moment, from around the state. However, we urge everyone not to relent on their pressure of the Wisconsin Majority to work with public employees as well as private sector employees and supportive citizens of Wisconsin to bring about a compromise.

Yesterday's crowd at the capitol was estimated by the Capitol Police at approximately 5,000. That is a good size crowd considering the weather of Sunday and Monday that plagued most of the state.

If you cannot make it to the capitol then keep reaching out to your legislators on a daily basis via phone and email. Use the SEPAC Action Center to be linked directly with your legislator or to locate a phone number. When calling, the easiest way would be to use the AFSCME TOLL-FREE hotline at 1-877-753-5578. When calling that number you will hear a message from your Union and then be asked to enter your zip code and then connected automatically to your legislator.

Governor Walker to Address the People of Wisconsin

Governor Walker's office has communicated that he will address the people of Wisconsin at 6:00pm this evening. His message will be streamed live at WisEye ( and on other Wisconsin media channels that obtain a live TV feed.

Senate Action for Tuesday, 02/22/2011

The Senate is scheduled to be in this morning to take up the following:

1. The appointment of Eloise Anderson to head the Department of Children and Families;
2. To act upon a resolution commending the Green Bay Packers;
3. Take action on Senate Bill 9, relating to dairy and livestock farm investment credits.

It has also been rumored that they may take up such legislation as the voter ID bill.

Assembly Action for Tuesday, 02/22/2011

The Assembly is scheduled to begin a floor session at 11:00am this morning. Assembly Minority Leader, Peter Barca says the democrats will be ready at 11:00am and are planning to introduce around 100 amendments to the budget repair bill. He further stated that depending upon the actions of the Assembly, the dems may need to caucus from time to time.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wisconsin is "My" State - Gov. Walker

Governor Walker just said on Fox News with Sean Hannity that he is not going to allow the protesters to overshadow the voice of millions of hardworking citizens in "my" state.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Attention to Those Who Live in Oshkosh

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, Feb 21, 2011 1:53 pm
Subject: Re: Appleton Event

Jessica King, Oshkosh Deputy Mayor will introduce a resolution at the Oshkosh City Council meeting tomorrow night against the Budget Repair Bill. We need to have folks there and folks who are willing to speak, especially folks from Oshkosh.

The meeting starts at 6pm at Oshkosh City Hall, 215 Church Ave, Room 406.

Governor Walker and the Legislative Majority Fears for Their Safety, But These Are the Real People Who Are Protesting

Just Read This Facebook Posting:

Monica Stenerson
9:00pm Feb 21

Integrity at its finest!! Imagine this; in the midst of marching up State Street, into the Capital, thru the rotunda & up 2 flights of stairs - in thousands of people, a cell phone is lost!! Now, imagine this; somehow the phone was found by a stranger -undamaged, turned in & returned to friends of mine that rode the same bus as me!! To me, that speaks volumes for the brotherhood of mankind!!!

Washington Federation of State Employees Rally's at the Washington State Capitol for Wisconsin Public Employees

In a show of solidarity, a state patrol estimated crowd of 2,000 rallied at the Washington State Capitol in support of Wisconsin Public Employees. They even rewrote the lyrics of "On Wisconsin" and sang them.

Watch for yourself in the below video:

Follow this link to the webpage that reports all of the activity of the Washington Federation of State Employees rally >>>

Security Details for Tuesday's Assembly Floor Action

From: Tonnon Byers, Anne
Sent: Monday, February 21, 2011 4:45 PM
To: *Legislative All Assembly
Subject: Security tomorrow

The West and South wings are being secured for tomorrow's Session. Also the hallway from 4th West to 4th North will remain secure. Only Legislators, staff, and credentialed media will have access to these areas. Legislators or staff can escort constituents they have meetings with to their offices (up to 8 at a time.) Officers will be available to assist with escorting member to and from caucus or elsewhere if needed.

The Assembly galleries will be open to the public. We will be asking people to empty their pockets and will have metal screening set up to enter. People will be admitted 10 at a time. Since this is an added step we plan to open the galleries an hour before Session rather thank 15 minutes. Visitors will be expected to observe the rules of the galleries. The rules are posted outside the galleries (the following is not allowed: eating, drinking, smoking, loud talking, photography, phone use, laptop use, video camera use, newspapers, wearing of hats, signs, posters, placards, leaning over railings, sitting in aisles or on the floor, standing in aisles, outbursts-clapping, cheering, etc. and bags or briefcases are not permitted.)

Thank you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Governor Walker Threatens 1500 Plus Layoff's

Governor Walker said today that if the Senate Dems do not return and allow the budget repair bill to pass by April 1st, he will be "forced" to layoff 1500 state employees. He goes on to further state that if the debt restructuring piece of his budget repair bill is not passed he will be forced to layoff even more state employees.

We do not know where he comes with all of these numbers because earlier this year the Legislative Fiscal Bureau reported that Wisconsin would end the fiscal year on June 30th with a budget surplus. However, being fair to Governor Walker, that was the estimate before he began pushing for all of his "tax cuts" to businesses that had contributed to his campaign and before he began returning millions of dollars back to the Federal Government for such things as High Speed Rail, Health Care Reform implementation and rural broadband.

Liar's, Walker and Fitzgerald Just Lie!

I just finished watching an interview of Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald on CNN Parker/Spitzer in which Senator Fitzgerald was asked, if the Unions have stated they will give Governor Walker the retirement contribution and additional contribution to health insurance costs as he has repeatedly stated in press conferences, then why do you need to take collective bargaining? Senator Fitzgerald stated that the increased contributions toward retirement and health insurance will not come close to closing the state's deficit.

First they said that the budget repair bill would not impact collective bargaining and then they stated that if state employees would provide for a "modest" contribution toward their retirement and health insurance premiums there would be NO NEED for massive layoffs. Now, in this interview on CNN Parker/Spitzer, Senator Fitzgerald now changes the demands and says the concessions by the Unions is not enough. This is absoluteley unreal, I do not like calling people, especially people of respectful positions liar's, but Walker and Scott Fitzgerald are absolute liar's!

I am looking for the source, audio or written that I was advised today that Governor Walker said public or state employees are "worthless". When I can confirm this yet to be confirmed quote I will share it wide and far!

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Senator Bob Jauch (D-25) Calls for Continued Fight!

Senator Bob Jauch, supported by all other democrats serving on the Joint Committee on Finance made serious attempts to stop the JFC Majority from ending public testimony on 02/16 at 3:00am. To no avail, the JFC Majority had no interest in hearing from the citizens of Wisconsin who are outraged with Governor Walker's budget repair bill. Watch this video to hear from Senator Jauch who calls for everyone to keep the fight going, Forward Wisconsin!

It should be noted that the Wisconsin Democrats have kept an informal hearing in progress to ensure that anyone who wishes to speak on the budget repair bill can do so. This informal hearing went on for several days, 24 hours-a-day. Thank you Wisconsin Democrats for allowing the citizens to be heard, that is both supporters and non-supporters of the budget repair bill.

So Why Are Wisconsin Citizen's Protesting? interviews many of the protester's, listen to why they are protesting;

A Simple Solution to the Budget Deficit from a Non-Union Life-long Wisconsin Citizen

A life-long Wisconsin citizen, concerned for his state and the fair treatment of public employees offer's up a simple solution to the present crisis created by Governor Scott Walker.

The largest observation to make from this video is how simple the solution is and how calmly the citizen presents it, essentially implying that Governor Walker does not have to be so radical and unreasonable in his approach. This solution is effective assuming that a budget deficit creating such a crisis, as stated repeatedly by the Governor is in fact, for real.

Watch the video, this Wisconsin citizen did a very good job. Thank you Sir!

You Decide How Truthful Governor Walker Is

Watch this interview to see just how truthful Governor Walker really is. He is always SO BOLD in front of a camera, in a private room without anyone around him. One has to wonder how he would handle trying to make these same comments he makes in private interviews to the hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens who's lives he fully "intends" to disrupt and create more challenge for, face-to-face.

Senate Republicans Will Not Break Apart the Budget Repair Bill

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has said that the Republicans will not break out the language of collective bargaining from the budget repair bill so that the 19 republican senators could vote on the bill.

However, it does appear that the senate republicans will move ahead with other legislative business such as, public hearings and a floor vote on the voter ID bill.

Check this list for activities in your community

If you can't make to Madison you can participate in activites in your own community. Check here to see if there are any currently scheduled. Check back often because events are being added as we hear about them springing up.

If you are planning activities in your community let us know at

There is a Need for the Friends and Family of Public Employees to Know the Real Truth Behind the Budget Repair Bill

This editorial ran in the Cap Times last Wednesday, but has now started circulating the web. It is a worthwhile reading, mostly for the supporters of Governor Walker's budget repair bill. Governor Walker has been stating all along that state employees need to contribute to their pensions and more toward their health care. If state employees did not already do that we would have to agree with his call, but the truth is, the Republican Party in America wants to seize total control on government, at all levels, and with labor being the collective voice of the majority of workers and those less fortunate, they need to eliminate this collective voice so their is NO ONE to speak back.

The truth is now coming out that Governor Walker has stepped to the plate and volunteered to make Wisconsin the example for the rest of the nation. He has chosen to eliminate collective bargaining for ALL public employees so that employers can continue to erode wages and benefits and the right to bring forth any complaints for unsafe and unfair treatment in the workplace.

The private sector unions are also not buying into Governor Walker's scheme either. They know full well that if he succeeds with his agenda on public employees that his private business supporters will be demanding he bring forth legislation to do the same to the private sector unions.

The budget repair bill has little to do with eliminating a deficit and more about taking the "Rights" away from the people, much like he took "Rule Making Authority" away from other government officials and legislators so that he had the total power. Protester signs that use the words of Walker and Dictatorship in some form of message ring very true.

share this editorial

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Video of protest activity for Sunday, February 20th

Tom Morello to Headline Concert in State Capitol for Teachers, Nurses, Public Service Workers in Wisconsin

On Monday, Tom Morello, Wayne Kramer, Street Dogs and other musicians will join teachers, students, community members, religious leaders in the state capitol to rally against Gov. Walker's radical proposals against workers and their union. They will call for policies that support the middle class and leaders who will respect the freedom of working people to collectively call for a better life.

Part of the noon and 5:00 p.m. rallies on Monday February 21st, 2011:

Tom Morello
, The Nightwatchmen, Rage against the Machine
Wayne Kramer, of the MC5
The Street Dogs, featuring Mike McColgan former lead singer of the Dropkick Murphys & Ike Reilly

Video Compilation of Protest - Feb 18-19, 2011

Wisconsin "Budget Repair Bill" Protest Pt 2 from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

Video Compilation of Protest - Feb 15-17, 2011

Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill Protest from Matt Wisniewski on Vimeo.

Workers Rights Emergency Fund

From Doug Burnett, AFSCME Wisconsin Political & Legislative Director;

Many of our supporters in Wisconsin and across the country who couldn't join our rallies have asked how they can help. We can't compete with the Koch brothers, but small donations from the hundreds of thousands of working people who believe in the right to bargain collectively will strenghten the people power revolution that has been unleashed. If you'd like to help, please donate here.

Forum in Platteville

State Senator Dale Schultz (R-17) has indicated he will appear and address concerns regarding the budget repair bill.

Details provided by Carol Beals;

Community Forum at Platteville High School, Monday @ 4 p.m. Senator Schultz has indicated that he will be present to address concerns about the budget bill. Let's welcome Senator Schultz to Platteville and join him at the school. We'd like some answers as to why he thinks collective bargaining rights belong in a budget bill.

12 Things You Need to Know About the Uprising in Wisconsin | AlterNet

Please read this! It will provide you with the FACTS about what is at stake. Fact is the state and local public employee unions have agreed to the financial concessions governor walker requested. All they ask is for their workers' rights.

Koch Brothers Behind Wisconsin Effort To Kill Public Unions

Please take the time to click on the below link in order to read the news article.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca Yelling for Recognition

Upon starting video you will see a 15 second commercial from WKOW TV 27 (ABC) Madison, followed by the video footage of Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca having to yell for recognition on the Assembly Floor as the Assembly Majority attempt to approve the budget repair bill before the scheduled floor action. (If the video image does not appear, then click on the title of this post.)

Dept. of Revenue Employees Protest

Upon starting video you will see a 15 second commercial from WKOW TV 27 (ABC) Madison followed by the video footage of DOR employees protesting Governor Walker's budget repair bill that will strip them of their collective bargaining rights. (If the video image does not appear, then click on the title of this post.)

"Can The Bill Rally" - 02/21/2011 in Milwaukee

Randi Rhodes Interview of Secretary/Treasurer Sheila Cochrane from the Milwaukee Area Labor Council

Charles Woodson Sends Support to Wis. Workers | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

Charles Woodson Sends Support to Wis. Workers AFL-CIO NOW BLOG