Saturday, March 12, 2011

Marty Beil is Speaking

Director Beil is firing up the crowd at the moment.
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Wow, what a rally

Police are estimating 200,000 strong at the State Capitol, protesting Gov. Walker and his Republican followers.

The WI-14 have all spoken and wow, what a enthusiastic crowd welcome and thanks.

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Talented Trio of Protesters Sings "They Will All Be Recalled"

A trio of protesters used a gospel style approach to creating a song "They Will All Be Recalled" and then led all of the protesters in the State Capitol Rotunda in to singing the song.

They are actually quite talented, not to mention outstanding voices, watch the video below and sing-along:

Why farmers are driving their tractors to protest at the Capitol

While public employees are angry over Gov. Walker stripping them of their collective bargaining rights, Wisconsin farmers are equally upset with other provisions of Walker's budget bill that makes very deep cuts to the "Wisconsin Way".

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Librarian Refuses to Be Scott Walker's Scapegoat | AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

"Shhhh", Oh Hell No says this librarian;

Librarian Refuses to Be Scott Walker's Scapegoat AFL-CIO NOW BLOG

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Letter to Governor Walker

by Brian Olig

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To Governor Scott Walker:

There have been throughout history events that have changed the world. Many times the resiliency of a people has been put to the test. The events in Wisconsin are no different. You believed that your election of last November was a mandate by Wisconsin citizens to get our fiscal house in order and that is partially true. However that was not the sum and whole of the mission many of us commissioned you for. Decades of irresponsible leadership in Madison by both democratic and republican administrations are contributors to the crisis that everyone faces. Governor Tommy Thompson, Scott McCallum, and Jim Doyle facilitated both budget and legislative failures.

Most everyone would agree that the status quo can no longer be tolerated. The people of Wisconsin and of the nation are divided because the message is so sharply divided along party lines. There is no such thing as (bi-partisanship). Very rarely do all members of any house or assembly or senate know exactly what the substance of any particular bill or amendment to a bill might be. Neither does any of these elected geniuses fathom or truly try to understand the long lasting ramifications of what is legislated into law. The members of legislative bodies follow the lead of their respective majority & minority leaders. Rarely does anyone have the testicular fortitude to actually vote their conscience or consider the two legged relevancy among them (their constituents).

The republican party of Wisconsin and the nation are going to pay the price for the political miscalculations of you and your administration. I find it terribly unfortunate. I voted the republican line in nearly every election since I was old enough to vote. Make no mistake about it Mr. Walker. It was not the unions their leadership or membership that has created budget shortfalls. On the federal level administrations, republican and democratic alike, particularly the Bush administration have been the largest contributors to the budget crisis. The states and citizens of this nation are experiencing heartbreak. The mismanagement of fighting wars on 2 fronts has been a financial fiasco, as well as and more importantly the loss of some of this nation’s best, brightest and bravest citizens. I don’t believe that any of these modern day hero’s willing sacrificed themselves so you or any administration could negate any rights that were legislated to the people.

The financial collapse of Wall Street and the corporate greed on their part and the failure of leadership to respond appropriately led to the crisis ordinary citizens are facing every day. These corporate pirates should have been allowed to fail! Instead they get a government bailout courtesy of union & non-union taxpayers alike. Just what do “We the People” get in return? We get to read about the great financial rewards reaped by these profiteers annually. We also get to see our so-called democracy in action! Politician’s republicans again; and again place the blame & burden on the poor fools that have to make such modest decisions like to pay their mortgage or pay for utilities this month? Or seniors who have to decide between paying for their medication or purchasing food.

There is no justice Mr. Walker if good men & women remain silent. I believe in certain protocols such as never negotiate with terrorists. Mr. Walker yourself & the republican senators have treated the people of Wisconsin and the democrats as though we are terrorists. We shall not! And we dare not be silent! I have written to both my assembly representative Pat Strachota as well as my Senator Glenn Grothman. I received no response from either of them! I elected them! I am a big boy. I have my big boy pants on for quite a few years now.

I accept and promote the premise that people can agree to disagree, however people of differing opinions should never be silenced. Even the dull & ignorant too have their story to tell.

I provided both of my representatives with a viable option that would have brought democrats home from Illinois and even possibly granted you the outcome you desired. I suggested to both of them that if removing collective bargaining was that meaningful to the budget repair bill; then assign this bill to a referendum question on the April ballot. Of course to do that you would have risked defeat of the passage of that bill. Mr. Walker this could have been your defining moment to truly lead Wisconsin. You could have been a leader that unites instead of showing your lack of leadership by polarizing and being divisive among the people of this great state. For government to infringe on the rights of a group of people is to infringe on the rights of all people.

So Mr. Walker, I wish you good fortune and good luck. Please by all means keep entertaining all your corporate sponsors and wealthy elitist friends. Please also keep in mind one last thing that I remember hearing actually quite often through the course of my lifetime. “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle; than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven”.


Brian J. Olig

PS. The last line was not a quote nor spoken by any republican or lobbyist.

Get Early Poll Results on Pending Recall Elections

Daily Kos is conducting polls in all eight of the districts where Wisconsin state Senators are targeted for recall. They are emailing out the results on Monday night (03/14) to anyone who signs up here:

Quote of Governor Walker at today's bill signing

For us, we're doing this to lead the way in our own state, to get Wisconsin working again. But if along the way we help lead a movement across the state to pass true fiscal reform, true budgetary reform, to ultimately inspire others across this country ... I think that's a good thing, and a thing we're willing to accept as part of our legacy.
--Gov. Scott Walker at ceremonial signing of the bill that would eliminate almost all collective bargaining rights for most public employees in Wisconsin

Feel like giving the Governor a QUOTE or two from you?
Use the SEPAC Action Center to communicate with Gov. Walker >>>

Please call AG J.B. VanHollen!

They're keeping track of everyone who's contacting them to intervene on behalf of WI Worker's rights regarding the illegal vote that took place. The people who are answering the phone are very polite so show them kindness and concern about what happened. Be sure to state you want the Attorney General to intervene on this vote.

PLEASE CALL: (608) 266-1221

Message from the Milwaukee Area Labor Council

Some of you will be going to Madison on Saturday, I wanted to alert you that Bill Lucy, President of the National CBTU will be in Madison on Saturday as well as Lew Moy, President of the St. Louis Chapter of the CBTU. There will be a chapter meeting in Milwaukee on Saturday at 10:00 am at the Milwaukee Labor Council office and we will be going to Madison to Madison afterward. The MTEA has opened its buses to all so if you want to go and don’t want to drive all you have to do is sign up at and they will make sure you are able to ride the bus. So please get to Madison if you can be a part of what I can only describe as our history that we are making. If you can’t come please pass this note on to others so that they might get the information.

This movement is now of historic proportion. Those of us who represent members of organized labor could not be more proud of what we see. I know we are all engaged and I wanted to say thank you. I also want to alert you that we will have a huge action in Milwaukee on April 4th. That will be a National Day of Action and we will need all your support, it is a MONDAY, the day before Election Day and the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, hold the date, we will need all hands on deck.

Sheila D. Cochran
Secretary/Treasurer - COO

Do You Approve of the Job That Gov. Scott Walker is Doing?

We need for you to vote, NOW. Click on the below link;

Milwaukee Journal Times Poll >>>

Congressman Ron Kind to Be at the Rally on Saturday

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 12th, at 2:00 pm I will be at the State Capitol in Madison to show support for Wisconsin middle class families and the rights of workers. Earlier this week, Republican State Legislators put an end to over 50 years of workers' rights in Wisconsin and did so using a maneuver that showed no respect for the voices of working families or our democratic process.

This is not the way Wisconsinites do business. This is why I feel I need to be in Madison tomorrow along with those who feel the same way.

Thank you for your continued support,


Source: Congressman Ron Kind
Wisconsin 3rd Congressional District

Good Tips from Law Enforcement Participating in Peaceful Protests All Across Wisconsin

-----Original Message-----
From: [Protected ID]
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2011 1:20 PM
To: Union Leadership
Cc: [Protected ID]
Subject: Trouble makers planted in the crowd

I was told that at the Eau Claire rally - there appeared to be trouble makers planted in the crowd. Two men in nice suits seemed to be directing some trouble makers. We should take this seriously and get information out to the peaceful demonstrators.

A law enforcement officer's suggestion to "our" protestors:

1. Stay calm and don't engage these trouble makers.
2. Photograph and record them, politely.
3. Get photographs or recordings of anyone that appears to be directing them.
4. If there are people in suits or that don't appear to belong - photograph and record them.
5. Photograph or record any vehicles they are associated with and get the license plate photographed.
6. Document the time and place.
7. Document any information that might be pertinent.
8. Get this information to a designated person as soon as possible so that they can get it to the appropriate law enforcement agency or District Attorney.

Supportive law enforcement officer's will make ouselves available to assist in investigating this type of activity. We are sure that there are other duly sworn law enforcement officers, at all levels, participating in these protest's that would help as well. We are very good at investigating and catching violators.

Secretary of State Will Take the Full 10 Days to Publish the Anti-Collective Bargaining Rights Bill

Secretary of State Doug La Follette said he will take the maximum 10 days to publish legislation the guv signed today changing collective bargaining rights.

La Follette said waiting the full 10 days is the standard procedure in his office.

Under state law, the Secretary of State has 10 days after the office receives a bill to publish it. It becomes law the following day.

The Legislative Reference Bureau said the 10-day count does not include Sundays, but La Follette said it also doesn't include Saturdays.

By La Follette's count, the final day for publication is March 25, a Friday. La Follette said he wasn't sure if a bill can become law over a weekend or if it would not take effect until the following Monday.


Gov. Walker's Press Release on Bill Signing

SEPAC NOTE: It is observed that the staff of the Governor's office do not know how to spell or they truly are going to be "singing" about their defeat of Wisconsin Families. The Governor has already signed the bill (in a quiet and private action) and has sent it to the Secretary of State who has 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays) to publish the law before it can take affect.
March 11, 2011
For Immediate Release
Contact: Cullen Werwie, (608) 267‐7303

Budget Repair Bill Singing Ceremony Announced

Madison—This morning Governor Walker fulfilled his promise to sign the budget repair bill as soon as legally possible. He will hold a budget repair bill signing ceremony in the Governor’s Conference room this afternoon. This event is open to credentialed members of the press only.

When: 3:00pm Friday, March 11
Where: Governor’s Conference Room, State Capitol
Media will have access to the room for setup, starting at 1:30pm.

Scott Walker Signs the Anti-Collective Baragaining Rights Bill

MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has officially taken away nearly all collective bargaining rights from the vast majority of the state's public employees.

Walker signed the bill to do so privately Friday morning. He planned an afternoon news conference in the Capitol.

Source: WKBT-TV News Channel 8 (La Crosse)

Walker erases himself along with public trust

By Dominique Paul Noth
Editor, Milwaukee Labor Press
Posted March 10, 2011

Shams, feints and false dealings. If anyone questioned those journalists who conveyed worst fears about the unscrupulous machinations possible from Scott Walker, the governor sure ended any doubts March 9. He orchestrated a legislative sneak attack violating basic democratic rules and stripping public union rights -- despite his insistence that he never intended any such thing and was merely offering some "modest" proposals about budget fixing, which his supporters eliminated to get this concoction passed in the face of public outcry.

There may be a few gullible FOX News and mass media types who don't want to believe what is going on and some faithful Republicans who remember when their party contained honorable people who understood the value of discussion and contrary ideas. But Walker has virtually guaranteed less and less of them as they realize how he has used his media friendly manner to mislead and flat lie to even those who sympathized with him.

There's no one left who would make a deal with him if they weren’t wearing a crucifix and a necklace of garlic -- and probably not even then.

Consider. The new bill that strips bargaining rights eliminated the only reason he said he was touching those rights in the first place, to "repair" the budget. The non-repair bill passed hastily; and probably illegally but it could take court battles of indeterminate length before the gamesmanship is exposed and reversed. Milwaukee County suffered similar game when Walker was county executive. Months after he left office, the courts intervened and his overreach in privatizing public employees will likely cost the county around half a million dollars, but remember: It was a misled citizenry that embraced such tough stances that helped Walker get elected governor, so now he feels emboldened to reach into the pockets of school teachers and others. Will the suckers line up once again?

Since the details are still unclear of how there could possibly be no financial impact on the state budget in eliminating rights (huh?), and since the budget was the only reason he ever gave in the first place, the new bill may not survive legal scrutiny on many fronts. Certainly the pretense that he was really seeking to empower local governments has totally evaporated. In fact, his two-year budget bill is built on the financial elements now stripped out of the first bill, so to move ahead on it doubly exposes the entire charade of Walker's folly.

It is hard to believe there is anyone left in the state, or the country, who can believe him on any opinion, and yet the Wall Street Journal blithely accepted an op-ed from him that was about a piece of legislation his cronies had just killed! And these Murdoch employees didn't seem to mind a bit. Look for even supposedly moderate corporate media to continue to invite him as a guest and accept statements that events now prove are only momentary occasions of political convenience.

If you want to credit Walker and his corporate financiers with larger purpose – method behind the madness -- let me offer a Machiavellian suggestion for advancing in the face of hostile public opinion (and not just from unions -- the national polls including Republicans and independents had clearly turned against him). Yes Walker’s presidential hope are pretty well shot for now, but not the money the corporate campaign networks will spend to support him, not the spin they even now are putting on such base behavior. They smell the death of the progressives including unions that represent the major money opposition to GOP politics, and if they can wound them in Wisconsin, imagine what they can do in Illinois or California.

But it is more than that. The pretense of evil unions ruled by wealthy bossed and loaded with freeloaders was essential to this corporate campaign, and to this point that fabrication was dismantled in Madison, replaced by a realization of which party really is ruled by wealthy bosses and riddled with freeloaders.

The peaceful confrontation on the effort to crush bargaining rights involved an ever-growing number of citizens, public and non, union and non, keeping their tempers as they insisted on their rights. That impressed a nation and exposed the big lie of the ads that this was all about union thugs and imported agitators.

And so Walker and his allies have stepped up the pressure and deliberately sought to goad the opposition into uglier and perhaps even violent action. Hence the falsehoods that he was offering compromise when he selectively released email proposals he had never agreed to (in private exchanges with senate Democrats). Hence those petty games about denying Democrats their paychecks (quietly abandoned as legally murky) or fining them for contempt or taking their parking spots, or harassing their families on the pretense they were in danger of arrest. Hence the lockdown of the state capitol to diminish the media impact of protesters and hope images of their growing anger would displace video of veteran legislator Dave Obey refused entrance or a Democratic Assemblyman tackled by police when trying to get to his office.

Combine all that theater with the simple maddening reality that he wants to eliminate basic rights to bargain on benefits, working conditions, sick days, leave, safety concerns, and more. The sick strategy emerges clearly: Walker expected to bitch-slap unions into strikes (generally illegal for public workers) or other mass actions that would turn the public against them.

Another purpose is that a strike by public workers, however they describe the action, or a walkout by students, however justified, can be interpreted by Walker as an affront to law and order and a reason to mandate what many believe he really wants, to privatize more aspect of public service and reward his cronies to the detriment of the economic health of the middle class.

Yet events on the ground may be out of the reach of the wiser heads who realize his game and are looking around the political corner, calling for remedy at the ballot box, as public officials and union leaders keep saying. But as one protester heading for Madison told me, "People are just madder than hell and will not sit meekly by as politicians kick their ass."

Many point out that for nearly four weeks, tens of thousand of protesters have stayed calm and let pubic support gather behind them. But they also ask if that hasn’t been quite enough. "I don't think that larger support will disappear if some folks decide on a job action" one protester told me, an attitude that seems to be gaining traction. "If what was being done to us was being done to most Republicans I know, they would have been knocking heads a long time ago."

Still, union leaders are urging a committed calm, a controlled anger. Loss of control, they fear, might deflect attention from the ballot box, from the recall elections that could sweep the state out of its unexpectedly destructive Republican majority, not to mention the swelling storm to recall the governor himself. That can't by law take place until 2012 but signatures can legally be gathered now for future action and assuredly are.

In that view, it is misbehavior by the opposition that Walker must depend on. Otherwise he can't slow a growing tide that could make him the shortest lived governor in Wisconsin history. It may be quite a foot race because for a gathering cloud of citizens, even a year is too long to wait to see his back.


Waupun asked to denounce Walker

WAUPUN — Department of Corrections workers are urging Waupun officials to draft an official resolution condemning Governor Scott Walker's Budget Repair Bill.

Former Waupun Alderman Pete Kaczmarski expressed disappointment Tuesday night that city officials have not gone on record to oppose the governor's plan to change collective bargaining for state public employees.

"It's time for you elected officials to stand up and take a stand," Kaczmarski, a dispatcher for the Dodge County Sheriff's Department, told the council during its meeting earlier this week.

Mayor Jodi Steger told the audience she and City Administrator Kyle Clark have been in direct contact with legislators and have made several calls and sent correspondence to the governor's office, stressing Waupun's dependence on state aid. Over half of Waupun's property is considered tax exempt.

"We haven't stopped having communication with Madison. I know a lot of cities are sending resolutions, but we felt it would have more impact by making personal calls and sending personal memos," Steger said. "By next week, we hope to have a better idea of what the impact will be on Waupun. And if the council wants to draft a resolution, I have no problem with that."

Waupun corrections officer and president of AFSCME Council 24 Bob McLinn told the Council wage and benefit concessions being asked of public employees would have a detrimental impact on Waupun.

"The increase in pension and insurance contributions will cause a loss of $3.2 million in discretionary income from prison workers that could be spent in your community that will no longer be there," McLinn said. "What the governor is doing is going to affect everyone in this room. And I think Waupun is going to be hit harder with lost shared revenue."

Clark said state shared revenue may be calculated by a formula taking population and equalized property valuation into consideration.

"That way, communities like Waupun wouldn't be hit as hard as communities with higher property values; so maybe there's a little relief there," Clark said.

Although Waupun has been fiscally responsible, former Waupun alderman and corrections officer Tom Hodge said the city would suffer from lost state shared revenue due to the governor's budget proposal.

"(Walker) wants to destroy local governments like ours," Hodge said. "Why destroy a government that knows how to balance a budget without any interference from outside special interest groups, has little or no tax increase year after year, and is able to maintain services without laying people off?"


Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Badger Herald: Unions encourage business as usual until further notice

The Badger Herald: Unions encourage business as usual until further notice

State agriculture secretary describes Capitol as a 'Holocaust' - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Can you believe what Wisconsin Republican's and Administration Secretaries say about Wisconsin Families? Wisconsinites fighting for their rights at the capitol have been called "slobs", been called "violent", been called "unruly" and now, Agriculture Secretary Brancel says the Wisconsinites standing up and demanding to be heard at the state capitol have created a "holocaust". These people ARE NOT Wisconsin's Leaders. The true leaders are the Wisconsinites stating each and every day since February 15th that the Wisconsin Republican's and Gov. Scott Walker MUS STOP the attack on Wisconsin families.

State agriculture secretary describes Capitol as a 'Holocaust' - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and Sports

Vermont House of Representatives Supports Public Employees

Below is the opening text of Vermont House Resolution H.R.7 that supports collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin.

This resolution was sent to AFSCME Council 24, Governor Scott Walker and the Vermont State Employees Association.

Montpelier, Vermont
House Resolution
H.R. 7

House resolution expressing support for the collective bargaining rights of Wisconsin state, public school, municipal, and University of Wisconsin employees...

Read the full version of the resolution in a printer-friendly format >>>

Video of commandeered Madison City bus for fleeing Assembly Republicans

It is reported that law enforcement seized this Madison city bus, ordered fare paying riders off and escorted the Assembly republicans through the tunnels that lead away from the State Capitol. The bus driver, a public employee that these very Republican legislators just stripped his collective bargaining rights from was forced to drive the bus to an unknown location.

Assembly Vote on SS AB 11 CA 1

The final vote in the Assembly was 53-42 with one member not voting. GOP Reps. Dean Kaufert, Lee Nerison, Dick Spanbauer and Travis Tranel voted against the bill.

Printer-friendly version of the Assembly Roll Call vote >>>

The State Capitol Rally is Still On!

Saturday, March 12th @ 3:00pm

Please keep your plans to attend Saturday’s huge rally at the State Capitol. The rally is still going forward and expected to exceed the 120,000 protesters on February 26th. The fight is not over. We may have lost a battle, through underhanded and illegal tactics, but we are still fighting the WAR. Saturday’s rally needs to be the largest yet, by far. That is why we need you there. We still have something to prove to those citizens of our state and our nation who can’t be here with us. The eyes of the world are still watching and now more than ever, we cannot let the unethical actions of a few power grabbing individuals stop us. We need to keep coming back and coming back. One day longer! Check the SEPAC ( and AFSCME Wisconsin ( websites for the current bus schedules.

If not riding one of the many buses that will bring supporters and protesters to Madison, we suggest that you come earlier than 3:00pm so that you can get parked and enjoy a great number of activities that will take place prior to the Rally. One such scheduled activity will be the anticipated Wisconsin Farmer's that will drive their tractors to the State Capitol and will engage in a procession around the capitol square. This will demonstration will start at 10:00am.


Message from the Assembly Democratic Caucus

As the Assembly began debate today Majority Leader Scott Suder announced that the Assembly debate on this egregious attack on Wisconsin's hard working citizens would be limited to two hours.

On the floor, while the Assembly Dems continue fighting for Wisconsin’s families, law enforcement officers have lined up outside the Assembly Chambers. We expect a vote to be called very soon.

The use of these officers is clearly a scare tactic and it is unacceptable. Once again Republican leadership is trying to stifle democracy and silence the voices of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin’s citizens.

We will continue to update you as the action proceeds, please continue to watch at

Yours in solidarity,

The Assembly Democratic Caucus

NOTE: Thank you to all those who have corrected the typo in the previous email, as we attempt to bring you the most up to date information sometimes mistakes are made. We apologize and will do everything in our power to avoid this mistake in the future.

From President McEntee and Sec./Treasurer Saunders: RECALL

Dear AFSCME Sisters and Brothers,

What happened last night in Wisconsin is truly a travesty. Instead of pulling his state together to confront its challenges, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker chose to tear it apart.

After losing in the court of public opinion, after ignoring the hundreds of thousands of citizens who have been protesting this bill since it was introduced last month, and after failing to break the Democratic senators’ principled stand to block this measure, Wisconsin Senate Republicans used legislative tricks to ram through Governor Walker's bill — wiping out collective bargaining rights for nurses, teachers, EMTs and other trusted public employees. It was an affront to everyone who believes in basic American values like fairness, democracy and rights for working people.

We expect the Assembly to pass the bill and for Governor Walker to sign the bill very soon. It will be a setback. But the people of Wisconsin, with our help — with your help — will fight on.

Our sisters and brothers in Wisconsin have already started a massive, grassroots campaign to recall Republican lawmakers who gamed the system last night — and left the people and our democracy out in the cold.

You can help:

Contribute to AFSCME Wisconsin Council 11's emergency fund. Your donation will help them take their state back and help us take our country back. Support the recall and your Wisconsin AFSCME sisters and brothers by clicking here now to make a donation.

Please also stay connected with us for the latest news and information on what's happening in Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere across the country. Sign up for AFSCME mobile alerts by texting "join" to 237263 ("AFSCME") or join our Facebook community at

In solidarity,



Legislative thuggery reveals true goal of Walker and his puppets

March 10, 2011
Contact: Bob Allen
608 206-9535

Last night’s blitzkrieg attack by Republican legislative leaders has laid bare their contempt for the rights of working people and the democratic process in Wisconsin.

“Gov. Walker and his puppets have taken a baseball bat to the rights of Wisconsin workers. They have left no doubt that their highest priority is to take away rights from all Wisconsin public employees. Their assault on workers and the democratic process has nothing to do with balancing the state’s budget,” said Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24.

After arguing for weeks that radical changes in public employee rights were an integral fiscal cog in his budget repair bill, Gov. Walker’s allies abruptly separated out the union bashing provisions and abruptly passed them with no prior notice and no debate.

“Early on, our members agreed to every fiscal concession in the governor’s proposal. We have always insisted that Walker’s attack on our rights has nothing to do with the budget. By separating these provisions, Walker’s puppets have proved our point – this isn’t about money, it is about undermining workplace democracy,” Beil said.

“This is a dark time for Wisconsin. This is not how Wisconsin works. Walker has driven the state far away from its core values. But after each dark night, there comes a new day. And this new day starts today, as Wisconsin citizens across the state answer this insult by pouring their energy into recalling Wisconsin Senators who have sold their souls to the highest bidder,” Beil said.

# # #

Printer-friendly version of this press release from AFSCME Council 24 >>>

Statement from Former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

"Last night will be remembered as a black mark on the history of Wisconsin government. The actions by 18 Republican state senators leave no doubt that Governor Walker's attack on Wisconsin workers has nothing to do with the budget and everything to do with advancing a national corporate agenda. Sadly, these actions further drive divisions within our state and threaten the future economic recovery of Wisconsin. Proponents of this plan should remember: Wisconsin's citizens will hold their elected officials accountable." - Former Senator Russ Feingold

Initial Reports from the Field

With about 12 hoyrs notice and less in some areas, citizens of Wisconsin have rallied at multiple locations all across Wisconsin and are protesting Gov. Walker and the Wisconsin Republican Majority for ignoring the wishes of the PEOPLE and passing legislation that attacks Wisconsin Families.

Here are some of the reports received to date;

9:00am Rallies

·Oshkosh - 100 Attendees - Oshkosh Northwestern

·Platteville - 150 Attendees

·Ripon - 60 Attendees - Ripon Record

·Fond du Lac - 100 Attendees

·Superior - 250 Attendees; Duluth ABC Affiliate; NBC Affiliate; CBS Affiliate; FOX Affiliate; Duluth Tribune; Labor World Newspaper; KUWS Radio

·Racine - 100 Attendees; Racine Journal Times

·Reedsburg - 11 Attendees

·Milwaukee - 200 Attendees at the Milwaukee County Courthouse & State Office Building; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; NBC Affiliate (WTMJ); FOX Affiliate (WITI)

·Milwaukee State Fair Walker Protest - 150 Attendees; NBC Affiliate (WTMJ); FOX Affiliate (WITI); ABC Affiliate (WISN);

·Green Bay Rally - 150 Attendees; CBS Affiliate (WFRV); ABC Affiliate (WBAY); FOX Affiliate (FOX11); NBC Affiliate (WGBY); Green Bay Press Gazette

·Dodge County Rally - 65 Attendees; WBEV Radio

·Neenah Rally - 100 Attendees; CBS Affiliate (WFRV); NBC Affiliate (WGBY); FOX Affiliate (FOX11); Appleton Post Crescent

·La Crosse Rally - 300 Attendees

·River Falls - 60 Attendees

Assembly is in session - watch live

Wisconsin Eye through an agreement with Channel 3000 is broadcasting the floor action live at this hour.

Are You Going to Let The GOP "Buy" Their Way Out of Recalls?

Through anonymous sources, we have come across an email from the Wisconsin GOP:

From: Judi Rhodes []
Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2011 3:25 PM
To: Judi Rhodes
Subject: Scheduling- Quick RSVP needed
Importance: High


We will be holding a major donor Majority GOP Conduit event for the State Senate Recall efforts. This event will be held on April 20th, 5-7 time frame in Downtown Milwaukee and Governor Scott Walker will be the special guest along with hopefully, may of our State Senators. We will be sending out a host letter tomorrow morning first thing. Please let me know if I can list you as attending that day. I would specifically strongly encourage those up for a recount to attend.

I apologize for the short notice on this, but wheels are turning very quickly and we are trying to react very quickly with the time frames allotted to us.

Please respond to this e-mail or call me on my cell if I can include you on this host letter and then also on the invitation.


Judi Rhodes

We need to change the faces of the elected Wisconsin Republicans. We all need to come together and make that happen by whatever means we can. As you can see in a GOP email, they start with raising money and then they try and "buy" their way out of their jams.

Note, Judy Rhoades email and cell phone number (smiling)...

No Strike, Work the Recall's, Change the Faces at the Ballot Box

To my colleagues, friends and family, a friend on Facebook posted a statement that I agree with and I find it important to share with each of you.

Here is the posting:

Melvin Smith 1:50am Mar 10

I just watched a segment of the Ed show and listened to Lena Tyler. Her message is clear... Be very careful, Walker's goal is to privatize. A strike will give him the pretense. The correct course is the ballot box. If we can't change their mind, then change their faces! Our recourse is in recall! Remember that... Recall is our next goal, not strike nor unruly behavior. Recall!

Executive Director Marty Beil has called for the same action. You can read his message and watch the video message sent by him and Mary Bell, president of WEAC.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

When time permits, please thank Sen. Dale Schultz (R-17)

When you have a moment we would like to ask that you please use the SEPAC Action Center to email Sen. Dale Schultz and thank him for voting his "conscience" rather than voting the way he was being told to by the Senate Majority Leader and Gov. Scott Walker.

Senator Schultz will now face a great deal of pushback and punishment from the republican party, but he demonstrated that he was elected by the people of the 17th senate district and not Senator Majority Leader Fitzgerald or Governor Scott Walker and he did what he has heard the majority of constituents and that was to oppose the stripping of collective bargaining rights and find a compromise. Republicans could take a lesson from what Sen. Schultz's action.

Follow this link to send Sen. Schultz an email >>>

You Say; The People Elected Us to Do This

“Enough is enough," Fitzgerald said. “The people of Wisconsin elected us to do a job. They elected us to stand up to the broken status quo, stop the constant expansion of government, balance the budget, create jobs and improve the economy. The longer the Democrats keep up this childish stunt, the longer the majority can’t act on our agenda."

Please feel free to use the SEPAC Action Center to send Senator Fitzgerald an email sharing your thoughts...

Capitol Access Information

You can monitor the availability of access to the state capitol by following the below link. Please understand though, the link leads you to information posted by DOA, will it be true information or misleading information? I guess you will need to make that decision or watch for information coming to you from the various Unions and organizations fighting for Wisconsin Families.

Capitol Access Information

Protest's must remain peaceful, but they must be in defiance as well

This is just my opinion, but the protests at this time need to remain peaceful (I guess that is easy to say), but they must also be pushed to the brink of defiance, meaning do not move when asked to, do not stop making noise when asked to, but under no circumstance DO NOT "physically" resist a law enforcement officer.

Peaceful protest action was displayed this morning when State Troopers' cleared the Assembly vestibule and the hallway outside the offices of the speaker and majority leader. Troopers' first asked that everyone leave voluntarily and for those who chose not to then the Troopers' needed to physically move the people. That is fine.

Unfortunately, the word is that once again the "People's House" has now been closed even though public hearings are occuring inside.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

Wisconsin Public Employees: Ramming Through Anti-Freedom Bill “An Affront to Democracy”

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Republican state senators rammed through an anti-freedom bill that stripped nurses, teachers and EMTs of their rights to collectively bargain – the same rights enjoyed by just about every other Wisconsinite.

Wisconsin public employees represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Councils 24, 40 and 48 said the following:

“Governor Walker’s power grab is an affront to democracy. The voters will not stand for denying the rights of Wisconsin’s public employees – and they will be held accountable for their actions at the ballot box,” said Bob McLinn, President of AFSCME Council 24, and a correctional officer at Waupun Correctional Institution.

“Governor Walker and eighteen Republican senators handed us a setback, but we will win this war. This attack on the working and middle class will not stand – and we will take back our democracy in recall elections,” said Brian Stafford, President of AFSCME District Council 48, and chief repair person for water distribution, City of Milwaukee.

“This is a sad day for democracy and for Wisconsin. But our state’s nurses, teachers and EMTs will overcome. We will take back our government from the big moneyed interests and reverse this attack on workers’ rights,” said Jim Garity, President of AFSCME Council 40, and a Jefferson County Highway Department equipment operator.

AFSCME’s 1.6 million members provide the vital services that make America happen. With members in hundreds of different occupations – from nurses to corrections officers, child care providers to sanitation workers – AFSCME advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.


American Federation of State, County
and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
1625 L Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036-5687
Telephone (202) 429-1145
Fax (202) 429-1120

McEntee: Governor Walker is “Tearing Wisconsin Apart”

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee in response to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s anti-union rights bill that was rammed through the state senate

“At a time when we should be pulling together to create jobs, Governor Walker and the legislators who back him are more interested in stripping nurses, teachers, correction officers, bus drivers and EMTs of their rights. This is a question of right and wrong. The governor is tearing Wisconsin apart when voters want real solutions to the problems they face.

“This is about more than Scott Walker's arrogance. He is tossing aside basic American values. Public workers fought long and hard for the right to collective bargaining. Martin Luther King Jr. died defending that right for AFSCME sanitation workers in Memphis. We are not going to allow a small group of radical politicians in Wisconsin destroy what Americans have fought generations to win.”

AFSCME’s 1.6 million members provide the vital services that make America happen. With members in hundreds of different occupations – from nurses to corrections officers, child care providers to sanitation workers – AFSCME advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.


American Federation of State, County
and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO
1625 L Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036-5687
Telephone (202) 429-1145
Fax (202) 429-1120

Rally at the State Capitol on Thursday, March 10th @ 9:00am

Rally at the State Capitol on Thursday, March 10th @ 9:00am. Please be at the Capitol at 9:00am today, if you can. If you or members can't make it to Madison, there will be protests taking place at 9:00am statewide, as listed below. If there isn't anything by you, we encourage you to go to your local county courthouse and start a rally/protest.

We know this is last minute, but then the Wisconsin State Senate, exception being Sen. Dale Schultz (R-17) who voted NO on the stripping of collective bargaining rights from public employees, voted YES.

Senate District 2
Green Bay Chamber of Commerce
300 N. Broadway, Green Bay WI

Milwaukee Area
Milwaukee County Courthouse
Clas Park, Milwaukee, WI

Senate District 10
River Falls City Hall
222 Lewis Street, River Falls, WI

Senate District 13
Dodge County Administration Building
127 E. Oak Street, Juneau, WI

Senate District 14
Birthplace of the Republican Party
303 Blackburn Street, Ripon, WI

Senate District 18
Oshkosh Opera House Square
Corner of Algoma Ave and Main St, Oshkosh, WI

Veterans Park
Main St. and Western Ave, Fond du Lac, WI

Senate District 19
Senator Ellis' District Office
429 S. Commercial St., Neenah, WI

Senate District 21
Monument Square
500 South Main Street, Racine, WI

Senate District 23
Eau Claire City Hall
203 S. Farwell Street, Eau Claire, WI

Senate District 32
La Crosse County Courthouse
400 4th St N, La Crosse, WI

Steve Kwaterski
O: 414-476-2896
C: 414-975-8650

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Public Statement of Mary Bell, WEAC & Marty Beil, WSEU

Video reactions from Mary Bell, president of WEAC and Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union to the passage of substitute amendment 1 to special session Assembly Bill 11 on the evening of March 9th, 2011.

ATTENTION Council 24 Members

To all UIN and E-Activist Subscribers & ALL Council 24 Members:

Given all that has transpired under the Walker Administration in the past few weeks, we have concerns that we may or may not be able to continue successfully sending e-mails through to State of Wisconsin work e-mail addresses. In order to stay up to date with the most current and breaking information, we are asking that all subscribers provide us with a PERSONAL e-mail address that is not tied to the State system. If you receive these messages at work, please contact us ASAP with an alternative address. It is easy to set up a web based e-mail account that you can access through the internet (on Google; Yahoo, etc.), if you haven’t already done so. As you all know by know, things change rapidly these days we don’t want anyone to miss crucial information in the due to a blocked e-mail.

UIN Subscribers can provide this address change to: Please indicate that you wish to update your UIN subscriber address.

In addition, if you are not currently subscribed to the SEPAC E-Action List then "click here" to subscribe.

Thank you.


On an 18-1 vote, Republicans in the Wisconsin Senate have just rammed through Governor Walker's so-called "budget repair" bill that will strip away collective bargaining rights for public employees.

We need to keep up our fight for Wisconsin's working families, please go to the Capitol tomorrow, March 10 at 9:00am if you are able to demonstrate against this unprecedented assault on working families.

The Assembly will be taking up this bill tomorrow and we need your presence more than ever.

If you can't make it tomorrow, we need you to come to a massive rally on Saturday at 3:00pm at the Capitol. Click here for more details about the bus schedule for the Saturday rally.

GOP rams anti-union bill through Wisconsin senate

MADISON, Wis. — Republicans pushed a provision stripping public employees of their collective bargaining rights through the state Senate Wednesday evening by separating it from Gov. Scott Walker's controversial budget bill.

Other political news of note Senate strikes down GOP, Dem budget bills
The Senate has rejected two competing bills to fund the government until the end of the fiscal year, with 11 lawmakers who caucus with Democrats breaking with their party.

The action, if it stand, would have the effect of rendering moot a Democratic attempt to keep the provision from passing the Senate. The vote in the Senate was 18-1. No Democrats were present.

All 14 Democrats had left the state to prevent passage of the overall budget bill in opposition to the collective bargaining rights.

The Senate is split 19-14 with Republicans in the majority. Because the union provision was part of a budget bill, Republicans in the Senate needed at least 20 senators present for a quorum.

By separating the anti-union measure from the budget bill, Republicans did not need 20 senators for a quorum.

Before the Senate floor vote, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald read the bill to a hastily created joint conference committee. Rep. Peter Barca, D-Kenosha, objected, saying the committee's meeting was in violation of the state's open meetings law. But Fitzgerald went ahead with the vote, which was seen live on WisconsinEye, and the measure was approved.

Senate Democrats reportedly were meeting to decide how to respond. Some argue that Senate Republicans were violating legislative rules with the vote.

The stand-alone measure would have to be approved by both the Senate and the Assembly, the lower chamber. The Assembly was not in session Wednesday and it was not clear that it could be convened until Thursday.

Stripping out the collective-bargaining provisions into a "non-fiscal" bill raises questions about the governor's and the Republicans' argument that the issue of collective bargaining rights is crucial to the budget.

NBC News' Mike Taibbi, John Yang, Mark Murray Samira Puskar and Stephanie Himango, and staff contributed to this report.


Just learned;

If you can make it and get your members/constituencies/friends/families, we need you at the Capitol at 6pm! 

The Senate Republicans are going to split the Budget Adjustment Bill and vote the anti-union provisions tonight on the Senate floor.   

Steve Kwaterski
AFL-CIOO: 414-476-2896
C: 414-975-8650 
Sent from Steven Williams BlackBerry smartphone

Why Walker won't back down

This article is shared with you, the blog reader, for one reason, to fire you up to keep pushing back against this man who can claim the title of Governor, for now, and who thinks he is a Dictator and all citizens (unless you are a major contributor) must heed, without feedback or discussion, to all of his demands.

Keep on pushing back Wisconsinites! If Gov. Walker won't back down, then maybe we have to knock him down! We can do it...

Wisconsin State Journal News Article (share)

Posted by Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator

Assembly Dem Caucus Chair Responds to Walker's "Released E-mails"

For Immediate Release
Contact: Kelda Roys
March 8, 2011 (608) 213‐4502

Rep. Roys: What do Walker’s Out of Context Emails Mean? Nothing.

Madison‐ Today, Scott Walker’s office released a series of emails between Walker’s aides and staff for State Senator Bob Jauch (D‐Poplar). These emails contained nothing of substance that could be called negotiation. Representative Roys reacted to this release by issuing the following statement:

“Regardless of what Scott Walker’s Administration wants people to believe, Walker has scoffed at Democratic attempts to find compromise on his budget repair legislation. Scott Walker has publicly stated time and time again that he will not back down on his radical and unpopular proposal to eliminate collective bargaining for state employees.

“Walker also revealed, to a prank caller pretending to be billionaire Republican financier David Koch, that he was willing to put together an elaborate ruse to ‘trick’ Democratic Senators into voting on his unpopular overreach, and would pretend to negotiate but never actually compromise. He also joked about laying off thousands of workers to extort Democratic legislators into rubber‐stamping his radical agenda – showing how just how low he will go to get his way.

“Unless Walker does more than pay lip service to the idea of compromise – with concrete action like sitting face to face with Democratic leadership, his public employees, or anyone not named David Koch – his statements should be taken as nothing more than deceptive attempts to stop his free‐falling poll numbers.”


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bus Schedules Set for AFSCME & Supporters

Here is the most recent bus schedule for Saturday, March 12th, 2011. Check the AFSCME Wisconsin website often for any changes.
From: Tom Larsen
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 5:17 PM
Subject: Saturday Bus Schedule

All Buses are first come first serve. Please check with your TBA staff for local events. Updated as of 3/8/11 at 5:10 pm

Madison Bus SHUTTLE (Kobussen School Bus)
Start Time: 11:00 am
Stop Time: 7:00 pm
1) Westside 2 buses: AFSCME (there will NOT be a pick up at the Alliant Energy Center)
2) Eastside 4 buses: East Towne Mall (In Lot By Dick’s Sporting Goods)

All buses from around the state will arrive in Madison at 2:00 pm and be back to board at 5:00 pm.

Due to the large demand for both coach buses for tournaments around the state we have had to use more school buses then in the past to supply all of our buses this time. Where possible we will switch school buses to coaches as they become available.

Thank you for your understanding with this situation.

De Pere /Appleton 2 buses (Kobussen Coach)
11:00 am Park & Ride – De Pere @ US 41 and County G
11:35 am Park & Ride – Appleton @ US 41 and CR E/Ballard Rd

Rice Lake 1 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
9:45 am 2501 West Ave Wal-Mart

Wausau Bus 2 bus (Badger State Bus)
11:00 am Labor Temple @ 318 S 3rd Av
11:45 am Shooters, Plover

Stevens Point 1 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
11:30 am UW-Stevens Point @ 1015 Reserve
12:45 am Best Western, Portage

Eau Claire Bus 3 buses (Kobussen School Bus)
10:30 am South Middle School, 2115 Mitscher Ave.
11:30 am Best Western Orange Moose I-94 and HWY 54, Black River Falls

LaCrosse Bus 2 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
11:00 am Valley View Mall @3800 SR 16 (Between Sears & Theatre)
11:55 am Kwik Trip in Tomah

Manitowoc Bus 2 bus (Kobussen Coach)
11:00 am Park and Ride I43 and US 151
11:40 am Park and Ride at Kohler/Sheboygan
12:15 am Park and Ride at Mt Calvary/Fond du Lac

Oshkosh Bus 1 bus (Badger Bus)
11:40 am Park & Ride @ US 41 & WI-44/91- Oshkosh

Milwaukee 2 - 56 passenger buses (Discovery)
12:00 pm AFSCME Council 48 @3427 W St Paul Ave.
Pettit National Ice Arena @ 500 S 84th

Milwaukee 1- 38 passenger bus (Kobussen Coach)
11:45 am AFSCME Council 48 @3427 W St Paul Av
12:15 pm Goerke's Corner / Park & Ride @ I-94 & Barker Rd - Waukesha

Racine 1 bus (Kobussen School Bus)
12:00 pm Park & Ride Racine/Sturtevant

Jefferson 1 bus (Badger Bus)
12:50 pm Franks County Market

Platteville 1 bus (Badger Bus)
12:00 pm Piggly Wiggly, Platteville – McGregor Plaza
12:55 pm Shell Truck stop – Dodgeville

Prairie du Chien – 1 bus (Badger Bus)
11:30 am Dicks/Piggly Wiggly
12:15 pm Shell Truck stop – Dodgeville


Executive Director Beil on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews

Marty Beil, executive director of AFSCME Council 24 will appear on the MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews show this evening at 6:00pm CST.

NOTE: The show is airing at this hour. At this time the show has not yet moved to the segment that will interview the Executive Director. At 6:00pm, the show will be repeated.

If you miss the show we will upload the video to the SEPAC website once it becomes available.

Tune in to MSNBC at 6:00pm CST this evening.

Death Notice: Brother Thomas Shilhavy, Correctional Officer, AFSCME Local 134, New Lisbon Correctional Institution

From: Duke D []
Sent: Tuesday, March 08, 2011 11:38 AM
To: AFSCME Council 24 AFL-CIO
Subject: Death of Tom Shilhavy

(T.C.) Thomas Shilhavy passed away this weekend at his home. He has been an involved union member since 08-23-93. He was only 40 years old. He has 2 childeren that he left behind. The funeral arrangements are as follows:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Roseberry's Funeral Home
512 Main street
Friendship, WI 53934
(608) 339-3551
Map It >>>

Visitation from 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Service starts at 2:00pm

You Can Retrieve Your Sign from the State Capitol, Today

Those who put up signs in the Capitol during the protest can begin picking them up between 1:00pm and 4:00pm today at 1 West Wilson Street.

The room will be open each day between 1:00pm and 4:00pm through Friday.

The State Historical Society will be on hand to observe, but won’t remove any signs for preservation until after 4:00pm Friday.

Video Message from AFSCME Council 24 Executive Director, Marty Beil

Executive Director Beil talks briefly about events leading up to Day 21, the expiration of the state employee contracts on Sunday, 03/13/2011, the Recall Efforts and the mass Rally planned for this upcoming Saturday, 03/12/2011 in Madison.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Procedures for Retrieving Signs

Monday, March 7, 2011
DOA Media Line: 608-266-7362

MADISON – Individuals interested in retrieving signs removed from the State Capitol can do so at 1 West Wilson St., Room B257, beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8, 2011 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. The room will be open to the public from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. through Friday.

Representatives from the State Historical Society will be on hand to observe, but will not remove any signs for preservation until after 4:00 p.m. on Friday.

Signs remaining after the public and Historical Society have taken those they would like, will be discarded. A Department of Administration representative will be available on-site from 1:00-1:45 Tuesday to assist media.

Statement by Sen. Vinehout in response to Governor Walker’s Press Conference


For Immediate Release
Contact: Sen. Vinehout (608) 266-8546
March 7, 2011

“Senator Miller and Senate Democrats have offered Governor Walker numerous compromises. Labor leaders have provided financial concessions the Governor requested. Hundreds of thousands of people have voiced opposition to the “budget repair bill.” The people of Wisconsin want our leaders to work together. My colleagues and I want to make this happen. If the Governor doesn’t want to meet with Senator Miller, I am ready to meet with him and reach a compromise that moves us forward.”

# # #

Linda Kleinschmidt
Chief of Staff
Office of State Senator Kathleen Vinehout
3 South State Capitol - PO Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707-7882

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Join the Wisconsin Farmor Labor Tractorcade at the State Capitol

Saturday, 03/12/2011
12:00pm - 2:00pm
3:00pm Rally at the State Capitol

Next Saturday, March 12th, farmers from across the dairyland will bring tractors and solidarity to the WI capitol to fight for labor rights and a just state budget. Rural communities will be disproportionately hurt by the cuts to education and badgercare, and farmers in Wisconsin stand with state workers, and all working and middle class families in the state. The event is sponsored by Family Farm Defenders, Wisconsin Farmers Union and Land Stewardship project. All farmers and eaters welcome and encouraged to come!

If you have a tractor and would like to join in the tractorcade please contact John Peck at Family Farm Defenders - (608) 260-0900;

Published on Facebook at;!/event.php?eid=191135844260755 Advisory

6 March 2011

About 700 supporters of GOP Gov. Scott Walker's budget plans rallied in Madison today as one top GOP official said the guv remains ``cool as a cucumber'' in the face of continuing pro-union protests.

Capitol protesters today numbered more than 5,700, down from yesterday's 12,000.

Meanwhile, Senate Dems, still outside of Wisconsin, took a breather but were heartened by a new WPRI poll reported last night that Wisconsinites want Walker to compromise.

See more in the Budget Blog:

AFSCME Review of 2011-2013 Biennial Budget (Part 1)

AFSCME Lobbyist's have completed their first review of the recently released 2011-2013 Biennial Budget.

You can read their review in its entirety at;

Watch future SEPAC Blog postings for further reviews and/or go to the SEPAC website for the same document.