Saturday, November 13, 2010

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | NFL Players to Join State Federations

Times are getting tough, employers are getting meaner and meaner to the point that the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) will start affiliating with AFL-CIO State Federations all across America. Members of the NFLPA will need to educate the average worker as to what issues you have with your employers, we will fight to help and we hope for the same from each of you in our struggles as average workers as well.

AFL-CIO NOW BLOG | NFL Players to Join State Federations

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24

Friday, November 12, 2010

Watch the Interview with Director Beil

Watch the full episode. See more Here and Now.

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Here Is a Sign State Employees

The Milwaukee County Board, made up of "elected by the people" supervisors do not seem to know how to do things right, or that is what Gov.-elect Walker says by submitting 15 veto's today to their "passed by the county board" annual budget. Again, it appears it is not right unless Gov.-elect Walker made the call...

Among today's vetoes; an elimination of employee pay increases, moving the county employee pension contribution to 5 percent instead of the 4 percent approved by the board, and striking language for a county contribution to employee flexible spending accounts.

In other words, Gov.-elect Walker likes to negotiate so long as the only proposal on the table is his proposal. This seems to coincide with his statement that he is "willing to meet and talk to the feds" on high speed rail, but "he sees no scenario where they will change his mind".

I recall "one-man" circuses never succeeding in life. How far does he think he really is going to get with this "one-man, one-thought" belief?

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24

Walker Sending Bad Signals With Disregard for Rule of Law

November 12, 2010
Contact: Marty Beil
608 836-6666

This week's coup attempt by Gov.-elect Scott Walker not only was a breath-taking display of arrogance, it signaled a fundamental disregard for the rule of law, according to Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24.

On Thursday, Walker tried to force Gov. Jim Doyle to essentially stop working well before his term expires.

"We know the financial crisis has created extraordinary times for our state and nation, but this does not mean we should abandon the rule of law. Governors are elected to four-year terms in this state. They aren't supposed to abdicate months early when a new one is elected," Beil said.

Walker's call to abandon work on long overdue 2009-2011 state employee contracts demonstrates a disappointing disregard for statutes governing labor relations.

"There is a duty to bargain on the part of the employer. It's not just a duty -- it's the law. You can't just ignore the law because you don't respect unions," Beil said.

Trying to blow up many months of painstaking work is sending an extremely hostile message to state workers, Beil said.

"If he wants to fight, we are not afraid to fight. We've been here nearly 80 years. We've seen plenty of politicians come and go and we will see many more come and go," Beil said.

"But if Scott Walker wants to work with the people on the front lines who truly make Wisconsin work, we are ready to work with him. We'd certainly prefer cooperation, but it's a two way street," he said. Beil said he is mystified how Walker's efforts to pull the rug out from under Doyle helps the state'seconomy recover. "What does not bargaining with state employees have to do with bringing jobs back to Wisconsin?" Beil asked.

"How does turning away hundreds of millions of federal dollars and sending it to other states help Wisconsin? How does it help Wisconsin to guarantee we need to continue sending energy dollars out of the state instead of paying it to Wisconsin farmers and foresters?" he continued.

"In these difficult times, I'm convinced that we will accomplish more by pulling together. If Scott Walker wants to go it alone, as it appears so far he does, the entire state will be the loser," Beil said.

Click here to download and distribute this press release >>> Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Walker call for health care reform freeze perpetuates insurance industry abuses

Like High Speed Rail, Gov.-elect Walker wants absolute control with absolute change, his change, without taking the time to fully understand the huge negative impact of his actions to Wisconsinites. Gov.-elect Walkers continued attitude of "because I can, I am Governor" will hurt our Great State. I cannot and actually do not want have a vision for what Wisconsin will look like going into 2014. Citizen Action of Wisconsin: Walker call for health care reform freeze perpetuates insurance industry abuses

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24 Sen. Fitzgerald: Announces staff changes

Now that Sen. Scott Fitgerald (R-13) is the incoming Majority Leader he has also changed up his staff. Read the article to learn more about his staff changes. Sen. Fitzgerald: Announces staff changes

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walker Wants Retirees To Come Back Home - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee

So let me get this straight... Our budget in Wisconsin is in a deficit, but Gov.-elect Walker wants to use taxpayer money (a source of revenue to decrease the deficit) and have party's to lure Wisconsin retirees back to Wisconsin so they will spend their money in Wisconsin. Does Gov.-elect Walker think this all up by himself or is this yet another shining example of the caliber of his inner circle, you know, those people who will guide him as to what is right or wrong.

Walker Wants Retirees To Come Back Home - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24

WSEU Bargaining Update

By now most of you have heard about or read the letter sent by Governor Elect Walker to the DOA Secretary regarding five issues that should be put on hold until after he is sworn into office. One of these five issues is our contract for 2009-2011.

The letter asks Governor Doyle to stop our bargaining on it, which is similar to the phone message we received two weeks ago from his campaign. We understand that there is a high level of anxiety and consternation each time Scott Walker opens his mouth about state employees and state programs. That being said, we will now give you the straight facts:

  1. BARGAINING CONTINUES... In fact, Council 24 Executive and Assistant Directors met with OSER representatives on the very same afternoon that Walker sent his letter. And, we will continue meeting again next week, with time scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Issues in your collective bargaining agreement (CBA) CANNOT be changed by fiat or just because the Governor Elect wants to. The language in your CBA remains in full force and effect, like it or not. No one can reach in and make modifications to that which is currently in place. We are in an extended contract period, with both parties having previously signed the contract extension, so the four corners of this agreement are fully protected. We cannot speak to what the Governor may propose in the next biennial contract, but at this point all protections and benefits remain in place.
  3. As pointed out last week, we need to stand tall and be proud we are public employees. We need to impress upon this Governor Elect that we won’t roll over; and we won’t BE rolled over by him or any other politician.
We all need to be strong in our resolve, firm in protecting our rights, and have full confidence in the CBA and the Union. These are the keys to our success in dealing with this new onslaught.

Download, view, print and by ALL MEANS distribute this letter >>>

Bargaining Teams’ E-Mail Contact List:
Administrative Support –;
Blue Collar –;
Professional Social Services –;
Security & Public Safety –;
Technical Team –

Posted by Marty Beil
Executive Director
AFSCME Council 24

Recounts Begin This Week

As blogged in earlier postings the Government Accountability Board is confirming three recounts that will take place beginning this week. The recounts will take place in Assembly District's 68 & 93 and Senate District 31.

Assembly District 68 will begin its recount in Eau Claire and Chippewa Counties today (11/11).

Assembly District 93 will begin its recount on Friday (11/12) in Dunn, Pepin and Pierce Counties. Eau Claire County will begin its recount on Monday (11/15).

Senate District 31 will begin its recount on Friday (11/12) for most of the district and will recount specifically in Eau Claire County on Wednesday (11/17).

Before the start of the recounts this is the available information related to these three races:

AD68 (87 votes seperate candidates)
Bernier, Kathy GOP 10,758 50%
Dexter, Kristen (i) Dem 10,671 50%

AD93 (71 votes separate candidates)
Petryk , Warren GOP 11,069 50%
Smith , Jeff (i) Dem 10,998 50%

SD31 (401 votes seperate candidates)
Vinehout , Kathleen (i) Dem 30,374 50%
Thompson , Ed GOP 29,973 50%

Source: GAB (

Republicans Complete Appointments to JFC

Newly-elected Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39) has named his appointments to the JFC:

Rep. Robin Vos (R-63) - Co-Chair
Rep. Mark Gottlieb (R-60) - Vice Chair
Rep. Dan Meyer (R-34)
Rep. Dan LeMahieu (R-59)
Rep. John Nygren (R-89)
Rep. Pat Strachota (R-58)

The Assembly Republican appointments join the below previously announced Senate Republican appointments.

Sen. Alberta Darling (R-8) - Co-Chair
Sen. Luther Olsen (R-14) - Vice Chair
Sen. Joe Leibham (R-9)
Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R-10)
Sen. Randy Hopper (R-18)
Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-20)

It is rumored that the Senate Democrats may be looking at appointing Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-27), Sen. Bob Jauch (D-25) or Sen. Lena Taylor (D-4).

It is furthered rumored that the Assembly Democrats are looking at Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-18), Rep. Cory Mason (D-62), Rep. Jen Shilling (D-95) or Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-54). The Assembly Democrats are expected to make their appointments later today or on Friday.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Because I Can", what a way to operate for a Gov.-elect

Governor-elect Scott Walker wants to stop high speed rail from coming through Wisconsin. Why you ask, because "he is the NEW Governor and he wants it". Gov.-elect Walker has already said he will meet with the feds, but he sees no scenario in which they will change his mind.

Gov.-elect Walker thinks that the $810 mil for high speed rail should go to repairing roads and bridges in Wisconsin. Now that to would be a good thing. However, the money is committed by the feds for high speed rail. In Wisconsin that money translates to approximately 400 jobs and the continued operation of a major locomotive builder (Talgo) in Milwaukee. Continued business continuing to create jobs and make money for Wisconsin. Now that is a "great thing".

So where does Wisconsin stand because of the "want" of Governor-elect Walker? Wisconsin stands to lose $810 mil, 400 jobs and a major locomotive builder to some other state because we have a Governor-elect with the attitude that "I am Boss, now do it my way". Oh sure, he says he will meet with the feds and listen to what they have to say, but in the same breath he states, "He sees no scenario in which the feds will change his mind". That preconceived attitude makes it a pointless meeting.

So what will happen to Wisconsin? In the end Governor-elect Walker will be able to say, "I stood my ground and showed them that I am in charge" while the feds take back $810 mil from Wisconsin coffers and gives it some other state, 400 good jobs vanish and then in a matter of months, if not weeks a major locomotive builder will bid good riddance to Wisconsin and it will move to another state and give them jobs and boost that state's economy.

Now that you have challenged the feds Governor-elect Walker, Wisconsinites would very much like for you to return to your promise of creating Wisconsin jobs and rebuilding our economy. Maybe you could start with a quiet phone call to U.S. DOT Secretary Ray La Hood and say, oops, I did not mean everything I said, please return the more than three-quarter billion so I can put it to use to create jobs as it was originally intended for...

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24

AFSCME Calls Proposed Changes to Medicare and Social Security Unnecessary and Dangerous

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, November 10, 2010
Contact: Gregory King 202-429-1145

AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee issued this statement on the recommendations released today by the chairmen of the Deficit Commission:

“Today, the chairmen of the Deficit Commission announced a plan to cut Medicare and raise the retirement age for Social Security. We will not rest until we defeat these unnecessary and dangerous proposals. They represent one more example of the ongoing assault against middle class Americans. Why is it that these millionaires always look for cuts instead of revenues? If we have enough resources to give more tax cuts to the rich, why can’t we find the resources to protect the retirement and health security of America’s working men and women?

“Thankfully, there are Commission members like Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) who won’t support these regressive recommendations from the chairmen. We’ll fight these proposals just as we fought George Bush and the congressional Republicans who tried to privatize Social Security. We took on Bush and we won. We’ll fight these reckless attacks on working Americans just as hard.”

Governor-elect Scott Walker Transition Website

Welcome to the online headquarters of our official Transition Office. This site will serve as a resource to Wisconsinites in the days leading up to the Inauguration on January 3rd.

Here, you will find the latest news from our office, as well as a link where you can submit an application for a position within the Administration. To maintain our commitment to job growth in Wisconsin, we are also giving business leaders the ability to voice their concerns and give their advice. And to help streamline government and cut wasteful spending, we’ve provided the opportunity for concerned citizens to share their suggestions for where we can cut waste...

Follow the transition at this website >>> Prosser Campaign: Justice Prosser announces reelection campaign for Supreme Court Prosser Campaign: Justice Prosser announces reelection campaign for Supreme Court

Attention AFSCME Leadership from Dane County Area

We will meet on Tuesday, November 30, at 4:30 pm, in Room 201-C of the Madison Labor Temple to review this fall's election efforts and to have an initial discussion about spring election opportunities.

Please rsvp by reply email. If a significant number of people are unable to attend, we will consider rescheduling.

-- jim

Jim Cavanaugh, President
South Central Federation of Labor
1602 S Park St #228Madison WI 53715 • (608) 256-5111

GAB Shares Documents Related to Recounts

Three legislative districts will hold recounts. They are Assembly District 68, Assembly District 93 and Senate District 31.

Click Here to view the documents from the Government Accountability Board website.

Assembly Democrats Round Out Their 2011 Leadership

In an earlier posting SEPAC reported that Rep. Peter Barca (D-64) and Rep. Donna Seidel (D-85) were elected as Minority Leader and Assistant Minority Leader, respectively.

Democrats have now completed their leadership elections and the following are the results:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Assembly Democratic Caucus Elects Asst. Minority Leader

Rep. Donna Seidel (D-85) defeated Rep. Sandy Pasch (D-22) for the Assembly Assistant Minority Leadership position.

The Democratic Caucus has not yet identified who has been elected as caucus chair, vice chair, secretary and sergeant-at-arms.

Rep. Peter Barca Elected Assembly Minority Leader

After Rep. Gordon Hintz (D-54) dropped out of the race for the Assembly Minority Leader position, Rep. Peter Barca (D-64) won the election facing no opposition.

November 2010 General Election Recounts

The Government Accountability Board has received official recount requests in Assembly Districts 68 and 93, and Senate District 31.

The recounts have not yet been scheduled.

AD68 (87 votes seperate candidates)
Bernier, Kathy GOP 10,758 50%
Dexter, Kristen (i) Dem 10,671 50%

AD93 (71 votes separate candidates)
Petryk , Warren GOP 11,069 50%
Smith , Jeff (i) Dem 10,998 50%

SD31 (401 votes seperate candidates)
Vinehout , Kathleen (i) Dem 30,374 50%
Thompson , Ed GOP 29,973 50%

Sources: Government Accountability Board & the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Online New Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald: 'We're going to get a lot accomplished ...' New Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald: 'We're going to get a lot accomplished ...' New Sen. Minority Leader Miller: GOP promises can't be done New Sen. Minority Leader Miller: GOP promises can't be done

Sen. Ellis Calls for 3-to-5 Percent Base Budget Cut

In an interview with Wisconsin Radio Network, Sen. Mike Ellis (R-19) stated that in order to balance the state budget in a one year period there would need to be a "base budget" cut of 3-to-5%.

Read the entire story >>> Milwaukee Co. Exec. Walker: Statement on county board 2011 budget action Milwaukee Co. Exec. Walker: Statement on county board 2011 budget action

One Wisconsin Now Launches Accountability Site

For Immediate Release
November 9, 2010
Contact: Robert Doeckel
Phone: 608-217-0194

Site Will Track Broken Promises, Hypocrisies of Decision-Makers
Madison -- One Wisconsin Now has launched a new accountability website,, to track pledges and promises made during the recent political campaign to determine whether they are being kept or not. The site will focus most notably on job creation efforts and progress on this front.

“Gov.-Elect Scott Walker and his new Republican legislative majority promised that job creation would be job one and we intend to hold them to that promise,” said Scot Ross, One Wisconsin Now Executive Director. “When Walker and the Republicans make good on their promise to create 250,000 jobs, then they can move on to other issues.”

As indicates, Republicans have already begun to falter on their election-year promises, including:
  • Walker defended the UW system on the campaign trail, but in his first meeting with the regents told them to prepare for cuts.

  • Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald has told numerous media outlets that anti-democratic legislation such as the Poll Tax ID bill will be the first legislation he tackles.
    Walker initially backed down from his oft-repeated promise to kill high speed rail, according to train manufacturer Talgo.

  • New Senator Ron Johnson has abruptly announced through his spokesperson he will not be speaking to the media for the foreseeable future.

  • The GOP’s effort to end the federal health reform bill will not be as easy as they promised.
“The Republicans’ campaign signs aren’t even down yet and they are breaking the promises they made to the people of Wisconsin,” said Ross. “One Wisconsin Now and progressives across Wisconsin intend to hold them accountable for these promises and fight back against any threats to the quality and equality in our way of life in Wisconsin.”

For more information, visit The public is encouraged to provide new examples by emailing
# # #
One Wisconsin Now is a statewide communications network specializing in effective earned media and online organizing to advance progressive leadership and values.

Rep. Mary Williams Re-elected Caucus Secretary

Rep. Mary Williams (R-87) was re-elected as the Republican Assembly Caucus Secretary and this will be her fourth year of serving. Rep. Fitzgerald: Appoints Vos Assembly co-chair of Joint Finance Committee Rep. Fitzgerald: Appoints Vos Assembly co-chair of Joint Finance Committee

Rep. Robin Vos Appointed Co-Chair of JFC

Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39 announced today that he has appointed Rep. Robin Vos (R-63) to join Sen. Alberta Darling (R-8) as cho-chair of the Joint Committee on Finance.

Monday, November 8, 2010 Gov.-elect Walker: Transition office open for business Gov.-elect Walker: Transition office open for business

Follow Gov.-elect Walker's Press Office

Receive information released by Governor-elect Walker's press office by doing one of the following:
  1. Follow the Scott Walker Press Office on Twitter: @scottwalkerhq
  2. Follow Scott Walker on Twitter: @scottkwalker
  3. Text SCOTT to 46262 for updates

Assembly Republican's Announce Their Leadership for 2011

Speaker: Rep. Jeff Fitzgerald (R-39)
Speaker Pro Tem: Rep. Bill Kramer (R-97)
Republican Majority Leader: Rep. Scott Suder (R-69)
Republican Assistant Majority Leader: Rep. Dan Knodl (R-24)
Republican Caucus Chair: Rep. Scott Gunderson (R-83)
Republican Caucus Vice Chair: Rep. John Murtha (R-29)

Walker Bargaining Team Bargained in Bad Faith

WERC Ruling:

On Oct. 21, a Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission examiner found that Milwaukee County "failed to bargain in good faith" with AFSCME District Council 48 when the County was preparing its 2010 budget.

Download, read & print the entire story >>>

Incoming Senate Republicans Name Their Members of the 2011 Joint Finance Committee

Appointments made by incoming Senate Majority Leader Sen. Scott Fitgerald (R-13)
  1. Sen. Alberta Darling (R-8) - Co-Chair
  2. Sen. Luther Olsen (R-14) - Vice Chair
  3. Sen. Joe Leibham (R-9)
  4. Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R-10)
  5. Sen. Randy Hopper (R-18)
  6. Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-20)

We are still waiting to learn who the Senate Democrats will appoint. With regards to the Assembly Democrats, outgoing Co-Chair Rep. Mark Pocan (D-78) has already indicated he has no interest in serving on JFC.