Saturday, October 9, 2010

Election Reminder...

As we have talked about in previous weeks, these elections are absolutely critical to public employees, especially state employees.

You need to get involved and make a personal investment in yours and your coworkers’ futures.

Some may have the attitude that they will “just retire if the elections don’t turn out well” – but just keep in mind that some of these politicians are talking about substantial changes – including changes affecting your pension.

Remember – D is for drive; and R is for reverse!!

Authority: Marty Beil

It's Rally Time!

The Wisconsin Education Association, along with AFSCME and other public sector unions are organizing and endorsing a major rally in Madison at the State Capitol.

The rally is titled “Moving Wisconsin Forward” and it is to publicly show and talk about our support for quality public services in Wisconsin – strong schools, affordable health care, good jobs and a strong economy, reliable roads and transportation, and the list goes on and on.

The rally is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th, 2010 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the State Street entrance to the Capitol.

This is a wonderful way to spend one of the last few beautiful Saturdays of fall with your family. It is important that we all show our support for investing in the public services and infrastructure that keep our state vital. We also need to show some negative minded politicians that there really are people who care about public services and doing what is right for Wisconsin.

Download, view and print the event flyer...

Come on and join us.

Authority: Marty Beil

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Understanding the Social Security Trust Funds

"Few budgetary concepts generate as much unintended confusion and deliberate misinformation as the Social Security trust funds. Political candidates of both parties have accused their opponents of ‘raiding’ the trust funds. Some writers disparage the trust funds as ‘funny money’ or ‘IOUs.’ All these claims are nonsense.

"In fact, the Social Security trust funds are invested in Treasury securities that are every bit as sound as the U.S. government securities held by investors around the globe; investors regard those securities as being among the world’s very safest investments."

View the full report:

Source: Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
Paul N. Van de Water

Kohler Demands 5 Year Wage Freeze

Also Demands 35 Percent Lower Pay With No Health Care For New Hires

The Kohler Company in Wisconsin may become the most recent company to install a two-tiered wage system. Kohler is in contract negotiations with the United Auto Workers and is asking that new employees and workers recalled from layoffs be paid at a rate nearly 35 percent less than current workers and not receive health care benefits. The company has also asked union members to accept a five-year wage freeze.

Ken Pfile
Union Outreach Coordinator
Workers Independant News
(608) 251-6125

From SEPAC: Remember this type of "EMPLOYER" action when you go to the polls on November 2nd. WE NEED WORKER-FRIENDLY ELECTED OFFICIALS!

Scott Walker Lies

Scott Walker, the King of Privatization, who has stated in the past that he would not privatize public safety jobs has done just that in Milwaukee County. Read an email exchange to see what he has now done;


From: Westfield, Daniel A - DOC
Sent: Sunday, October 03, 2010 7:18 PM
To: DOC DL DAI Security Dir
Cc: DOC DL DAI Wardens CO Dir; DOC DL DAI Deputy Wardens
Subject: FW: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office/Wackenhut G4S contract

FYI: Effective Monday October 4 Milwaukee County Transports will be handled by Wackenhut (G4S). A file folder has been developed of pictures of staff.
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 7:48 AM
To: Westfield, Daniel A - DOC
Subject: Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office/Wackenhut G4S contract

Mr. Westfield,

Please be advised that effective Monday October 4th, 2010, MCSO transportation vans will have 1-MCSO Deputy and 1-G4S Officer. Our goal is provide the best training for all G4S officers, with the hope that this transition will not effect the relationship we have developed with all state institutions and County Jails.

Did you receive all the face sheets for the Transportation Officers from Mr. Grabek?? If not please let me know and I will contact them to forward all info, so that you will be able to inform all institutions regarding this change.

Thank You,

Tricia M. Carlson, Sergeant-Detention Services Bureau
Jail Records/Transportation Sergeant
County Correctional Facility-Central
949 N. 9th St.Milwaukee, WI. 53233
Fax: 414-223-1259


Scott Walker - Bad for Milwaukee County - Horrible for Wisconsin...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Volunteer of the Week: Gerry Zastrow, AFSCME Local 584

AFSCME Local 584 President Gerry Zastrow was fired up about the Wausau Labor Walk on Saturday, September 18th, in part because retiring Congressman Dave Obey and AFL-CIO endorsed 7th Congressional District candidate Julie Lassa showed up to thank volunteers.

"I have known Julie for many years and she has been an outstanding representative for the working people of Stevens Point. She's really on our side," says Gerry Zastrow, President of AFSCME Local 584, which is part of the Wisconsin State Employees Union Council 24. "As a State Senator, she authored and championed legislation to stop Wisconsin from outsourcing public service jobs. That is the kind of leadership that we need in Washington.

"Zastrow has supported Lassa as a Labor Walk volunteer before. He was active in the member to member political program when she first ran for State Assembly and then later for State Senate. He plans to keep reaching out to union households in order to get Lassa elected to Congress.

With only 36 days left until Election Day, Zastrow hopes that more members will get involved. "It's pretty simple. When you go on a Labor Walk, you'll have a script to work from, but it's not about following that word for word. It's the personal appeal from a fellow union member that makes the difference."