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Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - WDC Puts Out Alternative Redistricting Plan

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - WDC Puts Out Alternative Redistricting Plan

Rep. Donna Seidel Reaction to Governor Walker's Comments on Collective Bargaining

For Immediate Release
July 15, 2011
Contact: Donna Seidel

MADISONAppearing on CNBC this morning, Governor Scott Walker made the comment that “...collective bargaining, which is not a right, it is an expensive entitlement.”

In response, Assistant Democratic Leader Donna Seidel (D-Wausau) released the following statement:

“Facing a disapproval rating of nearly 60%, Governor Walker has spent the past few weeks engaged in a desperate campaign to rehabilitate his image with the citizens of Wisconsin. When appearing in Wisconsin, Walker has tried repeatedly to portray himself as a responsible statesman interested in working with Democrats to find solutions to the very serious issues facing our state. Yet when attempting to boost his national conservative profile on cable television, Walker makes inflammatory, anti-middle class statements which only further divide our state.

“Collective bargaining rights have helped to establish a strong middle class in Wisconsin and throughout our nation. Evidently Walker does not believe that Wisconsin’s working families have the right to have a middle class lifestyle, but he does believe that large corporations and the wealthy have a right to larger tax loopholes and increased tax breaks. In the first six months of his term as governor, Walker has had no problem signing legislation which hands out nearly $2.3 billion in tax loopholes for corporations and tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% of Wisconsin’s residents.

“Governor Walker has already admitted, under oath in a Congressional hearing, that the collective bargaining changes included in Act 10 have no impact on the state’s bottom line, which confirms information contained in a memo released by the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau. In fact, by definition these changes had to be nonfiscal in nature or it would have been unconstitutional for legislative Republicans to pass them in the manner in which they were passed. What’s more, Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald admitted on Fox News earlier this year that the collective bargaining changes had more to do with trying to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 than they did with improving the state’s finances.

“In a recent interview, Governor Walker said he does not know where the polarization in Wisconsin has come from. If Governor Walker honestly wonders why our state is so divided, he needs to look no further than his own comments.”

### Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: Hearing exposes major flaws in GOP redistricting plan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: Hearing exposes major flaws in GOP redistricting plan We Are Wisconsin PAC: Constituents demand answers on how wealthy Rob Cowles avoided taxes We Are Wisconsin PAC: Constituents demand answers on how wealthy Rob Cowles avoided taxes We Are Wisconsin PAC: 27 days: Final countdown of Randy Hopper’s political career starts today We Are Wisconsin PAC: 27 days: Final countdown of Randy Hopper’s political career starts today Voces de la Frontera: Condemns redistricting power grab Voces de la Frontera: Condemns redistricting power grab Rep. Pocan: Calls on Walker to suspend redistricting Rep. Pocan: Calls on Walker to suspend redistricting Sen. Miller, Rep. Barca, Fmr. U.S. Rep. Obey: Republican power grab tramples citizens' rights to fair and competitive elections Sen. Miller, Rep. Barca, Fmr. U.S. Rep. Obey: Republican power grab tramples citizens' rights to fair and competitive elections

Wisconsin voter ID law tested in state Senate recall primary elections

The Walker Administration would like all voters to believe that Tuesday Primary Recall Elections were used as a "test-run" of the newly passed voter ID law. That is pure horse-pucky... The Administration directed the Government Accountability Board to direct the various polling locations to use all of the new voting law changes. They clearly did this not as a trial-run, but rather to hopefully discourage voting, especially in area's of high voter turnout.

Well, they did manage to delay voting and in some cases deny people the right to vote, even though the new voting changes were not fully in effect. However, they did not stop the voters from turning away ALL of the FAKE DEMOCRATS that the GOP had intentionally inserted into each of the recall election scheduled for July 12th.


MADISON — Voters who took to the polls Tuesday faced new voting circumstances, and not just because they were casting ballots in a rare state Senate recall election.

They also were among the first to navigate a new voting law — one that required them to show identification at the polls and sign poll lists.

Read the entire news story >>>

Poll: 59 percent disapprove of Wis. gov's performance

No surprise hear. The only fact that may be somewhat puzzling is that 41 percent of Wisconsin residents are thinking he is doing a good job. SEPAC just learned on Thursday that Wisconsin Union households strongly oppose Scott Walker by around 75-80 percent. Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP are destroying many Wisconsin value's and are leaving all of its people that are not rich or do not own a corporation to struggle for jobs and to make ends meet on every payday. They are also pushing toward making health insurance a luxury item for the wealthy and an out-of-reach necessity for middle and lower income families.

Click on "share" to read how more and more Wisconsinites are disapproving of Walker and his radical agenda. As we move closer and closer to the time frame to intiate a recall of Scott Walker he continues with his attacks on our public schools, working families and the lower income families. In January of 2012, SCOTT WALKER needs to be eliminated from office and just become a small blurp in the history books.

'Manipulation of power' alleged as redistricting hearing puts heat on GOP

As was written in the previous blog post, the Wisconsin GOP is very power hungry and they will use their elected position to better the needs of their political party rather then the needs of their present constituents. SEPAC urges all readers of this blog to start following this present issue and get engaged to oppose this power grab by the Wisconsin GOP.

Click on "share" to read the entire news story. WisPolitics: Committees hear redistricting testimony; votes likely next week

Every Union member and citizen of Wisconsin should be paying attention to the GOP plan for redistricting. As has been the practice of the Wisconsin GOP, they provide little information to the public, they call for a public hearing with little notice to the public, they limit testimony from the public, but allow GOP lawmakers and state government leaders appointed by the Governor to have as much time as they need to testify. These districts are being rewritten to serve the needs of the GOP to seize even more power so that they can continue to remain in office and implement their agenda and to strengthen their agenda for years to come. WisPolitics: Committees hear redistricting testimony; votes likely next week

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Protesters drown out Walker at Gateway event

Governor Scott Walker cuts public school funding by nearly $1 billion and then cuts technical college funding by 30% and has the audacity to be a featured speaker about education? Let's not forget, he does not even posses any degree or diploma from a technical college or a degree from a four-year college. He left Marquette University after allegedly being connected to a cheating scandal.

Even beyond Scott Walker's decision to speak at this event at Gateway Technical College you have to wonder why the school leadership chose to have a Governor that has no education from an institution of higher learning and who is massively cutting money from education to be your featured speaker. That was a huge insult to an institution of higher learning that was celebrating its centennial event.

Dictator's DO NOT want "their" people to be more educated than them. Could this be the reason that Governor Scott Walker wants to restrain education for the people of Wisconsin?

This is the opinion of Steven Williams, Political Education Legislative Coordinator, AFSCME Council 24.


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Union Supported Democratic Senate Candidates Advance in Primary Recall Elections

Senate Districts 8, 10 & 14 have reported only 97% or more and Senate Districts 2, 18 & 32 have reported 100%. All of the "Union" supported democratic candidates have won their respective primaries or will be projected to win their primaries.

It is now onto the "General" Recall elections that are scheduled for Tuesday, 08/09/2011. Now the real hard work begins insuring the votes gathered during the primary election will all be there on August 9th plus thousands more just so our candidates are at least ONE vote more than the GOP incumbent.

Attached is a printer-friendly election result document.

Governor Scott Walker Coming to Fond du Lac on Wednesday, July 20th

Gov. Scott Walker will join Senator Randy Hopper to discuss good jobs and lower taxes in Wisconsin. They will field no questions or engage in any discussions of Senator Hopper's wife cheating with one of his young, vulnerable female staffers. Gov. Walker will also take no questions about his personal phone discussion with the imposter David Koch. So feel free to ask them any questions about their destructive tactics toward Wisconsin working families.

South Hills Golf & Country Club
1175 Fond du Lac Ave., Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Wednesday, July 20, 2011
5:15pm - 6:00pm Roundtable Discussion
6:00pm - 6:15pm Photo Opportunity (WOW!, Just $500 per Person)
6:15pm - 7:00pm Reception

RSVP at (920) 602-2758 or visit

Follow this link to view a photo image of the invitation sent to us by a AFSCME member:

Primary Recall Election Update

At this hour all of the Union backed senate candidates are leading or have been declared winners of their respective primary elections. All of their challengers were "fake" democrats encouraged and supported by the Wisconsin GOP. Specific numbers will be forthcoming.

As for the special election in the 48th Assembly District formally held by Democrat Joe Parisi, Chris Taylor from Planned Parenthood is the declared winner by the AP.

Watch this blog for more updates.

If You Live in a Recall District and Have Not Voted, Polls Are Still Open

AFSCME Council 24 SEPAC is monitoring today's "Primary Recall" election results and will report them here in the blog as well as the SEPAC website. It is not expected until after the polls close that we will start seeing the election results being reported.

These are the Primary Recall elections and Special election being monitored by SEPAC:

Senate Dist. 2 Democratic

Senate Dist. 8 Democratic

Senate Dist. 10 Democratic

Senate Dist. 14 Democratic

Senate Dist. 18 Democratic

Senate Dist. 32 Democratic

Assembly Dist. 48 Democratic (Special Election to replace Rep. Joe Parisi, democrat, who was elected earlier this year as the Dane County Executive)

Wisconsin women's rights groups holding Capitol rally to pressure Prosser - Isthmus | The Daily Page

Just learned of this Rally at the State Capitol, TODAY @ 12Noon. Women's organizations from around Wisconsin will converge on the capitol steps to call for the resignation of WSC Justice David Prosser because of his continued physical and verbal abuse of women. He allegedly attacked WSC Justice Ann Walsh Bradley by grabbing her neck with both hands in a choking fashion after she ordered him out of her chambers.

Wisconsin women's rights groups holding Capitol rally to pressure Prosser - Isthmus The Daily Page

GOTV Countdowns

We are still filling canvass shifts every day so please take time to visit our website to sign-up online today – The webpage has a ‘Take Action!’ page to sign up online or take a look at the ‘Contact Us’ page to find your local office location.

0 days until GOTV begins for 6 Primary elections between Dems and “fake Democrats” (July 12th)

4 days until GOTV begins for SD 30 Hansen General Election (July 19th)

24 days until GOTV begins for SD 6 GOP recall election General Election (Aug 9th)

31 days until GOTV begins for SD 12 (Holperin) and SD 22 (Wirch) General Elections (Aug 16th)

Redistricting Update

Legislative Republicans are barreling ahead with their plan to pass new redistricting maps for the legislature and Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation prior to the recall elections this summer. The new maps will not go into effect until next year, and will not impact the recall elections. The quick passage of these maps means new local ward lines based on the 2010 census will not be considered by the legislature when passing their maps, further politicizing what is supposed to be an objective process. A joint hearing will be held by the Assembly and Senate Committees on Wednesday, July 13th at 10:00am to take testimony on the Republican maps. Both the Senate and Assembly Organization Committees met today to call an Extraordinary Session starting on Tuesday, July 19th for legislative floor action on the bills implementing the new maps.

Concert to Benefit "We Are Wisconsin"

Please plan to attend a special evening with Arlo Guthrie

Thursday, July 14 at 7:30 p.m.
Barrymore Theatre
2090 Atwood Drive
Madison, WI

Proceeds to benefit We Are Wisconsin

$35.00 Advance
$75.00 VIP
(VIP includes preferred seating and reception with Arlo after the show.)

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Addition to Scott Walker Not Telling the Truth, He Even Supports Unequal Treatment of Public Employees

From: Stella, Dave []
Sent: Monday, July 11, 2011 3:14 PM
To: Marty Beil
Subject: RE: Changes in WRS /Insurance eligibility

Marty, You are correct in that the change to limit eligibility to new employees to those who work 2/3rds of full time does have the ripple effect of preventing eligibility for all insurance programs to that same criteria. The tie in to health, life and ICI is being a participating employee in the WRS.

Dave Stella, Secretary
Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds
(608) 266-0301

This email message and any attachments may contain information that is confidential, privileged, proprietary, or otherwise protected by law. This information is intended solely for the named addressee (or a person responsible for delivering it to the addressee). If you have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately and delete it from your computer. Unauthorized disclosure, copying, printing, or distribution of this message is prohibited.


From: Marty Beil []
Sent: Tuesday, July 05, 2011 11:24 AM
To: Stella, Dave
Cc: Jana Weaver; Maggie Merdler
Subject: Changes in WRS /Insurance eligibility


As we continue to review the Budget we find areas of consequences that have not been public. We understand that such a situation exists with the change in eligibility for the WRS (2/3 of full time). If an employee is hired less than two thirds time he/she will not be eligible for pension but also not eligible for health insurance and because of that ineligibility, not eligible for other Employer sponsored group insurances.(ICI,Life,LTD,etc.) Could you please advise?

Gov. Scott Walker says public-employee unions falsely told members that they would have to pay up to 13 percent of incomes for health insurance

Does Scott Walker ever tell the truth?

Gov. Scott Walker loves playing political pundit, so he was ready with talking points when a CNBC interviewer asked him if he could resurrect popularity polls numbers that "are in the toilet."

Read the entire news story >>>

Wisconsin to review HSAs for state employees | Business Insurance

More issues with health insurance that state employees may face unless we ALL band together, rejoin and support OUR Union so that we can fight Scott Walker and his GOP henchmen.

Wisconsin to review HSAs for state employees Business Insurance

Some union members pleased with Walker's changes

Opinion from Steven Williams, Political Education Legislative Coordinator, AFSCME Council 24:

In my personal opinion, I still cannot understand how a union member who pays union dues can support now paying thousands more in health insurance costs and retirement contributions in order to not pay union dues. In the WSEU, the proposed union dues structure has members paying less than $500 annually.

Read the posting on this blog that identifies that Scott Walker is now going to pass on an "ADDITIONAL" five percent in health insurance costs to public employees who will already assume a 12.6 percent increase in the health insurance costs. That means that by January 2012 public employees will now be paying over 17 percent of their health insurance costs.

Just these two items alone beg the question; "how does a union member believe it is better to pay NO union dues in exchange for paying thousands more in benefit costs?"

Union dues are needed for the continued fight against tyranny that we currently are facing here in Wisconsin.

Click on "share" to read the entire news story.

Walker Once Again Plays Favorites and Fast and Loose With the Truth

July 11, 2011
Contact: Marty Beil 608 836-0024

When Gov. Scott Walker flip-flopped and decided to excuse assistant district attorneys from furlough days imposed on all other state employees, his administration promised the state would “account” for the furlough days taken by state employees who cooperated and took the full 16 days.

Now Walker has added a lie to his flip-flop. His administration has decided to compensate some professional levelemployees for furlough days while denying fair treatment to the vast majority of front-line state workers.

“Walker continues to pick and choose arbitrarily between classes of employees, rewarding some and punishing others, based on no rhyme or reason,” said Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24.

At issue is Walker’s decision to excuse assistant district attorneys from taking the full 16 furlough days taken by other state employees, instead letting them off the hook with only 10 days. After initially threatening ADAs with layoffs, Walker backtracked and said ADAs don’t have to take the same furlough days as everybody else.

At that point, his administration noted that by treating the ADAs differently, the state could be liable for payouts to other workers. Indeed, on June 30 the state agreed to grant thousands of professional level employees six days of additional sabbaticalleave time to compensate for the furlough days. This approach required no cash outlay by the state. But notably absent was any attempt to account for the sacrifice of front-line employees.

“In our memorandum of understanding with the state, it says furloughs will be implemented ‘in a fair and equitable manner’. Once again, it appears that Walker has absolutely no concept of what it means to treat people in a fair and equitable way,” Beil said.

“Apparently, Walker is happy to bow down to bureaucrats while telling correctional officers and custodians to pound sand,” he said.

The unequal treatment of employees is similar to the way Walker’s attack on collective bargaining rights targeted some types of workers while giving others a free pass. “It’s just another example of Walker making up his own rules as he goes along, disregarding not only the rule of law, but simple fairness and decency,” Beil said.


Download, view, print and distribute printer-friendly version >>>

AFSCME "New York" First Responders to Canvass for SD18 Candidate Jess King Today

From WSEU President Paulette Feld:

Today AFSCME members from NYC will be in Oshkosh to help canvas for Jess King-it is supposed to include 9/11 first responders.

You can contact President Feld if you wish to assist today, at; (920) 420-4665 or by email at;

A Very Special Evening with ARLO GUTHRIE at the Barrymore Theater

A Very Special Evening with ARLO GUTHRIE at the Barrymore Theater

Walk with Walker

Cable, Wisconsin is a great place. I know, I fish just outside the small northern Wisconsin town and often find myself patronizing the local grocery store and gas station for supplies and occassionally a good burger from the local tavern.

But, Wisconsin was once a great place to live and now thanks to Governor Scott Walker and the Wisconsin GOP is no longer a great place to live. As you will read in the below email, the Chamber of Commerce Director in Cable is calling for civility as Wisconsin’s First Lady Tonette Walker spend's a day hiking on local trails. Our belief is that the First Lady and other dignitaries coming along with her support the destructive actions and total disregard for lower and middle class income residents of Wisconsin, like many of the residents from the Cable area.

Maybe it is time that we "kick up a little dust" on the hiking trail with the First Lady and the other destructive dignitaries and see if they might see a bear or two or a pack of wolves. Most certainly the deer will smell them for what they are and flee the area.

Read the below communication from the Cable Chamber of Commerce Director:

----- Original Message -----

From: Cable Area Chamber
To: Undisclosed-Recipient:;
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 2:32 PM
Subject: Walk with Walker

Good day to you all,

I have reserved sending emails to the entire membership for only those issues I feel most important to address with all of you. This is one of those occasions.

In just under two weeks the Cable Area will host some very high level dignitaries yet again. This is a very good thing. Our area is enjoying a much more highly recognized presence within the State of Wisconsin. We have a lot to offer and there is a lot happening here! These dignitaries include Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett, DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp, U.S Congressman Shawn Duffy, U.S Senator Ron Johnson, Wisconsin’s First Lady Tonette Walker and Paul Strong from the U.S Forest Service, just to name a few.

Now, I certainly understand the current status of politics in Wisconsin and there are several people not happy with the current Governor. What I need all of us to understand is that this particular event has nothing to do with politics or our Governor. This event does have a lot to do with our local economy, which is primarily supported by tourism. The purpose of this ‘Walk with Walker’ event is to show our area as a welcoming, fun escape from the pressures of work and every day life. This event is the brainchild of the First Lady alone and is not associated with the current administration. For the good of our business and economy it is important that we come across as friendly and welcoming.

Not that long ago, people of varying views could disagree but still be civil and polite to each other. It is my belief that how we act is much more a reflection of who we are, then of the issues in which we disagree.

Just two weeks ago we had several very distinguished writers in our area. They were brought here by the Department of Tourism and they spent a week participating in a variety of different activities. They were here to write stories about what a wonderful place we get to call ‘home’. These stories, if positive in nature, will encourage tourist to visit our area, spend their money and boost our local economy. This tour was paid for by the State of Wisconsin. One of the events they were invited to was opening night at Big Top Chautauqua. At the beginning of the evening Tourism Secretary Stephanie Klett got up to make a special presentation. Governor Walker had issues a proclamation declaring it ‘The Summer of Big Top’ in honor of their 25 years in business. While Stephanie read the proclamation, the audience ‘booed’. The writers were shocked at the booing and at the lack of manners it represented. They also stated that ‘the crowd clearly missed the point that the proclamation was about Big Top, and not the Governor’. I have no doubt, after speaking to all the writers, that this behavior clearly lowered their impressions of our area. They know very little about the politics of Wisconsin and, frankly, couldn’t care less. What they saw in that crowd was poor manners. There is no cause so just as to justify one person being rude to another, period. Such behavior is simply a reflection of ones poor manners. Such actions used to be discouraged, and then they were tolerated, and now claimed as justified.

I implore each of you to see this event as it truly is, a tourism event intended to shine a spotlight on our area and its amazing trail system. How we choose to treat these visitors is as much a reflection of ourselves as it is our area. Tourism is not political. Let’s keep it that way. For the sake of our local economy, we need a big turnout of gracious and polite residents to bolster our claim as a great travel destination.

James Bolen, Executive Director
Cable Area Chamber of Commerce ~
800.533.7454 or 715.798.3833


P.S. I and my family will continue to return to the Cable area to do our fishing, but I will not like it much if the Walker's and their dignitaries continue to make a mockery of the area.

Posted by Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator

AFSCME Next Wavers Meet in Atlanta

AFSCME Council 24 Local 2748 & SEPAC Member Paul Spink right into the mix at this past weekend's AFSCME Next Wave Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Over 600 young AFSCME activists attend the Next Wave Conference to build the next generation of union leaders. Read more.

Recall Elections on Tuesday, July 12th

"Primary" recall elections will occur in the following senate districts on Tuesday, July 12th; SD02 (Robert Cowles), SD08 (Alberta Darling), SD10 (Sheila Harsdorf), SD14 (Luther Olsen), SD18 (Randy Hopper) and SD32 (Dan Kapanke). The two winners of each of these primary elections will move onto the "General" recall elections to be held on Tuesday, August 9th.

"Primary" recall elections will also occur in the following senate districts on Tuesday, July 19th; SD12 (Jim Holperin), SD22 (Robert Wirch) and SD30 (Dave Hansen). If more than one person runs against each incumbent, the July 19 election becomes a primary, and the general recall election will be held four weeks later on August 16, 2011.

If you live in any of these recall districts please GET OUT AND VOTE on Tuesday. As you already have witnessed and will continue to see as outlined in the previous post, the attacks on public employees NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Governor Scott Walker's Signing Into Law of Wisconsin Act 10 Will Increase Health Insurance Cost Even More Than the 12.6% Premium Increase

The GIB has discussed potential options for achieving the 5% benefit reduction, called for by Governor Scott Walker in his signing of Wisconsin Act 10, at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 7, in anticipation of budget action that could have folded Act 10 related benefit changes into the budget. The Supreme Court upheld the validity of Act 10 on June 14th. The GIB convened at a special meeting June 28 to discuss and vote on alternatives so there would be time for implementation and education prior to It’s Your Choice. These benefit changes will be effective January 1, 2012 and will predominately affect all active state participants and non-Medicare retirees. Read more.