Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans Split Wisconsin Into the Haves and Have Nots

Just around midnight, Saturday, June 4th the JFC Republicans finished their attack on the middle class of Wisconsin and finalized their budget actions with UW System cuts and also paving the way to now expand school choice all the way to Green Bay, basically destroying the future of Wisconsin Public School's.

All day today the JFC was interrupted by Wisconsinites fed up with the blatant attack on the numerous Wisconsin values by the Republican majority in Wisconsin. Dozens of Wisconsites had to be forcibly removed from the JFC hearing room because the Republican majority refuses to listen. Capitol Police have reported that 26 people were cited for disorderly conduct.

The JFC version of the 2011-2013 biennial state budget now goes to the full legislature for debate.

Wisconsinites who value the middle class, public schools, the UW System, Medicaid, BadgerCare Plus, parks, small businesses and the beautiful way of life Wisconsin before the Republicans radically turned against Wisconsin and acted in protection of the wealthy and major corporations, need to temporarily move to "Walkerville" so that we can all be where the fight needs to take place, OUR HOUSE, the State Capitol.

Friday, June 3, 2011

City grants permit for 'Walkerville' — with some restrictions

A permit has been granted to the organization, "We Are Wisconsin" for Walkerville (Tent City) to be established near the State Capitol starting Saturday, 06/04/2011.

The permit however, requires all tents to be broken down during daytime hours. A restriction that is surely to be disregarded as unpractical and unreasonable.

Sanitation and other safety restrictions will surely be met.

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Disruptions Continue at JFC Hearing

Within seconds of todays JFC hearing being called to order at 4:00pm, a person stood and started reading out loud from a statement. Police immediately moved in and carried this person out of the hearing room.

Co-Chair, Senator Darling then warned the spectators that any additional disruptions will result in immediate removal from the hearing room and a citation being issued to that person.

Like the GOP is doing to Wisconsinites, the spectators did not listen to the warning and by 4:30pm 15 people had been carried out of the hearing room for disrupting the proceedings.

Update on Recall Elections

Today, Dane Coounty Circuit Court Judge, John Markson granted the GAB until June 10th to certify the recall elections of Democrats, Jim Holperin (D-12), Dave Hansen (D-30 and Robert Wirch (D-22). Judge Markson also denied a request from the GOP to delay the recall elections against the Republican Senators. New county execs work to boost morale

Scott Walker should take the lead from these county executives as it relates to recognizing the value of public employees. New county execs work to boost morale

Scott Walker Has Divided Wisconsin

It is beginning to appear that the frustration Wisconsinites are feeling because of the huge division being caused by Scott Walker and the GOP Majority is escalating.

On Thursday, Capitol Police had to remove an estimated 30 protesters from the JFC hearing room and of those 30 removed, two of them were arrested by police for unknown charges.

Milwaukee-based immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera has said the protests on Thursday were an organized effort to bring about civil disobedience. The group has gone on to make a call for all Wisconsinites to come to the State Capitol to "take action against the passage of this destructive budget." You can view the organized and peaceful civil disobedience "here".

AFSCME Wisconsin has responded with;

While they plot ways to put Walker’s rights-stripping scheme into the state budget, we are preparing to take up residence in a tent city outside the Capitol that Walker has put into permanent lock-down.

While they hole up in the Capitol raising taxes on low-income families and giving tax breaks to the rich, we’re out on the streets campaigning.

If they won’t let us in, we’ll surround them. We raise the first poles of Tent City around the Capitol this Saturday at 7pm. Also join us on Monday at Tent City as we focus on the Public Services with a Noon and 7pm rally. Find out more about Tent City at the end of this posting.

If they still won’t listen, we’ll throw them out of office. Find out how to help in the recalls and other activities here.

The fact is, since Scott Walker launched his attack on worker rights, he and his allies have miscalculated and misunderstood what they were doing.

What they were doing was launching the biggest citizen uprising in Wisconsin history.

Thanks to you, we are holding Walker and his allies accountable. Thanks to you, we have made tremendous progress. But we are not done yet.

Please take part in the Tent City if you possibly can. And plug into the recall efforts as soon and as often as you can. AFSCME Council's 24, 40 & 48 have joined forces with "We Are Wisconsin".


Tent City, aka "Walkerville" Schedule

Saturday June 4 – Tent city opens
7:00 pm Tent City Opens
7:30 pm Briefing on Tent City
7:30 - 9:00 pm Open Mike Event - come share why you oppose the budget

Sunday June 5 - K12 Education Theme
3:00 - 5:00 pm Press Kick Off of Tent City with Communal Meal
9:00 pm Movie Presentation: Freedom Riders

Monday June 6 - Public Services Theme (Calling ALL AFSCME Members)
12:00 pm March to the Capitol
12:00 pm Rally
7:00 pm Rally

Tuesday June 7 – Health Care Theme
12:00 pm Briefing and Program
1:00 pm Press Conference at the Capitol on Immigration
7:00 pm Program

Wednesday June 8 - Higher Education Theme
12:00 pm Program
7:00 pm Program

Thursday June 9 - Democracy/Corporate Power Theme
12:00 pm Program
7:00 pm Program
9:00 pm Movie Screening of Too Big to Fail with speaker

Friday June 10 – Anything Goes Friday
12:00 pm Program
7:00 pm Program

Saturday June 11 – Social & Economic Justice Theme
12:00 pm Program
7:00 pm Program

Thursday, June 2, 2011 Save Our Craft Beer! rally and march

While this issue does not relate directly to SEPAC or AFSCME Council 24, it is yet another measure being "inserted" into the 2011-2013 state biennial budget, without a public hearing that provides continued perks and protections to major corporations and restricts small business owners from being able to conduct their business.

Wisconsinites need to wake up to the actions of the Wisconsin Republicans who are introducing legislation, on many fronts, to destroy the middle class and small business owners in favor of the wealthy and major corporations. It is reported that Coors Corporation is a major supporter of eliminating the microbrewery's in Wisconsin. Save Our Craft Beer! rally and march

Group Wants Rally Near State Capitol To Protest Budget

MADISON, Wis. -- Some community groups want to set up a temporary camp across from the state Capitol to protest Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposals and efforts to recall Republican legislators.

We Are Wisconsin, an alliance of community groups, labor unions and others have asked the city for the permit.

A city commission will have a meeting on Friday to consider the application for the rally that would begin Saturday and continue through June 20.

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Walker Hopes Budget Won't Be Sole Reason For Voters To Recall Senators - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee

SEPAC is assuming that based on the headline of this news article, Scott Walker must be implying that the GOP State Senators should be recalled for other reasons as well...

Walker Hopes Budget Won't Be Sole Reason For Voters To Recall Senators - Politics News Story - WISN Milwaukee

Actually, Scott Walker believes he is doing everything right and the senators should be praised for supporting him. We just could not resist commenting on the title of the article.

Justice David Prosser Will Hear the Collective Bargaining Case

With regards to Monday, June 6, when the WSC intends to hear arguments on the TRO and Final Ruling of Judge Maryann Sumi, WSC Justice David Prosser has no intentions to recuse himself from the case and also he further states there has been no filed opposition to him hearing the arguments.

What the Wisconsin Supreme Court Will Do on Monday, June 6th

The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear the TRO and Final Ruling of Dane County Circuit Court Judge Marryann Sumi as it relates to the allegation of Open Meetings Law violation in passing of Wisconsin Act 10.

Here is, in part, the WSC Order:

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED the following parties are allotted oral argument as scheduled, in the following sequence:

State of Wisconsin and State of Wisconsin ex rel. Michael D. Huebsch: 50 minutes;
Dane County Circuit Court, Hon. MaryAnn Sumi, presiding: 15 minutes;
Dane County District Attorney, Ismael R. Ozanne: 15 minutes;
Peter Barca: 10 minutes;
Mark Miller: 10 minutes;
Douglas LaFollette: 10 minutes; and
State of Wisconsin and State of Wisconsin ex rel. Michael D. Huebsch: 10 minutes

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED the above named parties file by 5:00 pm on June 3, 2011,
letter memoranda addressing the effect of the circuit court’s May 26, 2011, findings,
conclusions, decision and judgment on Case No. 2011AP613-LV (L.C. #2011CV1244) and
Case No. 2011AP765-W, including:

(1) whether an appeal is an available remedy and to whom;
(2) whether the circuit court’s May 26, 2011, judgment is final for purposes of appeal;
(3) whether this court’s exercise of original jurisdiction may include the appellate power to review a circuit court judgment absent the filing of an appeal;
(4) whether any of the circuit court’s findings of fact are clearly erroneous; and
(5) whether any facts beyond those found by the circuit court, material to the determination of the issues in Case No. 2011AP613-LV (L.C. #2011CV1244) and Case No. 2011AP765-W, are in dispute.

Collective Bargaining "Hypothetical" Situation

Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald's office is stating that a "hypothetical" situation could be that the stripping of collective bargaining rights for public employees could be introduced to the state biennial budget through a floor motion.

It is however being reported that the GOP leadership believes the Wisconsin Supreme Court will overturn Judge Maryann Sumi's ruling that Wisconsin Act 10 was in violation of Wisconsin Open Meetings law.

The hypothetical discussion occurs if the courts hold up the process of allowing the state biennial budget proposal to be passed by June 30th.

JFC Co-Chair Robin Vos does not expect the collective bargaining piece to come through the JFC.

Protesters Disrupt JFC Hearing This Evening

Within the past hour order has finally been achieved at the JFC hearing.

It has been reported that State Troopers carried one protester out of the hearing room.

It is further reported that protesters were targeting Republican members of the JFC, but eventually turned on the Democrats who attempted to help bring some decorum to the massive disruption in the hearing room.

Kapanke talk may halt election-day snoozers

State Sen. Dan Kapanke was hoping public employees would sleep through his possible recall election.

Instead, the La Crosse Republican has given them a very loud wake-up call.

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Tape: County GOP wanted a spoiler Democrat to run against Shilling in recall

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‘Walkerville’ camp at Capitol Square in the works to protest budget

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DA, lawyers say no high court action on bargaining suit needed due to Sumi’s order

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Recall Elections In Dispute

It has been said that recall elections for six republican senators was set for July 12, 2011, however, three of the recall senators have filed challenges to their respective recall elections.

Senator's Luther Olsen (R-14), Randy Hopper (R-18) and Dan Kapanke (R-32) have challenged their respective recall elections stating that the recall petitions against them are insufficient because the individuals who headed the recall efforts did not file all the necessary paperwork with the accountability board.

The Government Accountability Board has already delayed recall elections against the three Democrats citing the need to review the many challenges to the recall petitions.

Watch the SEPAC blog for future updates.

WSC States Oral Arguments on Monday, June 6th Will Pertain to the TRO and Final Order of Judge Sumi

The Wisconsin State Supreme court has said that on Monday, June 6th, 2011 they will hear arguments regarding Judge Marryann Sumi's orginal temporary restraining order and final order as it relates to Wisconsin Acto 10.

Originally, the WSC was going to only hear the appeal of DOJ on the TRO. However, the DOJ has now asked the WSC to expand that appeal to the final order of Judge Maryann Sumi and the WSC has agreed.

"Sly In The Morning" Time Change

We just received a call and they have moved the time of the interview of Local 758 President, Ken Weaver up to 7:05 am.

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Tune Into "Sly In The Morning" at 7:35am

Please tune in to the radio on 1670 AM this morning at 7:35 am as Local 758 President, Ken Weaver will be on Sly's Show discussing State government outsourcing. 

You can listen state wide via a link to his live show on sly's website called "sly's office".   

Ken Weaver
WSEU Local 758 


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Three GOP senators go to court to block recalls

Three Republican state senators facing likely recall elections in July are asking judges to stop the elections.

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Seven seek Assembly seat vacated by Parisi

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Kloppenburg concedes Supreme Court election

The state Supreme Court election is now officially over. “I have reviewed the record. I have reviewed the evidence, I have reviewed the law,” candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg said during a Madison press conference on Tuesday in which she announced she won’t seek judicial review of the results of the race for state Supreme Court. “It would servce no purpose to bring a suit with insufficent legal basis. That is not the kind of lawyer that I am.” Kloppenburg said her campaign “did the right thing” in requesting a recount, the final results of which showed incumbent Justice David Prosser winning by just over seven-thousand votes. Kloppenburg picked up 683 votes in the recount her campaign requested, while Prosser gained 371 votes. Kloppenburg said she called Prosser to congratulate him.

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Clark, Olsen debate debate

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Recall organizers claim GAB is showing bias

The Government Accountability Board today approved recall elections against Republican state Senators Rob Cowles, Alberta Darling, and Sheila Harsdorf. The action does not come without controversy as organizers trying to recall Democratic lawmakers say the GAB is showing political bias.

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Protesters greet governor's school visit

Being undereducated, one has to wonder if he read the story or simply just pointed at the pictures and offered his own words? Thank you to the protesters who were present to remind the Governor know that he is cutting education by almost $1 billion in Wisconsin.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Reminder to all Council 24 Convention Delegates

Don’t forget to bring your old, unwanted cell phones to our donation boxes at convention. We’ll be donating them to Cell Phones for Soldiers where they will turn profits from selling the phones into calling cards for our troops.


AFSCME | 2011 Next Wave Conference

Follow this link for an update on the scheduled AFSCME 2011 Next Wave Conference

Update: Recall Election Dates

AFSCME Council 24 Members

We know that many of you have been working very hard on various recall elections within your service district. I thought you may wish to know when the election dates will now be.

Originally, the GAB was looking to hold all of the recalls on Tuesday, 07/12/2011. It was also planned that if there were any primary elections on 07/12/2011 then the general election date would be Tuesday, 08/09/2011.

Just today, the GAB decided not to certify recall elections in the three democratic districts that have recall petitions filed in them. Obviously this has caused a political outcry from the Republicans. The GAB still needs court approval to schedule yet another date for certifying the three democratic districts for a recall election. Therefore, if the court approves of the GAB's request to delay the certification of the democratic district recall petitions then the election dates for those three districts would be Tuesday, 07/19/2011 and if any of these democratic districts has a primary election then the general election will be held on Tuesday, 08/16/2011. Again, the dates for these democratic districts is pending court approval.

All of the Republican recall districts that have been certified to date remain with the election dates of Tuesday, 07/12/2011 and Tuesday, 08/09/2011 if there was a primary election on 07/12/2011.

Posted by Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator
AFSCME Council 24

Justice David Prosser Has Won the Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Today, Tuesday, 05/31/2011 Assistant Attorney General Joanne Kloppenberg conceded the race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court to Justice David Prosser.

This now ends the very contentious battle for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The recount, asked for by Joanne Kloppenberg, was well within the boundaries of the law. The recount did allow the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board to identify many irregularities and anomolies that can now be corrected for future elections.

What happens now with the Waukesha County Clerk of Court that was the epicenter of a great number of the identified irregularities and anomolies, that answer will most likely remain with the decision of the Waukesha County voters.

State Representative Jen Shillings NEW Ad

State Representative Jen Shilling (D-95) is challenging State Senator Dan Kapanke (R-32) in the recall election set for July 12, 2011.