Saturday, March 19, 2011 Wisconsin Wave: It's time to pull back the curtain on who's behind Scott Walker Wisconsin Wave: It's time to pull back the curtain on who's behind Scott Walker

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For those of you who still receive only a paper copy of this AFSCME Council 24 weekly bulletin – please note.

We will soon be phasing out the paper edition to the fullest extent possible. If you still wish to receive these weekly updates, please provide us with a home or personal e-mail address ASAP. Even if you don’t have a home computer, it is easy to set up an e-mail address through Google or other internet service providers. You can access this account from anywhere there are public computers, such as your local library. E-mail address updates should be sent to: Shannon Linde, AFSCME Council 24 at

We also urge you to subscribe to the SEPAC Action e-Alerts. Point your browser to; By subscribing you will receive news, information and alerts as to the political and legislative activity of your Union. As all of you have now experienced, here in Wisconsin for the past month, legislative action can get very nasty and usually prompts the need for quick action on the part of Union households and Wisconsin citizens, in general.

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Crisis at the Capitol

We are so proud of all of you for continuing the fight and standing up for your rights. A day does not go by that we don’t receive reports of the tremendous volunteer work of our rank and file and local leaders over the last 32 days. At every level of the action plan, you are involved, organizing demonstrations and vigils, not only in Madison but across the state. Seeing thousands of supporters in Green Bay, Washburn, Wisconsin Rapids, Stevens Point, the Fox Valley – all around the state – has been absolutely incredible. Individuals signing up to circulate recall papers have now topped 10,000 people.

This union and its members have been at the forefront of this battle. We are the proud soldiers, and there is no doubt in our minds that ultimately we working middle class families will prevail!

As we were preparing this message, word was received that Judge Sumi has issued a Temporary Restraining Order blocking the publication of the budget repair bill. The initial impact is that this would delay the implementation of the changes made in the bill. We immediately sent another letter to OSER today, demanding that they bargain on our contracts. There is a possibility that the governor and the DOA Secretary could appeal this court decision to the Wisconsin Supreme Court to be overridden, which would lay out very interesting political implications, given the Supreme Court election to occur on 4/5/11.

Stay strong, stay together – we are the Union!!!

Authority: Marty Beil, executive director

Friday, March 18, 2011

Judge Temporarily Halts Publication of Rights-Stripping Change to Law

Council 24 had joined local officials and the Dane County District Attorney in accusing Republican legislative leaders of violating Wisconsin's open meetings law during the rushed run-up to a Senate vote on the measure last week.

The state legislative committee that moved the bill forward met without the 24-hour notice required by Wisconsin's open meetings law. The Republican-controlled Legislature then quickly passed the measure and Gov. Scott Walker signed it on March 11.

Council 24 Director Marty Beil issued the following statement:

"State employees believe that nobody is above the law. We are gratified to see some of our so-called 'leaders' finally held accountable for their illegal actions. They may think they can get away with ignoring the vast majority of Wisconsin citizens by attacking worker freedoms, but they simply cannot continue ignoring the law if we want to continue calling our state a democracy."

Message from Director Beil and Asst. Director Weaver Regarding Todays Legal Ruling

As most of you know we believed the actions of the Senate Republicans on Wednesday, March 9th were illegal when they rammed through the bill to do away with our collective bargaining rights.

We filed legal challenges and today Judge Sumi agreed that there were concerns and granted our request for a temporary restraining order to be in place until the case can be heard.

THIS IS A VICTORY!!! While it doesn't kill the bill it allows time for a complete hearing to take place and for the judge to order the bill be voted on correctly this time, giving citizens proper notice to attend the hearing. 

While the Walker administration and the Senate and Assembly Republicans believe they are above the law we will continue to challenge their actions. 

One day longer, one day stronger,


Marty and Jana
AFSCME Council 24
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Judge blocks publishing of anti-collective bargaining bill

Wis. Judge blocks implementation of Gov. Walker's law to kill collective bargaining. More here:
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LATE NOTICE: Scott Walker to Appear at City Brewery in La Crosse at 2:00pm, TODAY!

We have just learned the Scott Walker will be appearing at City Brewery in La Crosse at 2:00pm to talk about his budget bill.

We are asking for people to assemble at 1:30pm in front of City Brewery, 925 3rd St. S. to protest against Walker's budget bill and to denounce his elimination of collective bargaining.

We know this is a last minute appeal, but we respond when we do in fact learn of Scott Walker's appearances. Please wear AFSCME green if you can, but most importantly, please show up at the City Brewery and join others who will be there to protest.

Thank you for your understanding and hopefully, participation.

Contact: Troy Bauch
(715) 827-0056

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Summary of Protest in Washington DC for Wisconsin Workers

From: Carolyn Kaiser
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:00 PM
To: Marty Beil; Jana Weaver
Subject: Chippewa Valley to Washington DC

Marty, Jana and the Northwest WI:

Marty, thanks for the photos of DC earlier today. Phil Swanhorst, of Amalgamated Transit Union was part of that group!!! He is the legislator/ political coordinator of his union, very active in the Greater West Central Area Labor Council and a bus driver for the city of Eau Claire.

Phil was invited to Washington DC this year as in previous years in representing his union. Today is their ‘last’ day in D.C., historically that means a nice reception. They were asked if they would like to forego the reception and participate in the March for Justice—they did Solidarity in seconds. It was great to hear Phil’s voice and I’ll try to give you a little insight and summary. When he returns we’ll hear the real story.

The group walked about one mile to the White House. They closed down streets, three blocks at a time; police w/ bullhorns were saying ‘clear the streets’ People just keep on walking. The support they rec’d from the people waiting in their vehicles, on the balconies, and out the window was never ending. The police were nice and helpful. The people waiting in their vehicles—all waved, honked, and cheered. There were firefighters there from Madison, WI.

At one building – BJR Lobby Firm there was group on a balcony about 4-5 floors up who were flipping the finger. When the protesters saw this – they knew the shame.... About 20 Cops went into the building--- soon the bad behavior stopped and no more to be seen. The cheering/ signs of victory were wide spread. There were many drums, Walker took the drums out of the Capitol, people made sure they were letting WI legislators hear them in DC.

When they were at the White House a light came on for about 15 minutes on second floor. The Locals shared that means that ‘protesters’ were noticed. They also thought that President Obama was home today. Needless to say, they are anxious for the evening news in D.C.

Carolyn Kaiser, AFSCME Council 24
Northwest Field Representative
715-874-4544 (O)
715-874-4543 (F) Dane Co. DA Ozanne: Files complaint for open meetings law violations Dane Co. DA Ozanne: Files complaint for open meetings law violations

The war on women

A Good Reminder While Participating in Community Protests and Rallies

While it's great to protest Republican events, please do not disrupt these events or try to prevent them from happening. The protests in Madison and around the State have been peaceful and legal. Please continue this trend throughout the recall process.

Are Wisconsin public-sector workers overcompensated?

COWS Notes March 15, 2011

A recent report from the Economic Policy Institute finds that Wisconsin public-sector workers are actually undercompensated by almost 5 percent when compared to similar workers in the private sector. COWS released a research summary that highlights key points from this report that are particularly relevant to the current budget debate.

Read More >>>

Email to Senator Luther Olsen (R-14)

From: Dennis Klak []
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 9:47 AM
To: ''
Subject: Re: You need help

Senator Olsen:

God forgive you---you need help! I read your last e-newsletter sent to the people of the 14th Senate District…BULLIED BY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS???? That would be you and the Governor who are busy rewriting history, just as Hitler did back in the 30’s beginning with the elimination of unions. God forgive you, have sold your soul to the SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS and COMMITTEES given to your special interest. I am so sorry I voted for you every time you have been on the ballot---please know I signed the recall ballot. Feel free to share my e-mail with anyone you you’d like to. I will, in hopes that that those I know don’t make the same mistake I did, and in hopes that they sign the recall ballot in the best interests of the great State of Wisconsin.


Dennis D. Klak
Berlin, WI

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To protest is immauture or that is what the Op-ed piece says

So public employees are immature, that is what the below church administrator is saying in his below opinion that appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from a leader of Faith. Use the email address of the author so that you may have a "mature" dialogue with this person?

Democracy demands maturity

By Jonathan Rupprecht
March 14, 2011

Can we just take a deep breath? The facts have become lost in the fracas in Madison. Consider:

Fracas: Republicans are ramming through bills in a rush.

Fact: Republicans waited while Senate Democrats spent over three weeks in Illinois. The Assembly considered the bill for 60 straight hours. And the whole process began with 17 hours of preliminary discussions. So when the Democrats prolonged their pouting, action was necessary to preserve jobs.

Fracas: Gov. Scott Walker is anti-union and anti-worker.

Fact: He moved forward on the legislation in a compassionate move to avoid layoffs of public employees. And he has the courage to address the outrageous abuses that have so often resulted from collecting bargaining for government workers. (See examples at  Millions of Americans have long complained about taxpayers - excluded from this collective bargaining but paying for its end results - being held hostage by such chicanery, and finally a leader has enough courage to call a spade a spade and say "Enough already!" Failure to do so would have exacerbated the unsustainable economic fiasco facing us.

Fracas: Walker is taking away workers' rights.

Fact: The governor is giving workers more rights by eliminating forced unionism. It's been pointed out often enough - yet not acknowledged nearly enough - that collective bargaining is not a right but a privilege. It didn't exist for government workers until the last half of the 20th century and is not granted even now to federal workers. Collective bargaining for government workers was opposed by one of labor's biggest heroes, Franklin D. Roosevelt, because he could see its danger and potential abuses. Now we've seen them come to pass.

Fracas: The protests in Madison are "democracy at work."

Fact: True, but more to the point, they have been democracy at its worst: demagoguery and mob mentality with outrage prevailing over reasoned, objective discussion. Lies demonizing the opposition. Self-righteousness grossly distorting the facts. Hatred and name-calling replacing civil discourse. Police being overpowered at the Capitol. And behind all this a focus on me and myself while refusing to consider the larger picture: the need to rescue our state's threatened economy.

All of this shouts immaturity. A democracy permits immaturity, but it prospers only when maturity prevails. Many of our Founding Fathers feared this type of superficial, reactionary populism, which our Madison madness amply demonstrates. When "the will of the people" triumphs without the essential temperance of cooler heads prevailing, the people suffer. When hatred, anger and lies override an objective, intelligent evaluation of the facts, chaos ensues.

No citizen rejoices in seeing another citizen suffer a cut in pay and privileges. Yet when such cuts are necessary to avoid large-scale layoffs, mature citizens accept this without screaming and throwing mass pity parties. Let's all calm down and grow up.

Jonathan Rupprecht of Milwaukee is a church administrator. E-mail
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Source Link:

Posted by Steven R. Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator

Got Facebook? Please use it to spread any of the posted suggested comments

It is being reported that Secretary of State Doug LaFollette continues to be badgered by Governor Walker and/or his high level staff to immeditaley publish the legislative bill that stripped collective bargaining from Wisconsin public employees.

SEPAC seeks your help in using your Facebook page to spread comments supporting Secretary LaFollette in his decision to proceed with the "publishing" as he always does with any piece of Wisconsin legislation.

Feel free to cut-n-paste any of the below suggested comments or draft one in your own words.

We would also ask that you send Sec. LaFollette an email urging him to stay the course in waiting the full 10 days to publish January Special Session Assembly Bill 11. You can access Sec. LaFollette through the SEPAC Action Center >>>
Option 1: As if jamming Act 10 through the legislature wasn't enough, Scott Walker now wants to pressure Doug LaFollette to publish the law prior to the usual 10-day publication date. Walker is likely concerned that the courts won't take well to his extremist measures forced on the people of Wisconsin. Don't let Walker push you around, Doug!

Option 2: Now that Scott Walker ram-rodded the Budget Repair Bill through the legislature, he's calling on Secretary of State Doug Lafollette to quickly publish the Act so he can begin immediately to try to eviscerate public employees' bargaining rights and destroy their unions. Even Tommy Thompson and Jim Doyle respected Lafollette's practice to publish on the 10th day.

Option 3: With all the lawsuits possible and pending on Walker's Budget Repair Bill, it's no coincidence that the guv is demanding that Doug Lafollette publish the bill, post haste. Let's hope Lafollette follows his standard operating procedure and waits the 10 days allowed under the law.

Budget includes Tax Increase for the Working Poor and Tax Cut for Wealthiest

Governor Walker’s budget would cut the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) by $41 million over the biennium, a harsh blow for the states’ struggling low-income families. This proposal stands in stark contrast to his recommendation to reduce the capital gains tax by more than $36 million, with nearly all the benefit accruing to the state’s wealthiest taxpayers...

Read the entire blog entry written by the Wisconsin Budget Project >>>

A video created by a supporter of fighting for Workers' Right's

-----Original Message-----
From: Jim Harrison []
Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:56 PM
To: Betsy Nelson
Subject: A Tribute

Love you folks and all that you stand for! I made this quick and ROCKIN'2m video as a little tribute! Enjoy and keep up the great work! There are millions and MILLIONS with you all over the US!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald blocks Senate Democrats from voting on behalf of their constituents

From: Sen.Fitzgerald
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 3:52 PM
To: *Legislative Senate Republicans
Subject: Senate Democrat voting privileges in standing committees

Dear Members,

With the return of the Senate Democrats this weekend, questions have arisen regarding Democrat members’ participation in Senate standing committee public hearings and executive sessions.

Please note that all 14 Democrat senators are still in contempt of the Senate. Therefore, when taking roll call votes on amendments and bills during executive sessions, Senate Democrats’ votes will not be reflected in the Records of Committee Proceedings or the Senate Journal. They are free to attend hearings, listen to testimony, debate legislation, introduce amendments, and cast votes to signal their support/opposition, but those votes will not count, and will not be recorded.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact my office.

Thank you,

Scott Fitzgerald
Senate Majority Leader
13th Senate District

Senator Scott Fitzgerald thinks he and other Wisconsin republicans will get your vote

Below is a very recent quote made by Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald:

Scott Fitzgerald, the Republican majority leader in Wisconsin’s Senate, said that by 2012, the fallout from this bill seemed more likely to him to harm Democrats’ hopes for the state (which Mr. Obama easily won in 2008). “I think once some of the union members wake up and say, ‘I’ve got to wake up and write a check to the union every month?’ union membership may quickly drop, and some of their power falls apart,” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

If you are thinking the way SEPAC is, then we know that there is no way in hell we will forget the Wisconsin Republicans at the polls in the Recall elections that will be held in 2011, the recall of Scott Walker in early 2012 and at the Wisconsin polls in November of 2012.

Read the entire news article >>>

Video of Ohio Congressman Kucinich's Speech

There have been numerous requests for SEPAC to post the video recording of Congressman Kucinich's speech that was delivered at a post-rally event in Madison this past Saturday, 03/12/2011.

Here it is: Kelly Vinehout and Douglas Smith: Open letter to the people of Wisconsin

Governor Walker and Senate Majority Leader Fitzgerald spoke to the media almost every day, stating that the Democratic Senators had abandoned their responsibilities. Maybe if they had accepted their calls or really taken the time to talk with these senators, they would not have continued to spread this untruthful claim. Kelly Vinehout and Douglas Smith: Open letter to the people of Wisconsin

Voices of Wisconsin


My name is Ellen Otto and I am a 6th grader at Webster Stanley Middle School in Oshkosh, WI. In the past month I have been very involved in protesting against the drastic bill our governor has proposed and pushed through. I am including a link to a short video that my mom's union has put together that shows how this will impact families in WI. It is 3-4 minutes long. Please help me in sharing this video with others. Also, please let it load before you view it or else you will have trouble viewing it.

Thank you for your time and help,

Ellen Otto


The human cost of public sector workers losing their collective bargaining rights in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

Directed by Seth Townsend
Director of Photography: Chris Cowell
Produced by Mike Magnuson

Voices of Wisconsin from Mike Magnuson on Vimeo.

Eight Civics Lessons from Governor Walker


Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin has taught the nation some very important civics lessons. The price is high, but we should pay careful attention to what he teaches by example.

The first lesson: Citizens should not be hoodwinked by rhetoric. Governor Walker said that the state was broke. He said that public sector workers had to make larger contributions to the cost of their pensions and health care, even as he handed out generous corporate tax breaks for the same amount. Doing a reverse Robin Hood, he took from the middle class to enrich the powerful. The unions promptly agreed to pay what the governor proposed, effectively cutting their compensation, but the governor would not take yes for an answer. He insisted on breaking the unions, even though no financial issues were involved.

Lesson two: It is really important to vote. Only 51.7% of eligible voters in Wisconsin cast a ballot last November, and they ended up with a governor and a legislature who are wreaking havoc on state government and decimating vital public services.

Lesson three: Voters should listen carefully to the candidates and ask for details about what they will do if they win. Scott Walker promised to balance the budget but he didn't reveal his intention to strip away collective bargaining rights from public sector workers. Journalists and citizens should have asked how he planned to balance the budget.

Lesson four: Politics in a democracy is different from politics in an authoritarian state. When there is strong opposition to their decisions, they negotiate and compromise. Negotiation and compromise are not signs of weakness, but of the disposition needed to build consensus.

Lesson five: Leaders in a democracy do not crush their opposition. Politics is not war. Leaders may not agree with the people on the other side of the aisle, but at the end of the day, they recognize them as "my loyal opposition," not my enemy. That spirit of comity is at the heart of our democracy. Elected officials do not destroy those with whom they disagree.

Lesson six: Citizens should not believe politicians who talk "school reform" yet plan to cut $1 billion from the state's education budget, while privatizing public schools. Schools will be devastated by the cuts. Class sizes will soar. Programs that children need will be eliminated. And for-profit operators will find a way to make money from a dire situation. This is not school reform.

Lesson seven: Governor Walker's attack on teachers has galvanized millions of demoralized teachers across the nation. The fact that Wisconsin's teachers organized and protested in the face of insuperable odds has inspired their colleagues across the nation. Teachers realize that it is not only their collective bargaining rights that are at risk, but their profession. Wisconsin will lose many senior teachers -- the master teachers needed in every school -- who will retire to save their pensions, their old-age security.

Lesson eight: In his effort to destroy public sector unions, Governor Walker joins in common cause with other Republican governors, including those in New Jersey, Ohio, Idaho, Tennessee, and Indiana and elsewhere. It's time to remind them that the International Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations in 1948, contains Article 23, section 4, which says: "Everyone has the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests." When the Declaration was passed, only eight nations abstained, not only the Soviet bloc, but also South Africa -- which opposed the pledge of racial equality -- and Saudi Arabia -- which objected to the pledge of religious toleration.

So Governor Walker and his fellow anti-union governors have decided to demolish one of the pillars of a democratic society: the right to join a trade union for the protection of one's interests. Totalitarian societies ban unions outright or create faux unions without any collective bargaining rights. Not a club that good Americans should want to join!

By his negative example, Governor Scott Walker has reminded us about the rights and obligations of citizenship, about the importance of standing up for the right of children to attend a good public school, and about the dangers to our democracy of the path that he has charted for his state.

Now it's up to us to learn from those civics lessons and get our democracy back on track.

Diane Ravitch is the author of the best-selling The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education
Source: The Huffington Post
Source Link:

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Washburn, WI doubles its population for the day with Anti-Walker Rally

According to the 2000 U.S. Census, the city of Washburn, WI had a population of 2,280 people. However, this past Saturday, March 12th, Governor Walker and Sen. Scott Fitzgerald were scheduled to speak at the Republican Lincoln / Reagan Day Dinner at the Steak Pit Restaurant and this brought out the citizens and then some of this small northern Wisconsin community.

Watch two one-minute videos to see what took place:

Video Credits:

A video worth watching of Wednesday's Rally in Madison

Will you close your M&I Bank Account?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael Lauer
Date: Sat, Mar 12, 2011 at 10:02 AM
Subject: Re: M&I
To: Bruce Colburn

How's this?

With Governor Scott Walker planning to close schools and kick Wisconsin children off Badgercare and most families still struggling to get by in this recession, Wisconsin's largest bank has a responsibility to the people of Wisconsin. Taxpayers bailed out M&I Bank with $1.7 billion dollars of our hard-earned money. Instead of repaying that debt to taxpayers and instead of putting Wisconsin back to work, M&I executives spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on political contributions to Governor Scott Walker and other politicians. Then they engineered a sale of the bank to new Canadian owners that will put thousands more Wisconsin jobs in jeopardy while guaranteeing a $24 million payout for M&I CEO Mark Furlong. Most people in Wisconsin are still struggling to get through this recession, yet it's clear that corporations like M&I Bank are doing just fine. We're done waiting for big corporations like M&I Bank to do the right thing on their own.

We can no longer accept cuts to our schools and Badgercare while big corporations get additional tax breaks.

Wisconsin families are calling on M&I Bank and other large corporations to join with us to put our state back to work, stop cuts to schools and Badgercare, and help rebuild our communities.

Republican Senator's Wife and Maid Wish to Sign Recall Papers

Wisconsin Protesters Surround State Senator’s Home; Wife Explains that He lives with 25-Year-Old Mistress Now

Posted on March 12, 2011 by Glenn Church

Now that Wisconsin has ended much of collective bargaining for public employees, an effort is underway to recall the 18 state senate Republicans who voted for the measure.

Politically, this is mainly bluff and Democrats trying to be an irritation to the Republican senators. However, a few who ran in competitive districts may find the recall a threat.

State Senator Randy Hopper is one of those vulnerable Republicans. In 2008, He won election with only 163 votes out of 83,000. Besides his job, Hopper is also facing a seriously embarrassing political situation.

Protesters went to his home in Fond du Lac. They did not find Hopper there. Instead they found his wife, who Hopper filed papers to divorce in August 2010. Hopper’s estranged wife, Alysia, told the protesters to look for him in Madison where he is living with his 25-year-old mistress and former lobbyist Valerie Cass.

It seems that Cass’ position with the aptly named Persuasion Partners lobbying firm has ended as public attention drew to her relationship with Hopper.

It is awkward enough that the 45-year-old Hopper has parted ways with his wife for a much younger woman. Hopper also has two children from the marriage. Nevertheless, the real embarrassment is that his former maid has offered to sign the recall petition. Sources also say that his wife is willing to sign as well.

Hopper was scheduled to take part in a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Fond du Lac, but backed out, citing the political turmoil in the state.

“I had looked forward to walking the parade route and sharing this celebration with my family, friends, neighbors, and constituents, but I, in no way, want to put the citizens of Fond du Lac in harm’s way,” Hopper said.

Exactly who Hopper’s family is remains unclear. Probably, he is speaking of his children; surely not his wife; hopefully not his mistress. For a man in his situation, expressing desire to spend more time with his family is not the best choice of words.

Source Link:

United We Stand Rally - Milwaukee - 03/14 @ Noon

Dear Local 82 Brothers and Sisters,

In these trying days and months ahead, we have one consolation, and that has been the unwavering support of the students at our Universities around the state. They have done all that could have been asked of them, all that we could dream of, in this fight for freedom and in support of workers rights. Now comes an opportunity for us to show our strength, resolve, and appreciation for those who have given so much to this fight for our jobs and compensation.

As your president, their is only so much I can do to represent you. We need to have the participation of as many of you as possible at the rally on Monday. Please wear your AFSCME green. Do not stand in the back, come to the front of the rally, and as many as can, please come onto the stage.

All who are stewards, exec-board members, and activist leaders please take the lead and help get our members to the rally. Come and be prepared to take your lead as proud AFSCME members. We hope to have AFSCME members from other Locals as well as our Council leadership who I spoke to today. Rally starts at 12 noon in Spaights Plaza.

United We Stand,

Gilbert Johnson
President, AFSCME Local 82
WSEU Council 24