Friday, April 15, 2011 GAB: County canvass reports completed for Supreme Court GAB: County canvass reports completed for Supreme Court

Election Canvass Complete in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

Milwaukee County, the last county to complete its canvass has reported its results and it is being reported that Justice David Prosser has a statewide lead over Assistant AG Joanne Kloppenburg of 7,316 votes out of 1,497,330 votes cast.

This makes the difference of less than 0.5 of 1% of the total votes and that will trigger a recall, at the expense of the state, if requested by either candidate. Both candidates have three days to make a request for a recount to the Government Accountability Board.

During the canvass, Waukesha County reported an error in the reporting of vote totals and awarded some 7,500 additional votes to Justice David Prosser pushing him well into the lead over Kloppenburg that at the end of the initial reporting of votes appeared to have had a 200+ vote lead. The reporting error by Waukesha County is being investigated.

More Info on the Counter-Tea Party Rally

Stand Up For Democracy and Workers' Rights—
Don't Let Big Business and Hate Drown Out the Voices of the People!

Place: State Street side of Capitol Square, Madison WI
...Time: Saturday, April 16, 11AM-2PM

The Tea Party is planning a rally on the Capitol Square this Saturday. The Tea Party is not a "grassroots movement,” but a right-wing network bankrolled by billionaires like Scott Walker's friends the Koch Brothers and big-business special-interest groups like the misnamed 'Americans For Prosperity.' The Tea Party has also sponsored events nationwide with a message of racism and hatred. (see below)

Please join Wisconsin Resists— an independent, democratic coalition of workers, students, community members, and social justice organizations—to stand up to the Tea Party. Let’s show that the voices of democracy and workers' rights will not be drowned out by big business and that racism in any form is not welcome in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Resists encourages everyone to bring signs that highlight that Wisconsin stands up for workers' rights and democracy against the Tea Party and Scott Walker, says no to racism, and that it’s time that banks, corporations, and the rich pay their share.

Find Wisconsin Resists on Facebook
Or call 608-358-6822 for more info! Americans for Prosperity, The Founders Compass: Sarah Palin to speak at Madison tea party

Gov. Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers have been begging for the Tea Party to counter all the Union THUGS in Wisconsin. Of course, the Tea Party has waited for Spring weather rather than be present when more than 100,000 Wisconsin Workers were at the State Capitol in February.

Feel FREE to dress up as a Union THUG or a Wisconsin SLOB, please DO NOT come as you always have, as a "Mad as hell Wisconsin Worker" and let the "misinformed" Tea Party folks know who you are at their very own event at the State Capitol on Saturday, April 16th, from 12:00pm - 2:00pm. Americans for Prosperity, The Founders Compass: Sarah Palin to speak at Madison tea party

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wis. counties still finalizing Supreme Court votes

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Walker's first 100 days full of political victories and serious missteps

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Walker's First 100 Days in Office

Governor Scott Walker is happy with his first 100 days in office, with one exception. He is disappointed that he has not been able to complete his "beat-down" of public employees. We are referring to his disappointment of not fully implementing the anti-collective bargaining bill.

Listen to his interview with WisPolitics >>>

Walker Threatens State Employee Layoffs

As if forcing public employees to pay 50% of their retirement and taking an additional 12+% more for health insurance premiums was not enough, Gov. Walker is now once again talking about state employee layoffs as a way to close his self-claimed 2009-2011 state budget deficit.

He goes on to say that he has "no plans" to retroactively collect the pension and health insurance contributions once the courts rule in his favor on the collective bargaining bill.

He further states that he has no plans to have the legislature take up the collective bargaining bill once again because he is very confident that the legislature passed the bill legally the first time. SEPAC feels he will not follow the courts suggestion to take up the bill again and properly follow execute the legislative process because the GOP no longer has the needed votes to pass the bill.

Monday, April 11, 2011

State Republicans say they won't pass union bill again

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State needs streamlined vote count

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JFC Budget Hearing Update: West Allis

We have learned that at Noon JFC Co-Chair Robin Vos cut off "new" registrations for speaking. The hearing is scheduled until 6:00pm.

It is reported that more than 250 people registered to speak. This cut-off of new registrations for speaking has outraged the Milwaukee legislators and those present at the hearing.

Co-Chair Vos is encouraging speakers to prepare written testimony that can be left or submitted via email. He went on to say that if time permits after the 250+ registered speakers spoke he would allow some that are present to speak.