Thursday, March 8, 2012

AFSCME Members Need Help

From: President McEntee &. Sec-Treas Saunders []
Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 4:31 PM
To: AFSCME Leadership
Subject: AFSCME Fallen Heroes Fund

We have all seen the heartbreaking pictures of devastation after tornadoes ripped across the Midwest and South last week. The storms killed at least 39 people and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage in 10 states. Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky suffered the brunt of the storms and our AFSCME members were among those who lost everything – loved ones, homes, and every possession.

Now is the time for our AFSCME family to pull together and give generously to AFSCME’s Fallen Heroes Fund, which provides immediate assistance and recovery funds to members hit hardest by natural disasters and other tragedies. After Hurricane Irene devastated the Northeast last year, the Fund aided more than 2,000 members with $270,000 contributed by AFSCME. Now our sisters and brothers in the Midwest and South need us.

AFSCME this week pledged $100,000 for the Fund, to aid tornado victims. Please join us, by going to the Fallen Heroes Fund website today and making your donation. It only takes a minute and it will change the lives of those hurting the most. They are our AFSCME family and as we have so many times before, we must have each other’s backs now.

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