Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Elect Delegates to attend the AFSCME International Convention

Due to an incorrect list of nominees on the ballots used during the April 10th election, Local 1942 will hold a new election on May 8th to select 5 delegates to attend the AFSCME International Convention.

Ballots cast on April 10th have been destroyed, so you must cast a new ballot on May 8th in order for your vote to count!

May 8th Election time & place
  • 7am-1pm in G5/152 Hospital
  • 1pm-6pm in G5/114 Hospital (Membership Meetings also held in this room at 1pm and 4pm)
On May 8th, members may vote for up to 5 of the following nominees:
  • Willie Backes
  • Pete Caro
  • Brad Cords
  • Shannon Gerue
  • Beth Lalor
  • Mike Ledwidge
  • Bo Krainyk
  • Janet Ramsey
  • Kim Tran
In Solidarity,

Local 1942 Staff
Office Phone: 608-233-1942

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