Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank you Message from Tom Barrett

We got in this race, not because it was going to be easy, but because it was the right thing to do.

While the outcome wasn't what we hoped, I want to thank you all for the hard work that you have done.

As I travelled all over Wisconsin, I was amazed at the sweat, dedication and energy put forth by people like you to bring our democracy alive.

Thank you to those of you who fought, who obtained signatures, who stood out in the cold, who donated, and who did what you thought was right. You should be proud of what we've accomplished and I hope you will continue fighting for our shared Wisconsin values.

Thank you to those of you who got involved; whether it was your first time or your twentieth time, you made a difference. Democracy is the ultimate participatory sport, and I hope you keep your passion for politics alive by sharing stories about our incredible journey with your friends and family.

And thank you to you all for caring deeply about the future of working, middle class families. This is still a fight worth fighting and I hope you continue to stand with me for justice, opportunity and fairness for all.

Now we must look to the future. And our challenges are real. We are a state that is deeply divided and it is up to all of us -- our side and their side -- to listen and work together.

During our campaign, we launched an unprecedented neighbor-to-neighbor effort to contact Wisconsinites all across our state and discuss the challenges we face. This is an endeavor we must continue. In the days and weeks ahead, I urge you to reach out to your neighbors and ask, "What can we do together to move our community forward?"

A healthy democracy requires lively debates, but it also requires that we listen, that we roll-up our sleeves, and that we work together to do what is right.

With the election behind us, that is our duty to the people of Wisconsin.

This isn't the end -- it's just the start of a new chapter that we are going to write together as Wisconsinites.

I'll be there fighting with you to move Wisconsin forward -- and I can't wait to see what you do next.

Thank you so much,

Tom Barrett

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