Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A solution in search of a problem - JSOnline

"A solution in search of a problem"

Despite the fact that two trial courts have declared Wisconsin's new voter ID law unconstitutional, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen wants to bypass the appeals court and have the state Supreme Court take up the case and reinstate the law for the November general election. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel took a dim view of Van Hollen's antics in an editorial entitled "A solution in search of a problem." The state's largest newspaper concluded: "Voting is a fundamental right in a representative democracy. Our history is littered with base attempts to deny the vote to selected classes of people. Voter ID is one more example."

Even if the state's highest court grants Van Hollen's wish and immediately blesses the law, that doesn't necessarily mean the law will be in effect for November's election. There is a separate legal challenge being heard in federal court and on October 10 the judge will consider a request for a temporary injunction blocking implementation of the law. If granted, the federal injunction would trump any state Supreme Court action.
--- Wisconsin Democracy Campaign

A solution in search of a problem - JSOnline

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