Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hearing for Wisconsin John Doe defendant postponed | News - Home

To date, no information has been revealed that shows Governor Scott Walker has offered to return this money to the state's veteran's from any of his millions he has received from donors all across the country.

I do recognize that he is under no obligation or legal requirement to do so, but Governor Scott Walker travels our Great State saying he cares and supports veterans so much, yet he makes no attempts to "right" a "wrong" committed by two of his close associates.

If it is not legal to transfer money from his campaign then surely he could very easily take the time to raise the funds from his very rich donors to demonstrate that he truly cares about our states veterans. He has already demonstrated his ability to raise millions with little to no effort when he needs a political victory.

How about it Governor Walker, do you think you could raise $42,000.00 that you could give in a charitable fashion to our states veterans?

Posted by Steven Williams
U.S. Army Veteran

Hearing for Wisconsin John Doe defendant postponed | News - Home

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