Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney’s 9-Point Plan to Annihilate Unions -- In These Times

…. Labor leaders have painted a stark picture of what might lie ahead should Romney win. “A worker voting for Mitt Romney is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders,” Richard Trumka told Working In These Times during an AFL-CIO rally in August. Romney wants to “annihilate organized labor as we know it," Teamsters President James Hoffa said in September.  Overheated rhetoric is a hallmark of every campaign season. But the GOP’s and Romney’s positions on labor and collective bargaining—from support for a federal union-weakening “right-to-work” law to eliminating most public-sector bargaining rights—are genuinely to the right of where they were even four years ago. With unions now accounting for less than 12 percent of the workforce (down from 36 percent in the 1950s), it is now possible to imagine a country devoid of labor power, replaced by a corporate vision of “employee empowerment and workplace flexibility,” as the GOP 2012 platform puts it. …. Nevertheless, two data points suggest how badly Romney's anti-union agenda would shrink the size and scope of America's unions. First: Since the anti-union law went into effect in Wisconsin, AFSCME's membership has since fallen by more than 50 percent in the state.

Romney’s 9-Point Plan to Annihilate Unions -- In These Times

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