Sunday, October 16, 2011

Madison to get $28K less than requested for Capitol security expenses

Did other law enforcement agencies have their bills screened as extensive as Madison PD did? We doubt it. Madison PD was stereotyped by the Wisconsin GOP because they did not apply the "heavy hand" that inexperienced, non law enforcement individuals like the Wisconsin GOP would have liked. Madison PD should have had their entire bill paid.

One point needs to be remembered in all of this, the mean-spirited and thoughtless Wisconsin GOP in secretive tactics unveiled a piece of legislation that would harm tens of thousands of Wisconsinites. What did they expect, everyone to stay home, send email, write letters and hope the Wisconsin GOP would respond to each and every contact, then admit that the majority of Wisconsinites do not approve of what they are doing so they should listen to the Wisconsinites and stop their negative action?

The Wisconsin Republican Party should probably pay the difference owed to Madison PD. After-all, they recruited and educated these heartless republican politician's.

Madison to get $28K less than requested for Capitol security expenses

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