Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Public unions: What's the big deal? -

…. Lately, critics of public sector unions are fond of alleging that Kennedy's extension of union rights to government was a mistake. They claim that collective bargaining by government is responsible for today's budget deficits; that public sector unions, in league with allies in the Democratic Party, are lining the pockets of their members at taxpayers' expense. The facts don't support these allegations. There is little correlation between states that have public sector collective bargaining and states with large deficits. …. Reviewing the history of the last 50 years gives the lie to those who have persistently argued that public sector collective bargaining inevitably corrupts the political system. No such debasement has occurred. Rather than serving as an instrument of plunder, public sector collective bargaining has proved to be a bulwark of an important sector of the American middle class.

Public unions: What's the big deal? -

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