Monday, June 25, 2012

Organized Wealth is Out to Screw US « SpeakEasy

Public attention on right-wing funding in political campaigns has been galvanized by the attack on working people in Wisconsin by an ultraconservative governor out to crush labor unions. Funders such as the Kock Brothers and right-wing institutions such as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), have been explored by numerous progressive groups. There is, however, a much larger elaborate strategic right-wing process at work here. It started with the Powell Memo in 1971 urging corporations and wealthy elites to defend the “Free Market” against “Tax & Spend” liberals, “Big Government” progressives, and “Thugish” union leaders. These slogans are part of a carefully-crafted propaganda campaign by organized wealth. And this massive campaign by organized wealth is just part of the more than $1 Billion spent by right-wing funders since 1971 to shift wealth upwards, pick our pockets, and stomp on the basic human rights of most of us.

Organized Wealth is Out to Screw US « SpeakEasy

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