Friday, June 15, 2012

Wanggaard Petitions for a Recount in the 21st Senate District

Wanggaard Statement on Request for Recount

For Immediate Release
June 15, 2012
Contact: Justin Phillips, 262‐617‐3893

From the moment the elections results were announced on June 5th, I have had dozens of people beating down my door demanding that I ask for a recount immediately. While doing so may have pleased many of my supporters, especially those in my party, I have never done something just because it was demanded of me.

Over the past week, I have thought long and hard about what is in the best interests of the 21st Senate District. I have spoken with voters, supporters and elected officials seeking their input. Unanimously, they have supported a recount.

One of those voters reminded me of my late friend, Judge Dennis Barry. That voter reminded me how Judge Barry was once down on election night by 700‐some votes, and asked for a recount. In the end, Judge Barry won by more than 90 votes. I had forgotten that story about my friend. For variety of reasons, not all related to the election results, the story warmed my heart.

I also heard, unsolicited, from many, many others ‐ people I have never met. Like many, they are passionate about the recent elections. Overwhelmingly, and for a variety of reasons, they believe their votes were disenfranchised on election night. And they are asking for a recount.

I do not seek a recount as a delaying tactic. Like many of you, I too want to move on from the bitterness that has divided this state as a result of the recall elections. This is not about maintaining power or denying Democrats power. There are no “secret plans” for a special legislative session during this recount, and no votes scheduled.

But I also recognize that in the absence of a voter ID law and so many people suspicious of the election result, bitterness and division will only grow if the results are not recounted.

The recount I am requesting on behalf of more than 35,000 supporters has a simple philosophy behind it ‐ “Trust but Verify.” Everyone, even those who voted for my opponent, should want to end the schisms caused by the recalls. I hope that a trusted and verified result of the election will finally allow us to move forward.

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