Friday, February 25, 2011

Assembly Republican Floor Vote is Beyond Belief

WARNING: What you are about to witness may be very disturbing to your inner decency and should only be viewed by those who have themselves secured to their computer chair with proper restraints...

I have watched the last two-minutes of the Assembly floor session on Wisconsin Eye, several times and what I witnessed is absolutely a shame to our democracy in Wisconsin.

What I have been witnessing, by the Republicans in Wisconsin since Governor Walker introduced the budget repair bill are repeated actions, by republicans, to silence the voice of Wisconsin citizens, namely, union workers. Republicans are clearly taking the path of silencing and supressing the voice of its citizens.

Here is the link to WisEye where you can choose to watch the entire 61 hour Assembly floor debate, which I doubt anyone will really want to live through, so just scroll down to 02.25.11 Assembly Floor Session and Vote (Part 7/7), click on watch, load the video into your Windows Media Player and then advance the play button to the 09:58:04 mark. You will witness absolute calm as Rep. Gary Hebl (D-46) ends his remarks, thanks the Speaker and then within 15 seconds, over obvious objections of Democrats attempting to get recognized on the floor and were not recognized, the Speaker calls for and closes a vote on AB 11.

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

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