Thursday, February 24, 2011

Listen to Gov. Walker's Phone Call and Distribute Wide and Far

I have received several inquiries regarding impeachment of and/or filing of ethical violations regarding Governor Walker's phone conversation with what he thought was David Koch, a multi-billionaire who has financed republican candidates across the United States.

Here is my very brief response:

There is currently a legal review of the transcript of the phone call. I do expect a formal complaint of ethics violations will be filed at some point with the Government Accountability Board, a non-partisan oversight authority. Is this grounds for impeachment, you ask? I do not think this "one" issue is, but with time, the totality of actions on his part may bring rise to a possible impeachment. What is more likely is a recall from office, but this cannot be invoked until he has served at least one-year in office.

Thank you for your involvement in this effort by Gov. Walker to silence the collective voice of Wisconsin workers.

You can listen to the 20 minute phone call here >>>

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

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