Saturday, February 26, 2011

United We Stand

This is a must see "You Tube" video compilation of the first two weeks of Wisconsin workers protesting the blatant attack on Wisconsin Families by Governor Scott Walker.

It is so hard to attempt to understand how an individual can have such utter disregard for the lives of so many citizens of the state that he serves as Governor. Proof even exists where he states he will lay off 5,000 - 6,000 Wisconsin workers and that he may even "ratchet" that up. No justification, he will just deliberately place thousands of workers on the unemployment rolls, force many to lose their homes to foreclosure, leave children and their parents without affordable health care and remove any possibility of these middle class families to help stimulate the economy through buying power all for the simple claim on his part, "because I can!"

Scott Walker IS NOT a respectable and reasonable leader of our great state! Scott Walker needs to be RECALLED when it is legally allowed and replaced with a person who respects the dignity and rights of Wisconsin Workers'.

Need to make a shout out to Governor Walker, to quote from his phone conversation with what he thought was billionaire financier, David Koch, "He's (you're) not one of us".

Now, sit back, turn up your speaker volume and review history in the making after the first two weeks of the "Attack on Wisconsin Families".

Created by; United We Stand

Posted by Steven Williams
PEL Coordinator

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