Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Editorial: Navigating post collective bargaining world | The Oshkosh Northwestern |

This editorial starts out nicely containing the truth about Walker's anti-union plan, but then ends with a school official stating that the new law will stop the Unions from blindly negotiating more then generous benefits. It is statements like that that bring about the wrong stereotype on Unions. Negotiations take TWO parties to negotiate. If the Unions were negotiating such generous pay and benefits for its members one has to remember that the otherside of the table (the employer) was agreeing to the terms. It is absolutely unfair to pin overzealous bargaining agreements entirely on the Unions. Again, it took two sides to negotiate.

We also have to remember that for years it was the employer who offered to state employees a "budgeted" amount of money and would only agree to how the Unions divided it up. This is why benefits were made so generous in order that state employees could equally share in economical improvements with every now and then Administrations adding selective market adjustments to some job classifications. Again, it took two to negotiate and Unions never received more than they were allotted by the state government budget. It is for that reason that Unions tried for many years to convince the employer to allow for negotiations to take place and then budget around the final negotiations.

Editorial: Navigating post collective bargaining world The Oshkosh Northwestern

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