Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unions adapt to new rules, even as they fight to reverse them

….. As public-sector unions across the country leave a tumultuous 2011 behind, the situation in Idaho is not unique. On one hand, labor is learning to live by a new set of rules governing collective bargaining and other matters, the product of new laws in nearly a dozen states. On the other hand, labor is fighting back in a number of states, hoping to reverse some of what was lost and in some cases to exact revenge on political opponents. …. AFSCME’s Council 24, which represents more than 20,000 state employees, is one of the unions that has decided to let its collective bargaining status lapse under the new rules. The union is shifting its focus toward providing more legal counsel for its members and representing them in the grievance and arbitration processes, says Martin Beil, the Council’s executive director. “

Unions adapt to new rules, even as they fight to reverse them

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