Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Message from Workers Independent News

Union Members:

Listen to Workers Independent News for election coverage! - - - - -  > 

Be sure to vote and get your members out to vote on or before November 6 if your state has early voting! 

And after November 6, stay with WIN for interviews with prominent union leaders discussing what we might expect from the next Obama administration and the next Congress. 

Workers Independent News is your voice in the media!  

WIN brings you news of the struggles of America’s working families and the trials and triumphs of organized labor.   

And now you can also tune in to our popular news/talk radio show - “The People’s Mic with Doug Cunningham”! Just dial 213-493-0286 from any phone!  


Ken Pfile
Union Outreach Coordinator
Workers Independent News
(608) 251-6125

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