Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Teachers unions talk merger after membership drops 30 percent

Two major Unions representing teachers in Wisconsin have both recently voted at their respective conventions to engage in talks over a possible merger.

At a time when Unions need their membership numbers to remain strong, in order to change the present course of anti-worker political candidates and the present Wisconsin Administration, members are instead applying their membership dues money to offset the tremendous increase in cost sharing now bestowed upon them by Governor Walker and the GOP Majority.

Union members clearly are not happy with the attacks brought onto them by Governor Walker and the Wisconsin GOP along with the financial backing of major corporations and wealthy private donors, but they are feeling they have no choice. This is very unfortunate that those union members who make that decision to stop their membership in their union are essentially giving up with no fight. With Governor's like Scott Walker and the present GOP Majority in the Wisconsin Legislature, the present situation will only worsen for public workers and soon private union workers in Wisconsin unless Union membership remains strong in order to provide the numbers, both in membership and financially, to stand up to these anti-worker politicians and affect change at the ballot box.

Wisconsin Workers need to stay strong and remain as a "Union" and this can simply be done with just the value of 10 gallons of gas, per month, to provide the fuel (members and money) to stand up against these anti-worker politicians and corporations and wealthy campaign donors to the GOP.

There IS NEVER a good time to GIVE UP, ROLL OVER and let politicians TAKE AWAYyour voice in the workplace and to collectively bargain with your employer, whether it be a public employer or private employer.

Lets not let Union Merger's become the savior, SAVE YOUR UNION and YOUR VOICE in the workplace and maintain your union membership or reinstate your union membership today.

On November 6th, make your voice heard loud and clear that you want pro-worker politicians and cast the right vote!

Teachers unions talk merger after membership drops 30 percent

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