Saturday, July 30, 2011

AFSCME Local 3777 Member Sounds-Off on Van Wanggaard (R-WI 21st District)

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From: Brian Piech
To: Sen.Wanggaard
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2011 2:06 PM
Subject: Organized Crime


Reading the article 2 weeks back in the Racine Journal Times, your claimed "disappointment" to the Walker jeers from the Gateway crowds actually humors me.Yeah, what a surprise. Who would've thought that a power-abusing dictator who has outright raped teachers and torn school funding down to nothing would be booed at a college function....What a shocker!!

Seriously, what did you expect, Van? Even a college failure like Walker himself should've been smart enough to figure out that he would be blasted and ripped at an event like this, and rightfully so. You can only kick your dog so many times before he at some point bites back, right? How awkward it must've been for Scott. Ain't that a shame.

The biting back part is only just beginning, Van. This path you have chosen to follow with these radical dirtbags is a dark one. As a former Racine cop with many HR/disability issues yourself, you should know the union YOU once needed and now stand against will never forget or forgive. Still hard to believe people are actually dumb enough to vote for any of you backward thugs.

You and the rest of your Walker-supporting ReTHUGlican cronies have willfully included yourselves into one of the most extreme radical political movements this state has ever seen, and you sit there and claim you are "disappointed" that a COLLEGE crowd rips into your God Walker?! Your God Walker, who has accomplished only ONE thing so far -- ripping and dividing this state apart and creating hatred between public and private sector people of Wisconsin!! Yes, you, Fitzgerald, Darling, Vos, Grothman, and the rest of you vile neanderthals who have decided to join this radical extremist Walker hopefully will also make history with him when he becomes the first radical Wisconsin governor to be recalled and booted. Now we all of course expect him to work his grimy fingers into the law books with his woman-beating dirtbag accomplice Prosser and attempt to change the law and build in recall provisions to protect his holy reign. We know it's coming, anyone who has followed this thug knows his. If you can't get what you want legally….just change the law, it's the ReTHUGlican way! If that doesn't work, I'm sure there's some incompetent minion in WAUKESHA who for the right price will attempt to come up with a few thousand extra votes just to even things out...

But if there really is a god up there, at some point the evil garbage that has polluted this state since January 2011 will be defeated by moral justice. At some point, this uncontested abuse of power by all of you vile ReTHUGlicans and your God, Walker, will be defeated, and your heroic movement short-lived. You have underestimated this venomous rage and disdain we all have toward you, but I can assure you it will burn in our souls well past January 2012.

Please feel free to forward this to the rest of your vile clan of power-abusing ReTHUGlicans whose names nauseate me too much mention again.


Brian Piech


Click "Here" to learn who Senator Van Wanggaard is >>>

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