Friday, July 29, 2011

Loggers attendance doesn't falter amidst 32nd Senate race | News - Home

Those of us from the La Crosse area are proud of their "La Crosse Loggers". Public sector employees as well. We support the La Crosse Loggers baseball team and the young men who play as a Logger in hopes of achieving recognition of their skills to take their professional baseball skills to the next level. The story fails to key on the point that Dan Kapanke, the Republican State Senator who at one time had a history of doing the "right thing" for his constituents, failed a large majority of his constituents when he abandoned them and supported Scott Walker's anti-collective bargaining bill is the actual target of animosity and not the young men who step onto the baseball field or the local resident who performs their job tasks of making the game happen.

It is very exhilarating on a nice summer evening for La Crosse area residents and baseball fans to settle into the "Lumber Yard" and hear the sizzle of the grills, smell the great brats, hot dogs and hamburgers grilling, the fresh popcorn being popped, the sound of tabs from soda and beer cans being popped as well as bottle caps being twisted off a very nice refreshing and cold bottle of locally brewed beer and then oh yes, the crack of a bat of a local baseball player as he delivers another hit and in many cases, a home run for La Crosse's favorite baseball team.

What you do now see is not the hand of every baseball fan reaching out for Dan Kapanke's hand as he makes his rounds with the fans. Public sector employees and their family members love baseball in La Crosse, but no longer are happy with Dan Kapanke who they all believe through away his years of representing his constituents to join the world of evil, Governor Scott Walker evil.

The average of 200 fans that you no longer see in the stands or just in the Lumber Yard on game night are those who no longer can afford to take more money from their family to enjoy an evening at the "Lumber Yard".

Posted by Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator

Loggers attendance doesn't falter amidst 32nd Senate race News - Home

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