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Wisconsin Election Protection Volunteers Needed

From: Sheila Cochran []
Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2011 1:37 PM
Subject: Wisconsin Election Protection Volunteers Needed
Importance: High

Wisconsin Election Protection has been operational for many years. We have over time observed our elections process and mad recommendations for improvement. We have concentrated our efforts in the past to observe and assure that voter’s rights to participate in electing their government are as easy as possible. When Wisconsin changed its election laws it made it more difficult for many in our community to vote, unfortunately that is the law and our reality. The job of Wisconsin Election Protection now becomes inform voters as best we can of the changes in the law that will affect them in these recall elections. We need your help to accomplish that. We would like to station Observers at polling sites to feed information back to our command center. We need your help in getting to people we may now be able to capture for this activity.

This is a state wide effort and we need more volunteers for the day. Our volunteers will be trained by the League of Women Voters a member of our Coalition. LWV Election Observer Program is Looking for Volunteers!

Sign up on our 2011 Election Observer Volunteer Form!

The controversial Voter ID law was recently signed, and parts of it go into effect immediately. The LWV-WI is concerned that the law may not be implemented evenly across the state and could be used to disenfranchise voters. Working with many non-partisan groups across the state, we are looking for volunteers to be our eyes and ears to report on what happens in the Senate recall elections in August. We will be observing in 6 recall districts on August 9 and 3 on August 16.

Anyone can volunteer who--
1. Can spend 6 to 7 hours (or all 13 hours) at a polling place in one of the 9 state Senate districts with recall elections.
2. Is willing to participate in a 2 hour training session—a webinar—prior to the election.
3. Agrees to mail in a report following the election.
4. We prefer people with cell phones.
5. You don't need to be a League member to volunteer.

League of Women Voters will provide--
1. Nonpartisan materials that let you know your role, what to look for, what to do if there are problems at the polls.
2. On-line training.
3. A number to call on election day to report problems.

How to volunteer

Sign up on our 2011 Election Observer Volunteer Form to give us your name, address, cell phone number and the date(s) you would like to observe.

We will get back to you about where you are needed and times for online training.

Tell your friends about this opportunity. We need over 1,000 volunteers to cover the 9 Senate districts!

If you or your organization could get volunteers to us that would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Sheila D. Cochran
Secretary Treasurer/Chief Operating Officer
633 South Hawley Road, Suite 110
Milwaukee, WI 53214
Office 414-771-7070 ext.14
Fax 414-771-0509
Cell 414-530-7080

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