Friday, July 29, 2011

Wisconsin state worker arrested in balloon flap | News - Home

The Wisconsin Department of Administration identifies that the state manager in the "balloon" incident was more dangerous acting than the female citizen carrying the balloon", please allow me to remind you though it was a "heart shaped" balloon (smirk on my face) and as such they have arrested the state manager.

Unfortunately, because DOA apparently believes that balloons, not just heart shaped balloons, but balloons in general create a threat to the security of "OUR" house (State Capitol) they have, in my opinion, unecessarily now spent money to place an unattractive net across the Rotunda area to prevent balloons from being released by citizens (commonly referred to as Union Thugs, Slobs and etc.) to the upper levels of the "People's House".

Posted by Steven Williams
Political Education Legislative Coordinator

Wisconsin state worker arrested in balloon flap News - Home

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