Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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ELECTIONS...In the past, when it came to Wisconsin’s elections, you may have been told that a given election was the “most important election in a lifetime”. And, in many cases, they were. But we need to tell you that in the past 40 years or so in Wisconsin politics, the upcoming recall elections are TRULY THE MOST IMPORANT ELECTIONS FOR STATE EMPLOYEES in our history.

If we are to begin to claw back our rights and dignity, it has to start with turning over at least three Republican seats in the State Senate. There should be no reason why any public employee living in any of these nine recall districts would be undecided, or have any question whether or not a Republican would protect them and restore benefits and workplace cuts.

The first election occurs tomorrow, July 19, in the Green Bay area. We need to reaffirm our support for Senator Dave Hansen, keep him in the Senate, and turn away his challenger.

Then, on Tuesday, August 9, we need to take at least three of these Republican Senators out of the picture. We don’t care what you may be hearing about what is going on in any of these districts, the election in each one of these six districts is still very much in play. And, each one of these districts needs volunteers TODAY to canvass, phone bank, and go door to door so that we can maximize the votes for the Democratic challengers.

Finally, on Tuesday, August 16 we need to one more time protect our friends Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch from attack by the right-wing Neanderthals running against them in their elections.

Again, to be absolutely clear – there can be no excuse, no reason, nothing any public employee could say about why he or she isn’t engaging in these recall elections, which will rise and fall on who gets their members and base out to vote. In addition, your spouses, kids, in-laws, neighbors, church friends, everyone – even the kid at the convenience store, all need to do the right thing and work very hard between now and August 16 to throw up a safety net. More importantly, our success can also throw up the first major roadblocks against the Walker juggernaut.

It’s your job, your future, your dignity, and our State. Get involved!

Read past issues at; http://www.wseu-24.org/

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