Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Reclaim Wisconsin" Tour To Start in February

The Wisconsin State AFL-CIO and community partners are fueling up The Recall Express and hitting the road to talk with Wisconsinites across the state about the local effect of Gov. Walker’s disastrous agenda.

The “Reclaim Wisconsin Tour” will discuss the impact of Gov. Walker’s policies on working people including the loss of family-sustaining jobs, the loss of employment protections and benefits, the continual transfer of wealth to Wisconsin’s 1% and the hammering of quality public services and education. The Tour will be making stops in Milwaukee, La Crosse, Wausau, Eau Claire, Green Bay, Racine and Madison (see schedule below for dates).

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The “Reclaim Wisconsin” Tour will culminate with statewide candlelight vigils on March 9 and a “Reclaim Wisconsin March” in Madison on Saturday, March 10. These events will mark the one year anniversary of when Gov. Walker and Senate Republicans rammed through the collective bargaining bill illegally in the dead of night.

“Reclaim Wisconsin Tour” Schedule

• Saturday, February 11: Milwaukee
• Wednesday, February 15: La Crosse
• Wednesday, February 22: Wausau
• Thursday, February 23: Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls
• Monday, February 27: Green Bay
• Monday, March 5: Racine
• Friday, March 9: Madison
• Saturday March 10: Reclaim Wisconsin March at the Capitol

Check this link for additional information as it becomes available: http://wisaflcio.typepad.com/

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