Monday, February 28, 2011

Union files unfair labor practice charges against Gov. Walker

Contact: Bob Allen
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The administration of Gov. Scott Walker is breaking state law by failing to negotiate in good faith with state workers, according to charges filed today with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission by the Wisconsin State Employees Union, AFSCME Council 24.

Since taking office, Walker has made no attempt to bargain with state employees as required by law. Even before taking office, Walker worked to scuttle a tentative agreement between the state and union members.

“This governor has never made any attempt to contact the unions he is attacking, much less negotiate in good faith as required by law,” said Council 24 Executive Director Marty Beil.

“Instead of trying to find real solutions to the challenges facing the state, the governor is attempting to dictate terms. This not only in ineffective, it’s against the law,” Beil said.

While Walker is trying to change the law to deny bargaining rights to 175,000 Wisconsin workers, he cannot ignore current law.

As they have every day since the governor created a state of crisis, public employees have made clear they are ready to agree to all of Walker’s concessions on wages, benefits and pensions.

Yet he continues to refuse to come to the negotiation table and insists on continuing his power grab to strip them of their collective bargaining rights. Not only is this a failure of leadership, it is against the law.

“It is time for the governor to be held accountable. He is ignoring the court of public opinion, with hundreds of thousands of peaceful protester and 74% of Wisconsin voters opposing his attacks on bargaining rights. If he continues to ignore the public, we have no choice but to turn to the courts,” Beil said.

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