Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Personal Message from a Retired AFSCME Member to Her Legislators

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From: "Carol Dann"
To: "Gary Hebl" , "Mark Miller"
Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2011 10:31:39 AM
Subject: Thank you

Dear Representative Hebl (Gary) and Senator Miller (Mark),

You are My Heroes! Thank you again for standing tall with working families.

70,000 - 100,000(?) rally goers in Madison Sat and the thousands more across America believe in our fight for dignity in the workplace and the rights of all working men and women to bargain collectively: the only protection workers have against vindictive, tyrannical employers.

WI set the benchmark decades ago by passage of public employee collective bargaining laws, establishing a secure pension program which, over the years has helped raise the standard of living in Wi for all citizens, provided Wisconsin state government with a stable, knowledgeable and dedicated workforce - partners, not adversaries. Who have agreed to disagree at the bargaining table for the common good, who are also taxpayers. Who are willing to make sacrifices again - at the bargaining table. But who find themselves being made 'sacrificial lambs' and 'scapegoats' by a vindictive governor and his 'Republican' lemmings. Kudos to the four Republican State Representatives who voted against SB11: Dean Kaufert, Lee Nerison, Richard Spanbauer, and Travis Tranel.

A Grateful Citizen

Carol Dann

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